Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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All user reviews for the Cort M520

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/philofthevern's review"Cort M520"

Cort M520
She is beautiful!!! By far the nicest looking and sounding guitar I own. she has a light maple finish on front, and cherry wood on back. Solid mahogany. The set in neck makes for a really solid guitar. I play in a metal project called N2 Oblivion. I have been playing for 20+ years, and can't get enough metal! I currently own a B. C. Rich Bronze series, J. Rynolds Strat ( It was practically given to me), and a Huntington acoustic. I have more crate amps than I know what to do with, and tons of distortion and effects.

I recently traded my epiphone les paul for a cort m520. I hate to say it, but I enjoy playing heavy metal with my cort more than I do with my b.c. rich, wich has a seymour duncan 'dimebucker' in it. she screams, but my cort's tone is much more rich and melodic sounding to me. And I didn't have to ruin my life savings to get it.

<a href=""></a>

I love the finish, and solidness of the guitar. I swore up and down my next guitar was gonna be a $3000 b.c. rich with all the fixings, but I think I am gonna be happy with my 520. for a long time. since the guy threw in the hard case, I will be taking excellent care of it. The neck has 24 frets like my b.c. so i dig the playing field. The 520 is shorter too. I am a short little metalhead at 5' 6', so it is way easier for me. this guitar is sweet.

Well at least I didn't do it, but the head stock... was broke. The guy had it clamped and reglued. I am surprised at how the tuning of the guitar is not effected. yet. I have only played it 4 times. That was enough for me to fall in love though I put it back in the case, and have only opened it to look at her. I want her professionally repaired, but i am very afraid of losing her perfect finish.

Excellent choice for those who want to say to themselves, 'I got a really beautiful guitar.'

I wouldn't ever think of getting rid of this one. It goes to show I didn't need a guitar sponscorship to get a guitar like my metal heroes have. It may be no 'dime bag' dean, but it still shreds.

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MGR/mikey jensen04/20/2005

MGR/mikey jensen's review"Cort m520"

Cort M520
I bought this guitar used at North Shore Music in Thunder Bay Ontario. It was in the window and i was like "damn that thing looks like a PRS" then i saw the price tag expecting a bare minimum of $800...but then i saw it...$290. (used) so im thinking to myself...this thing has to sound terrible. but i figured "hey, this should be fun" so i asked to try it...i was BLOWN AWAY.

wow, where do i start

It looks and feels like a PRS. when you play it the neck feels like it's molding to your firngers. The mighty-mite humbuckers sound beautiful. The neck is slim, comfortable and FAST. and best of all the COIL TAPPING...that's right folks, with just a pull on the tone knobs you go from classic flat metal humbuckers to single coil strat sound. This guitar sounds BEAUTIFUL and is very versatile. If anything ever happened to it, id buy a new one at full price, no questions asked.

The action was a little high by my standards, so i had the dealer bring it down a bit. no extra charge either. but that's my only complaint...not bad considering it was used and the other corts ive played since have really nice action...leads me to believe the previous owner adjusted it.

well as i said earler...humbucking pickups with single coil tapping, tune-o-matic style bridge, fast neck. this thing is like the perfect combination of a PRS and a Gibson at a VERY affordable price...($499 US new.) i checked it out on the cort website. it's sturdy too...i took it apart (like everyguitar i buy) just to make sure everything is soldered right and that nothing can go wrong with it. I was impressed. The wires were VERY easy to follow and everything seemed VERY VERY sturdy. plus the set neck is beautiful. great for staying in tune. I can jump around on this thing all night at gigs and i dont even have to touch the tuning.

BOTTOM LINE!!!! this is the PERFECT guitar for anyone starting or intermediate. well above average. Not quite PRS but at the price its really damn close. this thing is amazing. I'm already saving up for the's the same series but it's a hollowbody version. i can't wait

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MGR/Holly's review"Cort M520"

Cort M520
Well, I bought this guitar at a store ... It was on the wall ... it's brand new ... I got my guitar in Calgary, AB at the Guitar Connection (small shop on 17th Ave.) This guitar is worth $700, I got it for $500. I got it because i out grew my Memphis.

I love this guitar!!! The neck is thin and smooth, good for soloing. It is more of a gibson style guitar which is sooo much better than my fender style one. It's also really pretty, all wood, mahogany i think, it has a sort of morphed strat body (I don't know if it has a name, probably), all the metal bits are silver colored. It has an awsome sound! A really nice clean tone and also a rockin' distortion. Awsome.

There isn't much I don't like about it. I don't like the fact that the input jack thing (i don't know a lot of terminology) is on the bottom of the guitar, not on the front. I think that's my only complaint.

This guitar is not a starter, but not one of those thousand doller ones. Better than medium, i'll leave it at that. It has two humbuckers that turn into single coils with a button. The tone and volume knobs have to be the coolest things in the whole world of knobs. All the metal stuff is silver in color. It hardly goes out of tune, which is awsome.

I love my guitar. I would recogmend it to any one who's outgrown theur starter and is ready for one that will last you 5 years.

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MGR/ixtlan's review"Cort M520"

Cort M520
Bought this from a local dealer, 'The Guitar Gallery' in Wellington, New Zealand, and paid $800nz for it.

I felt I'd reached a point with my acoustic playing where I wanted an electric.

Looks beautiful, the two piece mahogony body has awesome resonance, feels solid, the neck's just a little shorter than what I'm used to, so that gives me a real feeling of control.
You can change the two mightymite pick ups from humbucker to single, which gives good variety with the 3-way switch, while the single tone and single volume knobs keep that part simple.

The edges of the frets were sharp in places, the shop smoothed these down as part of the set-up, a tech friend thought the humbuckers were set too low, but again after an adjustment no further bother.

Seems really solid, the quality is great

From the start it just felt right in my hands. I feel this is a guitar I can grow with, I did try many others prior to finding it, the only others I liked were like twice, three times the price...

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khronegon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M520
Set neck
Mahogany body
Mahogany, Modern "C" Shape
NECK WIDTH 1F: 43mm / 22F: 56mm
NECK THICKNESS 1F: 20mm / 12F: 22mm
Rosewood 12 "Radius (305mm)
FRET 22 / Large (2.7mm)
INLAY White Dot
TUNER Die cast
SCALE 24 3 / 4 "(629mm)
NUT Graphite Ivory
BRIDGE TonePros Lic. Locking C-bridge & CT1 TPFP Tailpiece
CONTROL 1vol, 1 tonne (w / push pull), 3way toggle
Arched Top w / Ivory Binding

All my quotes are price / quality ratio.

Viewpoint feature, it does not lack much of the skyscraper. This is one of the most comprehensive in its price range.


- The handle is very nice, thinner than a Gibson neck, in my opinion one of the highlights of this guitar.

- Access to acute is easy, nothing more.

- Ergonomics is good, the guitar is well balanced.

- Easily obtained a good sound, have to say that there is no knob masses. The push-pull is definitely a plus on this skyscraper.

Usage is very pleasant, it is easy to set, the action is very low and it does not suffer any lack of finishing.


I bought this for office skyscrapers, to play a little during a timeout or between appointments, for example. So I was looking for a guitar not too expensive, pretty and versatile. This Cort meets my criteria hair cell.

I play on a desktop and a pocket pod Park 15 watt. And sometimes in my VOX AD30VT XL on.

It touches on all styles of music with little shame, the microphones are very "fat" and the guitar makes sounds that are reminiscent of a Les Paul.

All sounds are usable, it is doing best in classic rock sounds, rock and blues. Sounds "Metal" which require accuracy are not well served by the microphones.

A perfect guitar all the time does not exist. I put him 8 / 10, because of the microphones that lacks a bit of precision for my taste.


- I use it for some weeks.

- It is very full for the price and very beautiful, it makes good in the office ;-)

- I bought it on its characteristics and for its good looks. I tried an Epiphone G400, but I have a GIBSON SG FADED, G400 and the Assembly over me "" Cheap "".

- The price / quality ratio is really very good, for less than € 350 I have not found a bloody scratches as well.

- If I were to buy a skyscraper for the job, yes, I would do this choice because I play at work pieces quieter (because I have colleagues). For a scratch for me, certainly not because I like the metal and the pickups are not made for metal.

Report / exellent value for money, shame about the pickups unclear.

benjimade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M520
22 boxes, Hambuckers
fixed bridge
1 volume, 1 Tone splittable
I put nine because the trend is mcaniques dsacordes at trs big bend (over 1) ... But the body is fine to say anything


The neck is super agrble it can be traced back boxes fast enough without problem.
Access in acute poses a problem to some beginners but a few days APRS is no longer a problem we are surprised to solos on ls dernires boxes.
This is the catch the weight is quite consquant not too too much either (unless a Les Paul) but even when ps is weight.
With such a distortion p'tite boss ds-1 trs gets good!
I put 9 because of the weight ...


For the styles of music is versatile enough to rock it will mtal (I find his playing Rammstein limit so you can see) the bridge and pickups super meaningless (even if I replace it with a seymour Duncan SH-4) but the neck pickup is enough dcevant the sound is rather jerky (can be my models).
I jous on a Marshall amp 5watt my religious string (180 watts of fun!)
For sound I jous so with the bridge pickup is super versatile thanks to splittage so we can play songs super quiet (like Time of Your Life by Green Day)
nerv more like Metallica through Satriani (note not the same when the same!) without problem.
My sonrai prfr it is with the bridge pickup volume up a bit in the Tone above the max with distortion and it's gone for long hours of rock ... I d tests simply stick microphones.


I have since the month of November 2005.
I like his attitude rsolument Rock, the least rsolument handle the microphones is change if you want to play with.
I try a PRS Santana and a cort katana but my choice is prtez on this one gal that problem without the prs.
the price quality ratio is excellent if you have a good guitar CHRE versatile too.
I referrer without problem because the choice in this price range it can be one of the best ..

sardaukar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M520
Made in Core
22 freight, two splittable humbuckers mightymite
fixed bridge M2
1 Volume 1 Tone


Handle is between the trs enjoyable round and flat. CHAC is easy to acute but less than a sg
It looks a little like a PRS but it did not (too bad). the guitar is beautiful to see and is quite lgre.


Working Out with rock guitars saturated, the fact that there are two double is really a pleasure. I play with a peavey bandit 112 Iere gnration and sounds pretty good in both singles and doubles
the sound is quite simple satisfactory. little snoring. but hey this is intended scratching the distortion
and the shift in the double rvle quite enjoyable. EHJV good. sounds stand out quite well.
For cons I do not know if this is the amp or the pickups, but resents the big bass


made two weeks I have and frankly it tjs a pleasure to play with. I never tire of looking at its shape. I have long hsit between 600 and 520. It told me that the table of the 600 changed the sustain but I have not noticed. over the price diffrence is convincing trs: 455 and 365 for the M600 to M520: 90 c no nothing. the report is excellent qualitprix
on the other hand is just a lil pb c mcaniques that tend drgl especially this one jumps and kon kan martle strings: p

bioman666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M520
22 transfers - 2 humbuckers micro "mighty mite" trs beautiful (see photo)
1 volume knob / button 1 Tone


The handle is trs enjoyable and I finally got to play standing up, which m'tais rather difficult on the strata
Access in dernires boxes is not a prbleme ...
The guitar is like it is lgre mprendre the PRS ...


Rather I play rock / hard rock with a touch of mtal so saturated with his greasy passages; that said I expected this guitar to be able to hold water in introductions or interludes clear ... Submitted arpondu and everywhere, and what fawn!!

The sound is deep and clear (low to give me chills ....), with lgre trend with a softness (very subjective), but my opinion is rather ropes .... that come standard with a draft so low that I do not think it can exist (the game is then to be very easy but it is confronted and unwanted friction on the frets, etc ...)

In short, the trs trs good.


I for a month now, and I feel like it's been years! I got used to rev faster and I took great pleasure!

I took it in black while the Cherry sunburst (photo) I liked the original more, but I have no regrets now! What class! The table highlights the bomb and they are so beautiful ....

The ratio quality / price is amazing!! to 365 (that's what I pay I had a guitar that is worth double in terms of quality! I had made for the intuition ... .

Restriction my entousiasme: quality of the cable provided questionable volume knob and Tone ugly and rear of the handle paints and varnishes which ESG me a bit to slide ... but it's really not to appear sold Cort ...