Beyerdynamic Opus 87
Beyerdynamic Opus 87

Opus 87, Other Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the OPUS series.

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benrzone 09/10/2010

Beyerdynamic Opus 87 : benrzone's user review


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features available everywhere, tom and snare.


15 days of use, 5min settings on battery set (lol, here is useless to seek the microphone for sound reinforcement who kills a collection of wooden boxes that sound card.)
I tried sm57 too common on wood snare Mapex, tbone mb75, dung of the century (see review) worse I came across this little gem, a bomb, set quickly, offering super easy to change clip tip top and the sound .... You know, this slight balance baoum clatch and we're looking all over a snare, and well, he leaves you live, no effect or rien.j dare not even imagine what it's going to give the mix ... a killer really.
85 bouzouk in toto, it is 20 less than an sm57, and frankly has nothing to do ç. As long as your snare sounds ...
Molo on the preamp because capacitor so it sends the woods on the tom's the same here fired up for god on a 12 "tom and a bass of 14" I have serious resell, harmonics that are ditait it alone decides to take the good (along with a psychopath of chui moongel Y'avait so much left to turn ...

I put my 10 because we are drummers. Not engineers. I see that in 5 min jai hooked, plugged in and played, and my battery goes into the soundcard (U.S. 1641) as it is with me.
I spent two years not to settle everything, and it sounds vraimet tip top.
I said a gem.
a bi-jou!