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Sample Logic Other Sequencers news

  • Arpology updated to v1.2

    Arpology updated to v1.2

    07/15/14 in Sample Logic Arpology

    Update v1.2 for Arpology mainly adds features for on the fly audio manipulation.

  • Arpology updated to v1.1

    Arpology updated to v1.1

    06/03/14 in Sample Logic Arpology

    Only a few days after its release, the Sample Logic Arpology libraries receives its first update, which adds a major and surprising new feature.

  • Arpology is out
    Hot news

    Arpology is out

    05/28/14 in Sample Logic Arpology

    Arpology, the new arpeggiated and sequenced instrument library designed by Sample Logic, is now available for purchase.

  • Sample Logic unveils Arpology
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    Sample Logic unveils Arpology

    05/20/14 in Sample Logic Arpology

    The new sound library for Kontakt from Sample Logic is dedicated to arpeggiated and sequenced instruments.