Fender Classic '65 Mustang

Fender Classic '65 Mustang

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Classic '65 Mustang, Other Shape Guitar from Fender in the Mustang series.

4 user reviews
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Fender Classic '65 Mustang tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Fender
  • Model:Classic '65 Mustang
  • Series:Mustang
  • Category:Other Shape Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 09/20/2011

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Fender Classic '65 Mustang user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money :

James...'s review"Best Mustang reissue"

Fender Classic '65 Mustang
I think Mexican made. Original bridge and control set with the tone switches. Two single coils. Alder body I assume. Rosewood finger board. This is about as close to spec as you are going to get to a 65 original mustang. In fact it's really the only mustang model I know of that's anywhere near vintage spec. So props to that.


I want to say right now that I think these are still overpriced. My dad had a 68 mustang and the truth is they were made back then as beginner guitars. They were made to be very cheap to produce, so these should truthfully be closer to half the price that they are. I blame the "kobain factor" but you can call it what you will.

Still this is a well made guitar and I don't have any big complaints about the playability. Tuners are good and all the hardware is solid for the price. The wood seems decent enough. I've never been a fan of the glossy finishes Fender does but that's a preference thing.


I play in a surf rock act sometimes and I bought this just for that. The pickups sound pretty darn good for what they are. A set of vintage repros is pricey so most players will probably stick with these and I think they are nice. Not too muddy and not too bright. They have the mustang vibe down pretty well. It's very spanky in its own way. Perfect for what I'm doing. I use tons of reverb.


Despite all the praise I've given this guitar, the truth is that it's overpriced. But people really want these and the market commands the price. It doesn't have enough bells and whistles to cost a grand. That doesn't mean it's a bad guitar. There's beauty in simplicity.

MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"MUSTANG "Made in Japan!" The Last of the Last! Last vestige of a bygone era now!"

Fender Classic '65 Mustang
1. A little history ...

My Mustang is a priori one of the last Japanese stamp with the following phrase "made in Japan" and not "crafted in Japan" models. Fender decided to relocate its production in Mexico all that is related production line and assembly, that means making the entire instrument.

The difference here between the two Japanese models. One of these are wood is carefully selected and stored in reserve (Japan), and then assembled on site in Japan, according to market demand.

The other is assembled "crafted" in Japan (also with market demand), that means that none of the mustang parts come from Japan, provenance models "crafted" are quite random you can get a rosewood Asian Korea (rosewood pink type) and a handle from Mexico, and a U.S. or a U.S. rosewood body, a body, neck U.S.. This is not because there there's "crafted" the parts all come from the United States ATTENTION! The last difference is that one that is assembled, is poplar, linden and when to mine Japan is alder and maple, rosewood "Rio" type (very dark, distinctive handle North america american vintage or signature model)

I wanted to shed light on something that challenges (or has already arrested), number of owner of Mustang or guitar-type Jaguar, Jazzmaster from Japan. Note, however, that it is "made in Japan" as those that had Kurt Cobain in particular at the time of Nevermind, which will look more in the years to come. Because the finish is truly fantastic, worthy of a vintage american or sign in FENDER U.S. model. Yes I assure you!

2. Technical description:

Type of bridge: Mustang with vibrato rod stamped "Fender"

Sleeve Type: "C" slightly flatter a stratocaster, much thinner than a stick telecaster "C" modern type. This is the best round that I was given me to play for now (I've owned a Gibson solid body, hollow body, a telecaster, so I can compare). He winces unless stratocaster, and slides more easily than a telecaster.

Frets: 21 frets with a radius of 24 inches which makes it a special guitar (it does not bother me, on the contrary!)

Settings: knob tone, volume + phase inverter doing both office switch bass / medium / and acute phase inverter (I know you describe the thing to try, in all cases it can make combinations very interesting, playing versatility). When you put the two inverters "middle" position, it gives an effect "kill switch" to the microphone, we are not either a Gibson BFG (where you can go as a bourin with Kill switch is not made for it here), one in something like Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine.
Pickups: 2 pickups Fender Japan 65 reissue mustang (very good fishing if you have a good amp).



The handle is it nice ... Fabulous! An excellent handle, which does not winces with equal access to all the frets of the neck is a real sliding track, a long stretch of sandy beach without pebbles to hurt you (to keep surfing, here).

The ergonomics are excellent also the lightest guitars I could have (perhaps in the world who knows!), While giving the impression of solidity (mine is Japanese). The form allows you to play sitting as standing. When sitting, it seems to have in his hands a small acoustic guitar, folk (not a ukulele, not going far!).

This gives a good sound! Yes BUT! A condition of having the amp thing. For my part, I do not have to change any of my mics, because I have the amp of choice who magnifies a fender princeton reverb 1965. If I change the pickups, it will be for the "more vintage" no Di Marzio, no micro stratum, no digging to place a humbucker. If we need to amp it is sufficient in itself with a preamp or overdrive, fuzz, chorus, delay choice, it goes with all. She did not blush before her big sisters mustang, jazzmaster or telecaster american vintage new series of 2013/2014, or even signatures I assure you!

HOWEVER, I also warn that the rod vibrato to a slight tendency to detune. You barely touch it does the job, however you can never use it like Hendrix at Woodstock or Monterey or as a rod Floyd Rose. It is not made for it! Mechanical hold the agreement, but must be done early, the problems of detuning will be more present at the beginning, but by dint of the grant at the beginning, middle, end of repeats for example, it will, they will take the agreement . This is vintage mechanical, but its actually pretty good job after that is not the interlocking, or the mechanical oil bath, but it will, it holds up, even if you I think you move.


4. Styles MUSTANG!

His styles of music: rock year 60/70 (surf, rockabilly, "Brit rock" old etc ... Psyche, WHO, MC5, Rolling Stones, Taste, Cream etc ...), BLUES (from swing to blues rock, blues "narrowest" on Muddy Waters, or fatter Steve Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher, ZZ TOP no problem!) Folk / rock / neo folk / Brit pop / grunge (Elliott Smith, Kurt Cobain, Blur, Suede, Nirvana, Radiohead, Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, PATTI SMITH, PJ Harvey, Midlake and so on of the best), but also jazz and reggae. My style, blues, folk, rock.

METTALEUX go your way here, unless you mettiez a pair of Di Marzio, but that would be the gâchit to me, buy a GIBSON IBANEZ or other guitar with EMG.

Sound: the "roots attitude" fenderienne return to roots, its warm, bluesy with nervousness, it must be said. It packs a punch compared to many reviews I've read, to the contrary, this is why the amp here not hurt things. More amp is good, better, what is the secret with a guitar like that. That's not why it's a bad guitar, instead, how do I have missed all these years, that's what I say now! But hey some point we are all slaves of marketing, and it is preferred, a Fender AM or signing thingy thing, or a gibson because Led Zep, AC / DC, to see a Rickenbacker Beatles, REM, and other ! (Even me). After they are excellent guitars, but everybody has (finally those who can afford it), if all the world possesses, it's the same sound for all the world.

MUSTANG her personality, she defends herself against these other guitars mentioned previously, it is small, but strong as the saying goes! This is an adventurer guitar, love or romantic composer of folk, blues, rock, old and current. It is not made for people who practice Stoner Rock Progressive old (at least it is limited to these styles, take a gibson if you want to do this or a telecaster with humbucker). She can do AC / DC because it is very rock'n'roll, however, it sounds MUSTANG, SG will not ring, but it will defend like a beast, you know! Not to mention your doights is not all to have a nice shovel!

5. My favorite sounds or settings list:

Knob all the way!
INVERTER phase [in bass neck pickup position
in bass for pickup] = Its thick, clear, warm perfect for blues, rock position.

[Position for bass neck pickup
in middle to pickup] = Its thick, but with a flashy light, perfect for folk, rock, country, blues texan, rock'n'roll position ... etc.

[Position for bass neck pickup
in position for treble pickup] = The foil slightly and almost electro acoustics, perfect folk, ballad, jazz.

The only use of the neck pickup, perhaps interesting to folk, by setting the kill swith pickup.

I use a preamp XOTIC AC BOOST and my princeton, the alliance is perfect, well balanced!
What more ... Try!



Used for a few weeks, and this is why I will give a review in a few months or sooner. I had a lot of scratches before it (including Gibson), she appears to be what I was looking for quite some time, a balance between blues, rock and folk, without falling into the effete side strata today, or the next "too clean" or "too flashy", "too sharp" a telecaster or Rickenbaker, or even a Jaguar.

A great value for money, for € 910.030 "made in Japan", one of the last, because no longer will FENDER MUSTANG production now in Japan even under the "crafted" appellation (except perhaps KURT COBAIN Mustang, still traffic in 2014, but for the rest, it does not rely too much on Fender in the coming years to rebuild a shovel like this, with a quality, finesse in the violin like mine, for a real bargain competition in relation to the above violin);

The violin Most GORGEOUS!

The strength of all components, knob, switch

The easel holding ropes, Mastock, super strong, a panzer!

Wood finishes, beautiful color "vanilla" to cross the ocean blue sky. Details of the scriptures as then in 1965, it's nice work.

Handle a treat, a highway under blue sky, wind in the hair, to the beach. This is a surf guitar to orgine beach oblige!

The knobs, good finish, no cracking, hard enough to touch, but very well without turning game

The rather strong switches on mine, even hard to move here, but it will, is that it holds up!

The -: wait until the game is done mechanical rope
detunes the rod somewhat vibrato
Nothing too good!

The possible change (or not), that I will do it, is to put microphones shop instead of the originals, to strengthen the vintage side, Japanese pickups are also great. If I have the opportunity to do so, I'd be HEPCAT in France, including making pickups as good as FRAILIN, including the fender models, or the sound aspect is very faithful to the original (Mustang included).

YES and YES I still do it again this choice, but if FENDER stops its magnificent production "made in Japan", the choice or opportunity is not likely to stand for some time.


jpk77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '65 Mustang
Made in Japan
22 frets
2 pickups with Fender Mustang diffrent combinations to choose from: round, easel, or simulation of the two Humbucker using phase switch.
Bridge fender Dynamic
2 buttons to select state, one for each microphone: phase, disable or phase inversion (reversal of the polarity of the microphone)
2 knobs, one for volume and the other tonalitbr /> Saddle handle with rosewood fingerboard, C-profile 24-inch


The C handle 24-inch TRS is small which makes it very easy for little fingers to play.
CHAC is easy to acute.
The guitar is trslgre and shape the go gnrale trs handy.
Handling microphones be somewhat subtle to see Drout dpart but will be overcome.


The style of music is oriented rock or Funck.
Trs a good sustain.
I play on two apmplis lamps, a config Marshall JFX1-JMP1-20/20-baffle1960 for blues and rock and a Fender "The Twin - Red Knobs" the same as for Popa Chuby its plain more jazzy.
The sound remains the trs Fender "twang" of the great tlcaster ml mdiums trs dominant.


I use it for 3 months.
I prfre is the facilties and lgret games. the quality of stringed instruments is superb. The sound of fender MODELS Japanese is better than any Mexican fawn.
What EHJV a little is the lack of power of the microphones.
The ratio quality price is excellent. This cute pluttrserve the study with the original pickups may lower cot, by simply changing the pickups to be a real bomb.
I do it again this choice without hsit.

kurtophil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '65 Mustang
Good for the features I think we made it around. Mine was more a DiMarzio Tone Zone S in position bridge. Channel super comfortable, the bridge does not displease me more than that, because of some opinion after some can not get used to it. I find it so bizare that ca.


Channel super comfortable as I said just before. But that is a short scale is very lightweight application adaptation time, but nothing too serious. We have access to acute is good, but my personal crazy I never fingers. It's a guitar very well balanced, not too heavy, and super nice as you know already I guess.
To compare the gameplay with a Fender Start, I would say that the Mustang has its own little character it has, and must be taken differently than if a stratum, it is unique and that's its charm fai.
slight negative by the selectors that his May super well done nothing serious


This guitar is truly magical. By adding a tone zone in bridge, that's exactly what I wanted. I was looking for was the sound of live and loud nirvana. In ba done.
Its very round, warm mids with a cry and bass as'en pee on it, just be a slight lack of highs sometimes. I change the micro bridge because even if it has a very good clear sound rendering, and rendering adequate distortion, even when it lacked the precision of the potato. Now it's really nickel. The neck pickup is delicious: round, precise, and this little fender its type that everyone loves. I play a Fender 212R (see that even with the transistor carément it sounds good) and a distortion pedal of Amt Electronics Tube Platinum (a PGA so).


I use it for a week. And really all I like about this guitar. What I like most is it has its grain as well as in plain distortion, even with the tone zone and it keeps his personality so much better now. I do not avai try before you buy, I just trusted Mr. Kurt Cobain who lionized the mustang and he was right. The value for money could be better but I think is appropriate.

Fender Classic '65 Mustang news

Fender Mustang Amp Series

Fender Mustang Amp Series

Published on 09/10/10
Fender is presenting a new series of "Mustang" amps, Mustang I & II.

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