Cort M600
Cort M600

M600, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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All user reviews for the Cort M600

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 8 reviews80 %
 2 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Andy Stamp08/30/2005

MGR/Andy Stamp's review"Cort M600"

Cort M600
I paid £340 for this beauty.I got it from a shop that was apparently very expensive but i managed to get this guitar at a great price

Fantastic action, great neck for thrashing, small neck easy for most styles of guitar, sounds great

Its easy to get fret buzzing

Set neck. Fantastic quality

Fantastic guitar definately worth every penny.

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kotzen84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a small bomb"

Cort M600
Made in INDONESIA! M600 (TB) I precise

Mahogany body
Mahogany set neck
flamed maple arched table
wilkinson bridge / vibrato
micro EMG HZ HH
1 volume
1 tone (spilled)
binding handle
key block inlays


handle is playable adapts quickly
very reasonable weight especially after a telecaster
access to acute right

the ITS stunning!

I can not believe the original EMG HZ are comfortable in many records with a predilection for the lead, metal and even jazz

This guitar just compete directly with very high marks a big surprise for this range and yet I have a telecaster fender strat and a signed every two signatures, but then I still BABA!


A fat, thick lespaul / PRS guy gibson council added a post amplifier or equalizer trebble booster and there is the sound

it wreaks havoc on my fender super reverb
I love the couple ToneLab LE or my sound card


I bought this guitar without much illusion as a second gratt to carry around everywhere.

Today I am thoroughly over metal / hardrock / jazz / pop rock / blues

this guitar is available in several versions and with different microphones origin:

EMG HZ mine so
mighty might

tailpiece wilkinson Version TBBB or TonePros Version AVD when you make the choice to buy this guitar you direct without hesitation version M600 mounted EMG TBBB a killer I tell you
Cort M60008/05/2012

Cort M600's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
BODY: Mahogany with Flamed Maple top
NECK: Mahogany
NET: Ivory Red
FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, 12 "Radius (305mm)
FRETS: 22 / Large (2.7mm)
Diapason: 24 3/4 "(629mm)
INLAY: Abalone with Pearl White Rectangle
BRIDGE: Bridge TonePros Lic.
PICKUPS: Duncan Designed Chrome Covered HB102 (HH)
ELECTRONICS: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-way switch
STRING: D'addario EXL110 (046-010)
FINISHES: M600 AVD - Antique Violin Dark


The +

- Lutherie high quality
- Design
- Not too heavy and well balanced
- Radius ok for little fingers
- Easy to play Channel
- Change the strings very simple
- Holds the tuning very well
- Low Action

The -

- The pickups Duncan Designed Chrome Covered HB102 yuck yuck: soft, low output, here drooling in distortion / Just sounds great in bright or jazzy
- The position of the jack a little high
- Setting levels (tone and volume) is not very straightforward


Sounds +
- The clean sounds (especially with splits)
- Sounds a little crunch

Sounds -
- The saturations
- Impossible with the original pickups have the sharpness of the attack and the output level for the solo with distortion
- Way too low


Use: 1 month

Really, I'll change the pickups for Di Marzio, with a higher level of output and a better definition.
I think the investment is justified given the quality of the violin.

The price / quality ratio is excellent: All mahogany with a real flame to 400 euros .. Not bad

I would do this choice

etho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
Core, 22 Frets, 2 doubles, fixed bridge, mahogany neck and body and tables stocky, splendid natural version.
1 volume, 1 Tone push / pull to split the pickups (effective), a slecteur 3 positions
a second volume knob and I put 10


I am excited by the handle which is quite flat and low action really trs.
It PSE weight, but the ergonomics are good.
Standing, it does not fail.
Access in acute hyper simple.


For sound, the palette with the split is really wide and trs found no problem her happiness. J'met even when a BMOL for precision microphones with large saturations.
For the blues-rock, hair is pil what I expected, sharp and hot, although the attack ragissant mdiator. On my valbee is the foot.
We can always do better then an upgrade can be justified micro 420 but the guitar, the sound of the microphone is so yummy


I will remake this choice without hsitation ds tomorrow because trying to get other guitars with the same CHARACTERISTICS (that of a Les Paul) Epiphone LP std, Whale Finwhale, Yamaha AES 620, the Cort is by far the best qualitprix.

VelvetShow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
Made in Korea
22 Frets, Mighty Might Humbuckers Cort (rotten!)
3 selectors microphone, a volume knob, 1 tone knob (splitable)
Set neck, flamed table
Very nice guitar close to the PRS in the form

I note also that the violin is excellent as the finishes. The sound is fatal without amp (I mean that the violin is proof)


Handle very nice, fairly thick
Access to acute and easy is good without
The weight is well balanced, that is to say that by wearing it, it looks no more than one side than another! Great ergonomics! Perfect shape! beautiful:] (not as an epi SG!)

There's a split that is effective, well c what is a standard split
The scraper has a few kinks, but I find nothing nasty. I think the varnish layer is too thick and the wood of the handle opposite side has not been treated great. Normal tell me for a scratch of € 400-500 but it's just not perfect ^ ^


It fits my style? yes, I play pop / rock a little new wave, a little metal too, it goes without problem but not what to play with mieu Ca blues goes a little worse because the original pickups are not very bright

I play with a VOX AD50VT and tell you it's really one of the best duo middle ranges as great versatility for the price + quality ... I have not seen better torque lmoment. The guitarist in my band plays with an Epiphone SG and Marshall MG100DFX nivo the fact that the weight;)

Micros origins: his clear way, not bad, just brightness and dynamic! damage. In distortion is much better now, we feel well the personality of the guitar. The sound may be soft-edged sword.

Micros changed (SH1/SH4 SeymouDuncan): (coming soon)

Even with the origins of microphones the sound is not bad at all and I would say "good" thanks to the violin monster: D
attention does not rely on appearances.
This skyscraper was not the sound of a PRS! Not at all! There's a world between the two. It has a well personalitée to her that I appreciate over time


I play it for almost a year. I really like is my second scratch.
A big + for the violin that is truly exceptional at this price.
For guitars of this style I tried in PRS SE series which is still worth 700 euros, and his, um ... say it is better now defines the Cort I think.

Consider changing the mic if you want a beast and you'll ... ALREADY that it is quite ac micro origins

The ratio q / price is great.

I do it again with this choice GRAND PLAIZIR but unfortunately I already have: D: D

doudou.cort's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
- In what country does she makes? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...):
frabrication Corenne factuture of very good, fairly treated.
BMOL a single node in the middle of the handle (no rpoblmes of jouabilit)>> but it shows that the choice of wood is not rigorously (unlike PRS prs as well because it wants to imitate with his cort M600)
For the rest of the description regardrez prcdants advice as they all say the same thing;)


Handle very enjoyable rather thin, the coating does not catch a game which allows fast enough.
Easy access to dernire frets (good for the satriani!)
The guitar is perfectly positioned in relation to the human body that are played standing, sitting or even couch (harder, but very useful and great fatigue sde night!)
We see immediately the diffrent sonnorits possible, simply turn the jars and rings! knob of the Tone is not efficient enough, but I got it probably comes as heat microphones.


I practice a bit of all styles of music with this instrument and it suits me perfectly (the metal part to the lack of microphones "cold")
I play a marshall 8080 no effects and sounds are very good, the sounds are quite Gibsonian they sell and the roundness may be missing some pvche but das all their mics remplisset allgrement Czech.
Crunches are bluesy gniaux this skyscraper is the sound that best suits them but they are all usable and soft ears.

cf: Refer a comparison (absurd when you see the title ais not as has Ralite) between the Cort PRS CE 24 and a bolt


I use it for 6 months now and it's perfect, I rgl for the action as low as possible (a is done very easily)
I spend a lot of time in stores ziks Caen so I had time to try lots of guitars (epi, Gibson, Vigier, ibanez), and in this budget (400-500) is almost the only ally
playing comfort / quality manufacturing / Aesthetics friendly / + that's correct (in passing the ibanez sz cutting boards are self-same: a worthless!)
With this budget I refferrai this choice with his eyes closed, it is true that with a larger budget conssquent I will direct my attention to a Vigier Excalibur pltot used or to prs!

shaker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
Trs-beautiful guitar
-Mahogany body
Saddle-table flame
Mahogany-collbr /> -22 boxes, rosewood fingerboard
-2 Humbucker pickups "Mighty Might"
Fixed bridge-type tune-o-matic "M-2 bridge"
-1 + Volume control 1controle tonalite
Push-pull split (changes from a simple double coil)
Selcteur-3 positions
-Made of Core
List price-520 but can be found for a good 400


Trs-The handle is enjoyable and reminded me that a epiphone g-400 I
essay when purchased.
Accs-acute to quickly and easily but like any guitar it ncessite time to adapt.
Weight-trs reasonable point it is not in place as well as standing assi
The minimalist-regalges are a volume knob Tone Another noted that the push-pull
offers good versatility in clean notte


This is my deuxime guitar before I played on Ibanez SA60 and I must say that change is radical.
Question-clear sound no big problem in humbucker sound is warm and round asser no problem microphones. By switching to single coil you win a little precision, but do not expect a sound strat typ '.
The sound-distortion / overdrive and company sailing guitar comes into its own gives a sound that moves well while retaining heat. We can then approach with a good amp sounds ranging from Led Zeppelin to mordern metal bands (System) through a variety rock (AC / DC .....)
Amateur-rock this guitar offers a more than adequate for its price.
-I am a big fan of Led Zep sound type ac / dc and metallica maiden distos for the most violent and I used ais a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT and she gives full satisfaction
especially on the modlisation UK 80's amp with what I board could get good distos type ac / dc


I use it for 1 year now it looks good viellire.
The violin-worth to invest in new pickups
-Report qualitprix more than reasonable, much better than a g-400 epiphone some say better than a les paul epiphone but I board not test it.
-I currently play on a peavey classic 30 and what about?; ..
-If you are looking for a good guitar for 500 go for it ^ ^

SandaneClegor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
Made in Core
22 frets, 2 humbucker pickups "Mighty Might" Cort
Type fixed bridge tune-o-matic
1 + a volume rglage rglage tonalitpush-pull split + a 3 position selector
Handle al


What about this guitar that never stops m'tonner? Dj the question is: How Cort has dbrouill for us to lay a scratch so over for so small a price? PRS fan but not millliardaire I liked this guitar mainly for its looks, and once the grip bte continues to thunder .. Let me explain .. The handle and stack it right, not too round or too flat profile in D, and the CASC dernire box (unfortunately 22me ...) could not be easier .. Level Corp. is both massive and lgre has the solid feel without weighing 10 tonnes, and sustain and why not branch proves once again the values ​​of this small natural that Meirelles is mahogany ..


Being a versatile musician (I mean by ke I play a bit of everything, with a preference for large qd even rock ..), this guitar seems to have made for me silent, as the bridge pickup has a good gain well suited for large saturations, while the micro ke tone is well rounded, full of pretty low for his jazzy plutt .. I use it on a JCM2000 javoue and the duo is more than helpful ..


I am the User for a year now, and I rarely javou gard guitar for so long .. Its shape and finish are exemplary of the leading causes! I bought more of a head shot (July 1 javai strings that I could not stand!), And for once it was once head of the positive .. The report qualitprix is ​​amazing, and I think today, if I had to do a remake I choixn the same (unless of course threw a bit richer in which case I moffrirai a real PRS!) The violin worth it to change the pickups, which I did, with two tone zone and Di Marzio PAF Pro admnage!
Echo tango09/29/2003

Echo tango's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600
At violin, it was something right turn is dcent (thank you the Core), namely:
Mahogany-set neck (length 24.75 pace) too pais, 21 jumbo frets semi, all well finished and not too bad rgl (an upgrade of the frets still remaining bnfique, even for a F ***** G **** or by the way)
-Mahogany body, table bomb Saddle-inspired "PRS / Patrick Eggle" trs a good finish.
-2 Home Mighty Mite humbuckers, 1 volume and 1 Tone (with coil split), a 3-position slecteur
Grover-Mcaniques a good stability.
Bridge-type "tune o matic" with "tail stop" ==> good sustain


Jouabilit not much wrong, especially for such a price. For comparison, I tried MODELS of the range in F **** G **** or you could send to the maker before you can use it. Here, no discomfort, I could embark for the evening gig ms.
Good Access in acute thanks to the double cutaway.
Weight issue is' lightweight UBS achement + G *** L ** P ***.


The sound. Clearly humbucker, a beautiful sound quite round and not too muddy humbucker. By switching to single coil is added (by invitation) a tad of hum and the sound becomes thinner, without the percussive ct would be expected of a Fender, for ex.N Let us not forget that we are dealing handle al. The real fun begins with overdrive and other distos, where the skyscraper looks Designed. The humbuckers are free from microphonics, and we can go issue volume. It's still round, adpote, shook it right in the bass. In short, the IDAL for the big rock that spot for 1 / 4 the price of a basic G ****.


In short, I liked scratching cete ds THE FIRST grip. Besides, I did loose that and put it in his chest and take it home. I use it for 2 years and has more the air of good old. A friend who scratch possde two G **** turns blue whenever it sees fit.
If I had to change qquechose, I would replace the pickups with Seymour Duncan a little plump.
Given the price it is a good guitar trs.
If I had a choice and that I had as I Rasht one with the little money I had left to buy a PRS. But, that's another story.

a_fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort M600