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Beyerdynamic Other Microphones user reviews

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87

    Beyerdynamic Opus 87 - "must buy"


    I have used and seen the Beyer Dynamic Opus 87 on several occasions. Use it on the toms and snares only. I think that it really performs better on the snare for some reason. It just really gives the snare that pop and snap that I love. There have bee…

Translated user reviews
  • Beyerdynamic Opus 82 Set

    Beyerdynamic Opus 82 Set - " excellent micro live"


    Pavilion static micro wind instrument OVERALL OPINION I use it for a year in a big band sax I equipped the 5 (a baritone and 2tenors 2altos) 4 trombones and 4trompetes; I compared with several references in seihneser shure etc, no photo for less …

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87

    Beyerdynamic Opus 87 - " THE MAKING OF HIS HEAD WITHOUT TAKING"


    features available everywhere, tom and snare. OVERALL OPINION 15 days of use, 5min settings on battery set (lol, here is useless to seek the microphone for sound reinforcement who kills a collection of wooden boxes that sound card.) I tried sm57…

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87

    Beyerdynamic Opus 87 - Roll's review


    Toms and snare OVERALL OPINION Following the advice read on the forums of this site, I bought 4 opus 87 (1 for tom acute one for the floor tom, one on top of the snare, one on the stamp). I am satisfied with TRS. I was looking for his trs open…

  • Beyerdynamic opus88

    Beyerdynamic opus88 - Truffle's review


    SPECIFICATIONS for the same opus 87 but apparently optimized for decision snare sound. For more information: OVERALL OPINION I've had 3 months. His grip is quite handy as its size Reduces. The models I test Shure in the same price rang…

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87

    Beyerdynamic Opus 87 - Truffle's review


    T says it all and then for those who want more information (in English ...): OVERALL OPINION I'm trying to build myself a small my little studio and therefore my kit mics. I am also a drummer and I 20aine concert a year. Pq I tell? Because…

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 53

    Beyerdynamic Opus 53 - funkybluesrocker's review


    Small capacitor type cigar, cardio, good for over-head, guitar or other acoustic instrument. it works well on toms too. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 3 weeks. I own 3. it sounds very clear and right. they seem very fragile, a little cheap, but i…

  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87

    Beyerdynamic Opus 87 - Thomas Ramone's review


    Opus 87 is a microphone Condenser instrument used both on stage and in studio. It can clip to attach it to any tom drums and other percussion, and even on some copper. It may adopt multiple positions while containing the vibrations of the instrumen…