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Beyerdynamic Opus 87
Beyerdynamic Opus 87

Other Microphone from Beyerdynamic belonging to the OPUS series.

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Truffle Truffle
Publié le 03/10/07 à 06:19
T says it all and then for those who want more information (in English ...):


I'm trying to build myself a small my little studio and therefore my kit mics.
I am also a drummer and I 20aine concert a year.
Pq I tell? Because I got a little tired of carrying a "big" battery (a DC a GC 5toms 6 1 HH cymbals) for at best I may sound to 1 / 4 components ...
Making heavy rock, it is also difficult to make a correct sound via 4micros (2overheads 1 1 CC GC) because the amps also have their word ...
And even that has never faced the problem t: full of pretty but not enough microphones feet? or not enough microphones at all? ;-)

So I wanted both microphones can be used for me live in the studio and whose silent space minimum. Since I am Students in her, my budget is limited and to avoid a dpense for mic stands, it's always a "price". : P

Good good ... talk about bte in itself!

It is true that the microphone is relatively poorly Submitted. A tui package worthy of a necklace and no trace of this "bubble wrap" protector ... "Arf! It looks not so good ..."
Comes to the handling of the microphone. In fact, the clip seems more fragile than the pictures placed on the net is the plastoc 'and not mtal! Re-"Arf!"

For cons, the investment is alone! It's really easier than trying to pass a boom between the two cymbals that overlook this nice little "man" (I can not empcher m ^ ^) which passes not far Acute dj boom of the CC ... And once pinched the orientation of the gooseneck microphone thanks goes like butter too.

Mnt, we set off this little device and we realize that eventually this microphone is not so bad, I would say even gnial. To my battery, eg, I just had that increase a milli the mid-coat to get "the sound that I always rvquot; ...
I do not dnigre Shure and other Sehneiser but I admit that the deep and hot that I wanted appeared here directly. (I arrived qd same with others but with the impression that tjs n'tait still not perfect).
Do not forget a battery evil RULES basic sound as in a micro ...
Qd dsaccorde a guitar is, we want to the microphone, let alone the same ingnieur his right ... I say was as a huh! P

However, 48 V, this microphone is extremely sensitive! It is even worse in 12 V (see link above)
Be careful with drummers dfonceurs-hitters if you do not have attnuateur in your console. The microphone pre-amp with (Intgr the central tube), its sensitivity is increased!
Finally, for a price not too lev available here trs just a microphone at the sound and practice at placement and size!

NB: if you should choose and do not ask him what he can not do!
I read something like a music site ... ;-)
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