Audio-Technica ATM250DE
Audio-Technica ATM250DE

ATM250DE, Other Microphone from Audio-Technica.

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JimboSpins's review"Great"

Audio-Technica ATM250DE
The Audio-Technica ATM250DE is a solid kick drum microphone with a high price tag. I have used other microphones that are half of what the ATM250DE cost that sound pretty similar too it. The Shure SM67 or maybe even the D112 are the microphones that I would say the are closest in quality to the ATM250DE but they cost less than it does. The ATM250DE is a cardioid condenser microphone with hypercardioid pickup patterns. It is a solid microphone to use for your kick drum and guitar amps. One thing I can say about this microphone is that it will give you a really big sound! The old fashion way to get those really big sounding kicks or guitars is to point multiple microphones that the instrument and then bring it all together in the mix. But with the ATM250DE it will basically do that for you without causing any problems between dynamic or condenser frequencies and elements. I have been using this microphone since 2009 and stopped using it in 2011 due to some issues I was having with the cord ( think there was a short). I ended up selling the microphone for almost what its worth brand new to a local band member.


Overall, the ATM250DE has a dynamic microphone capsule as well as a condenser capsule, that is why the price is so high. If you are willing to make the investment to purchase the Audio-Technica ATM250DE you will love how good it sounds, it will really bring your kick drum or guitar sound to life with no effort or EQ’ing involved. This Dual Element microphone is well worth the money spent, it is very rugged and it will last you a long time. It comes with a clamp for mounting and a cord (which was defective in my case) but I could have just had a bad one out of the bunch. I have never heard of anyone else having the issue that I was having. This microphone is outstanding and it is top notch. You will get a professional sound with no effort.
Groove on Family11/10/2007

Groove on Family's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica ATM250DE
- Dual microphone capsules (in one case) for the instruments, bass drums, guitar amps ...
- A condenser capsule (cardioid) to record the entire audible range and dynamics
(Hypercardioid) for the power and attack.
- According to the manual (an A4 sheet and that's enough): "The two capsules are positioned in a perfect phase relationship, something practically unachievable with two separate microphones"
- High Pass Filter 80 Hz and 10 dB pad (condenser)
- Micro not very big not too bulky a little less than a dozen small cm and a diameter of about 5 cm. It is quite heavy which gives an impression of solidity, the manufacturing level, here looks great strong.
- Supplied in a soft protective pouch, a real good fixation (AT8471 isolation clamp) and a shielded cable "Y" 5 m
(Sometimes just a little) with a hand microphone XLR-type connectors with 5 pins and the other two connectors 3-pin XLR standard marked condenser / dynamic which is handy.


- I bought it for over a year.
- For Phase I do not know how the problem is solved, but no worries.
- I use it mainly for home studio made battery. For placement is that of happiness. I place it at mid depth of the GC, I try several positions very, very close to the skin (it unflinchingly cash) or just outside of the GC event. No major differences notorious hit the kick stronger ... I have not had a chance to test it to the live but it must be super easy to manage. With the microphone it seems to me that the other elements (OH, CC, HH, Toms, ...) ask me more work placement. It is forgotten as it is simple to place, the sound is on there, no need for equalization or too drastic compression in the decision. On to the result of mixing between two slices have the condenser and dynamic and that's it.

- The only minor complaint is that it lacks a little air because of the investment in the GC but I sometimes it catches up with a ribbon
T-Bone RM700 atmosphere in front and up to the bass drum to 50cm/1m.

- This ATM250DE walk a lot on the resumption of bass amps in front of a 15 "or the big guitar sound, I need a little more work placement but I think my first taken quite satisfactory.
For the price / quality ratio it is rather expensive (approx € 280) but it is far better than anything I could test (Shure, Prodipe, Apex, Berhinger, ...). Particularly in relation to the Beta 52 passes for eight out of ten reference to the bass drum. I think the Beta not sound terrible ("plokplok" sound card) even by spending time. Or it must be coupled with other microphones. It is a very personal opinion but I would not trade Beta 52 a barrel against my ATM.

[same with the snare drum is often sm57 and i'm already ok. even if i buy from a atm650 (dynamic hypercardioid) a kind of sauce sm57 audio-technica, 20/30 € more expensive but much softer, less hard on the snare and guitar amp recovery especially the clean sounds ... also a very good alternative to the shure.]

This is the kind of investment that we have no regrets and with experience, I Refer this option is on. With over budget I was interested in its big brother the Audio-Technica AE2500 (approx € 520) with two capsules in one micro lot that simplifies the placement for the bass drum in particular