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Ibanez Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez S621QM

    Ibanez S621QM - "Wonderful sound, fits like a glove, lightweight, great looking"


    It is a wonderful guitar! It's quantum pickups might sound just a bit dull, but that's what makes it flexible, easy to adapt to almost any kind of music you like. The neck fits nicely especially to relatively smallish hands and makes fast fretting a…

  • Ibanez TV650

    Ibanez TV650 - "Pictured is a tv750" has images


    This is not so much a review as a correction. Pictured is the Talman TV750. The only difference between it and the TV650 is the color. The 650's were a cream white, and the 750's have the sunburst/flame color. I've attached a photo from an Ibanez…

  • Ibanez XH300

    Ibanez XH300 - "Nice job, Ibanez!"


    This guitar has a mahogany body, a bolt on 24 fret 3-piece maple nck, and Ibanez CAP-LZ humbuckers. It has a tune-a-matic style setup for the bridge, with a separate tailpiece, one volume knob and a 3 way switch for pickups. The finish is called Mars…

  • Ibanez XF350

    Ibanez XF350 - "A more comfortable Xiphos"


    When the Xiphos came out a few years ago I think it was Ibanez's first modern foray into the world of super crazy shaped guitars. Now they have a new model called the Falchion. It is named after a sword. It has a similar shape to the Xiphos but has m…

  • Ibanez ART700EQM

    Ibanez ART700EQM - "Ibanez getting it right"


    The Ibanez Artcore line has been around for a long time but it has never really taken off. Ibanez being known for their superstrats doesnt really push their single cut guitars which is sad because they are doing some good stuff with their recent mode…

  • Ibanez ART300

    Ibanez ART300 - "What is this top??"


    If you have spent any time with a Gibson Les Paul guitar than this will be a similar type guitar from feeling, weight, and balance. The overall tone of this guitar is very like a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Primarily due to because of the body shape of t…

  • Ibanez ICX220

    Ibanez ICX220 - "Great, quirky guitar on the cheap."


    Made in China Redesigned, smaller body shape Ibanez brand Infinity humbuckers Full Tune II bridge (similar to a Gibson Tuneamatic) Bolt-on 3-piece maple neck 22 frets Basswood body Rosewood fretboard Volume, Tone, 3 way pickup selector switch…

  • Ibanez ICHRG2

    Ibanez ICHRG2 - "Little odd but cool "


    These guitars happily have an interesting look and an interesting body shape but the overall feel is a very Gibson type feel. If you have ever play to Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson explorer then you'll notice the balance weight and feel of the body can…

  • Ibanez PGMFRM1

    Ibanez PGMFRM1 - "Unique design but oldschool feel"


    Paul Gilbert has always been known as one of the best alternate pickers out there. However, he's recently going back to some of his old school roots and doing more of that classic rock thing. To help capture that crazy vibe from the 70s, he went wi…

  • Ibanez ARX100

    Ibanez ARX100 - "One of my first guitars"


    This was my second guitar to be added to my collection and I love it. The only thing I have changes is the tuners because I didnt think the stock tuners held very well. Other than that it is perfect! Great action, good feel, fast neck, alot of crunch…