Ibanez S621QM
Ibanez S621QM

S621QM, Other Shape Guitar from Ibanez in the S series.

papaki72 02/11/2019

Ibanez S621QM : papaki72's user review

« Wonderful sound, fits like a glove, lightweight, great looking »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
It is a wonderful guitar! It's quantum pickups might sound just a bit dull, but that's what makes it flexible, easy to adapt to almost any kind of music you like.
The neck fits nicely especially to relatively smallish hands and makes fast fretting a worthy experience.

It is a very underrated guitar. The only thing that might change on it after a few years, would be the humbuckers with something spicier. Although another guitar is what comes to my mind first as I like having my guitars just how they sounded when I bought them.