Godin LGX-SA

Godin LGX-SA

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LGX-SA, Other Shape Guitar from Godin in the LG/LGT/LGX/LGXT series.

8 user reviews
Prices starting at $1,745 Average price: $1,828

Godin LGX-SA tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Godin
  • Model: LGX-SA
  • Series: LG/LGT/LGX/LGXT
  • Category: Other Shape Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 08/02/2006

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Amazon Godin LGX-SA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar (Cognac Burst AAA) $1,995

Godin LGX-SA user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
Value For Money :

bgallaghermusic's review"Beautiful and Versatile "

Godin LGX-SA
This is a great, Canadian-made guitar. I've been using it for a little over 5 years now and haven't so far felt the need to purchase a new electric because this guitar is so multi-faceted.

It has all the normal specs of a great electric. 22 frets with a really nice ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck that isn't too thick or too thin. It's really playable and feels great from the first note. It would already have been a great buy just as an electric, but it's also equipped with an acoustic transducer output and a 13-pin MIDI out for the best synth guitar experience I've ever had.


Sounds great and plays great. It's a bit heavy but for that it has beautiful sustain and the over-tones are to die for.

The fretboard is easy to jump around. I don't usually go too crazy on the upper frets in my playing but I never noticed it being uncomfortable. Really nice feel to this guitar.

After 5 years I haven't had a single technical problem and the only work I've had done on it is your standard tuning/setup. I even fell pretty hard onto it during a bike accident and it was essentially unscathed.


I use this guitar for just about everything from country to reggae. I played it most often with my Vox AC15 (a great combination) and the tone was majestic. The acoustic transducer works great for when you don't feel like/don't have time for picking up an acoustic mid-show. The ability to mix the acoustic and electric sounds gives you a nice warm tone with that nice shiny acoustic high-end.

For the synth function I haven't found anything better. I took a Synth-Guitar course when I studied at Berklee and the guitars they had for the students were Godin. They just know what they'Re doing when it comes to synth guitar. Everything about this guitar was designed not only to sound and play great, but also to improve the synth capabilities of the instrument and it shows. As a composer who isn't terribly proficient at piano, this instrument has also really sped up my ability to work with midi.


Like I said, this is a great instrument and I expect to have it my entire life. It's simply a high-quality, well-made guitar. I actually lucked out and had a friend buy it for me with his Guitar Center Pro discount so I only paid about 750 for this, but I would gladly pay double with what I know about it now. If you're looking for one dependable and versatile axe, you may have just found it.

RickD's review

Godin LGX-SA
- In What Country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...)
I believe this is Canadian and possibly part made in the USA but i'm not sure.
Godin is Canadian, though.

- How many frets, Pickup Type and Configuration?
From memory i'd say it's a 22 with jumbo's.

- What type of Bridge(Floyd, Wilkinson...)?
Not sure but there is no tremolo and the strings go vertically through the body for added sustain. This bridge has an integral piezo pickup for the electro-acoustic sound (dedicated output) and a MIDI sensor inside too! Simply amazing!

- What are the setting controls (volume, tone, pickup selector position)?
An amazing array of controls on this magic piece of 'wood'...it's just full of electronics!
Listen up:
= volume & tone for the electric mics, with push-pull on the tone that carves out the mids for a gentler sound, very useful on rhythm. Electric output.
= electro-acoustic preamp with 3 band EQ and volume. This uses a 9V battery, fairly easy to replace but you need a screwdriver. Dedicated output.
= Midi volume and dedicated output. You'd plug this into a MIDI guitar expander, such as the Roland GR series, for instance.

En extra switch lets you toggle what is sent to one of the outputs, so you can mix the sounds inside the guitar!
Another switch let's you change MIDI presets!


- Does the neck have a nice feel?
The neck is fine! Just the right width for me...easy to play.

- Easy access to the top notes (last frets)?

- Is it's design ergonomic(in terms of the shape, weight...)?
It's a bit heavy after a while, and real heavy to carry around, but...well...what did you expect? https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif Probably no worse than a Les Paul...

- Can one easily get a nice sound?...
Hell yeah!


You can do pretty much anything you like with this guitar, although i would suppose a metal-head would prefer a Jackson or an Ibanez...

You can get jazzy sounds on the right amp, that electro-acoustic feel, or various electric sounds. Put it through a TC G-Force and you'll have an even wider palette to play with...it's a very versatile guitar.

I love that jazzy warm sound you get on a tube amp with the neck mic on and the tone half way.
But this is great too on a british 70's tube amp with distortion on 5 or 7...


I've had it for about 8 years.
The wood used is probably not the best, apparently Godin guitars 'move' a bit with age...so you might want to get the harmonics reset every year or so.

Overall, a fantastically versatile guitar with almost endless possibilities. Probably not the best electric in the world, but pretty damn good i say!
The guitar itself feels precious. You can just FEEL it's a good guitar! https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif

Watch out not to leave the case or guitar in a damp environment. Some of the metal parts on the case have gone rusty...and even some of the less used frets are showing signs of rust. This, of course, won't happen in a normal environment.

Jaeckel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"perfection at your fingertips ..."

Godin LGX-SA
This guitar is made in Canada, and mahogany body, flamed maple beautiful table (with blue paint, and more), ebony fingerboard.
Bolt-on neck and tail section for better access to acute.
Bone nut.

As previously stated, the neck is thin and relatively flat, relatively wider than a stratovolcano, but narrower than my Ibanez Musician. In short, very easy and comfortable to play, unless you want "blueser" as with a Tele or a stratovolcano, and again.
According to the site Godin, the handle was changed after 2002 (mine is older)

Magnetic pickups:
- 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers specially designated for MC Godin brand and have a fine grain and accurate while being able to send the wood he needed with good saturation.
- A 5-way switch for 2 microphones, so splits with micro and sensations near the stratosphere (but not completely either).
- One volume knob, one tone knob
- A dedicated output jack (when a jack is plugged in, the signal of magnetic pickups is removed from the "MIX" output).

Micro Piezo:
- A sensor piezo rope for his "piezo" and "synth access" (SA).
- A volume
- 3-band EQ
- An output jack "MIX" semi-dedicated. Which also leaves the sound of magnetic pickups (cut with the volume knob magnetic pickups or when a jack is plugged into the other outlet dedicated "magnetic micro").
Sound piezo sounds a bit like a electro acoustic (but not completely either)

Synth access:
- A dedicated volume knob.
- The (Roland compatible Axon, Yamaha, etc.) 13-pin output.
- 1 mini-switch 3 positions:
Position 1: Acoustic / Electric
Position 2: Acoustic / Electric / synth sounds
Position 3: Synth only
To control what comes out on the 13-pin.
- 1 temporary mini push-pull switch that has the S1/S2 functions microphones Roland GK. I can not describe because I'm not using.

I want to remove a point for the lack of tremolo. But this model is expected to not having (Tremolo on LGXT Godin).
I take anyway for mechanical point which had to be changed due to lack of strength. Otherwise, it is perfect.


The handle is a highway, very nice.

The ergonomics are top, the guitar is well balanced when I sit (home studio) or standing (repététions). Ultimately, I would say it tends a little with the back (with the handle going back a bit), but it may not be an impression compared to nosedive guitars (Ibanez Musician).

Easy access to acute (tail section).

The sound is good, too good ...


The sound is good, too good ... It is almost the only criticism I could make this guitar, failure to its qualities: the sound is "perfect" in all circumstances; clean, warm, slamming bright. In short, never disappointing.
Why blame him then?
I want to say that the lack of "personality". Godin LGXSA is the most versatile and I know it lacks that 'whatever' that makes you want into him, to go to push it to its limits.
The sound is far from being cold, but perhaps too clean.

Maybe I should dig it by mixing more or better piezo pickups with magnetic pickups.

I would say that each connection, the sound is perfect. Can I play, I cheat, I add effects, I removed. Then I put the synté I take my foot. I leave in delusions that leave me unsatisfied when I come back in his "base". Besides, what his base? There are so many possibilities that I come to think that I would have 3 guitars like it, and 3 pairs of arms and be both guitarist, programmer, sound engineer ... At the same time!

So this is a guitar that offers with a dizzying array of possibilities, but that needs to be tamed. Never disappointing, but who must leave his mark.


The perfect guitar, with the lack of its qualities so versatile it loses in personality. So much the better for me to assert myself!

So I'm doing with my electro Godin. I could make the variet ', but not rock-pop-punk. I like to connect synths on the SA, tons of effects on microphones, a few funk échapées and ornamental arpeggios with piezo and magnetic pickups, but rock and sweat point (at least for the moment).

I can not put myself in agreement with myself on the fact resell and make do with what I have (already several models including a Strat with GK2 sensor), or keep the body working to exploit its enormous potential ...

Therefore difficult to say whether I would do this choice. This guitar is so perfect that any self-respecting guitarist should have one! Blowin but the price, too!

mikyreale's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Chuis LOVERS"

Godin LGX-SA
The LGX-SA is a AAA 3 voice instrument that produces sounds of electric and acoustic guitars, in addition to offering unlimited possibilities with synth access system. The output from the bridge transducer system in the LGX-SA produces six separate signals-one for each string. This divided signal is called Divided, is used to control guitar synths.


How to say chuis love ... So you say love is blind, how to be impartial in my opinion?? The fact is is that the is excellent on many points that were essential to me. We have everything at hand and easily passes from one type to another with his direct mixes easily

The only downside for me who played little on power, the weight of this type of solid body guitar


The acoustic sound is simply stunning if you bother to plug it into a DI box or an acoustic amp.
The two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (splitable "Single Coil via the switch 5 positions) are great for their incredible range of sounds.
Finally, the hexa is accurate (ebony) and obviously depending on what you put behind. I myself have a GR 33 I am trying to change to a GR55.


I for three months and I very much useful on stage. I put one-year loan to choose. And I do not regret my choice.
In addition to a sound "magic" it is beautiful. Very nice ...
What else if not a wonderful gift for my 50th birthday

Godin LGX-SA news

[NAMM] Godin on Lennon Bus Stage

[NAMM] Godin on Lennon Bus Stage

Published on 01/14/09
Godin Guitars will be showcasing an array of Godin endorsees on the Lennon Bus stage throughout Winter NAMM.

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