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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 7 reviews )
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 3 reviews43 %
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Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
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R0Z's review"Incredibly well built guitar"

Music Man Axis
I bought this honey burst quilt top on CL for $1650.00 CAD (approx $1240.00 USD). It was used, but basically unplayed. Incredible value imo. My favourite guitar of my three Ibanez as well as Custom Shop Gibsons, Fender Strat Plus as well as nearly a dozen others.

I find the Axis is incredibly comfortable to play because of the neck. I usually like a flatter radius (17") and more shallow C neck profile, but for some reason this works.

Additionally I use quite a bit of gain and I can control it a lot easier on my Axis than my other guitars. Not sure why. Has great, and I mean great, sustain and tone. Very even response as well. Great high end, tight bottom end but a little light.

Decked trem and locking system keeps the tuning stable. Features only gets a 4/5, because I wouldn't mind a tone control, but not a big deal. Honestly the craftsmanship of this guitar is way above most, they are more like a custom shop guitar imo.

I have been using this as my main guitar for about 6 months and I think it will stay that way now. The more I play it the more I love it.

I use a DAW with ProTools and Amplitube.

SonicPulverizer's review"80's Heaven... for some"

Music Man Axis
The Musicman Axis features a figured maple top in a beautiful trans amber finish. Basswood body, maple bolt-on neck and a maple fretboard. In the Axis you'll find a pair of custom wound Dimarzio humbuckers routed through a single volume control and 3 way switch. Also sports Schaller tuners and a licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo. I really enjoy the subtle birdseye details in the fingerboard, it's details like this that make the gutiar feel expensive.


The Axis is a blessing to you back. Having handled mostly heavy Les Paul styled guitars for most of my playing years, it is a relief to handle a guitar so lightweight. The small body shape makes the guitar feel very compact whilst maintaining a 25-1/2" scale length. It can take getting used to the ultra slim neck of the guitar, I found myself stumbling over quicker flurries of notes at first. Tuning stability is amazing with the locking tremolo reinforcing it.


I played the Axis through a Soldano Astroverb head. Mesa 4x12 cab. No pedals.

The axis is supposed to invoke EVH sounds when thought of. I'm not particularly an EVH fan so I can't attest to it's accuracy in this regard. I do know, however, that the Axis can cop Thin Lizzy tones such as Jail Break and Chinatown perfectly. I wasn't all that fond of the clean sounds I was getting from the Axis, but the guitar wasn't exactly designed to play nice. The Axis excelled at mid gain sounds and not so much with high gain. The body shape does not lend itself to extended low end frequencies.


I will admit that the Musicman Axis has never really appealed to me. I have had many chances to play one and, until recently, always passed it up. The guitar sounds great, really. I just couldn't get adjusted to it. If your hands are accustomed to neck profiles similar to a Les Paul's, you may find it rather difficult to get your bearing on the Axis. I feel that the subtle aesthetic gestures and the brand image will justify the price to some, but I just couldn't connect with it.
King Loudness08/31/2011

King Loudness's review"Great unique rock guitar"

Music Man Axis
The Music Man Axis is the evolution of the original EBMM Edward Van Halen model that was built during the early-mid nineties. After Ed left the company and went to Peavey the EBMM model was changed slightly and renamed the Axis. It remains in production to this day and is a great selling guitar for the company. It's made in the USA Music Man plant as they always have been.

The guitar features a basswood body, a flamed or quilted maple top (available in a variety of colours both solid and translucent), a maple neck and fretboard with a really cool asymmetrical neck carve and a slightly smaller nut width than the majority of modern guitars. It features a locking tremolo system, Schaller locking tuners, two DiMarzio custom pickups (based on the Tone Zone and Air Norton I believe) and an extremely simple control layout of a volume control and a 3 way toggle switch. It also has a nice Music Man hard case with it as new.


The guitar is fairly ergonomic. Edward Van Halen is a player known for jumping around and moving with his guitars and the design was his. It lacks the contouring of many modern superstrats, but it feels less like that and more like a vintage Les Paul or something - great for the more old school player. The basswood body makes for a pretty light guitar overall, but it still has a very thick and wool-y tone that's like a hyped up Les Paul meets a Strat. The upper fret access is fairly good on these guitars too due to the Music Man 5 bolt neck joint - great upper fret access.

Getting a good tone out of this guitar is pretty easy. It is built well and has a wonderful spongy and vintage vibe to the wood, so the unplugged tones are really resonant and clear. As a result, the sound plugged in is very lively and has a nice kick to it that is very brown sounding.


I've tried this guitar through a whole plethora of different amps and have come to like it through pretty much anything. It sounds very vibrant and clear even when you first pick it up and haven't yet plugged in - very cool. To me, a great unplugged sound is always an indication that it is going to sound awesome plugged in, and the Axis is no exception. The guitar is bright and snappy and has a tone that's all its own in my opinion. It's got elements of a Strat and elements of a Les Paul but the end result is a tone that stands on its own as a great sounding one for rock and fusion styles.

The clean tones are nice and bright sounding, great for everything from modern jazz to some twangin' country tones. It also takes well to pushed gain tones for gutsier blues and R&B tones if you want them. The drive tones are great for everything from rock rhythm (the EVH tones are here in spades) to some smooth legato or alternate picked lead tones. It's all there.


All in all I think the EBMM Axis is an excellent professional instrument for those players who want a guitar that is versatile and has a voice that combines the best of the Les Paul and Strat voices to create something wonderful. Sterling and the rest of the EBMM company have been committed to making high quality guitars for many years and the Axis continues that lineage. At about $1,800 new they're a great deal, but can be had for as low as $1,000 used if you look around on eBay or various forums.

KirKill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Axis
For specs all is said I have nothing more to add except that: mother of pearl inlays on the button with more style and can be a binding around the neck might have been more fun because there to the stroke is a little gross after it is a matter of taste
The D-Tuna is not delivered as the original EVH provide € 55 and more
The pickup selector (action type telecaster left to right) is a bit hard
Mine is with rosewood fingerboard
The Musicman flight case is a standard that is to say that this is not a special flight AXIS, you can put other scratches musicman
The stem of floyd / vibrato is referred to the back it's not a rod on a pivot like Floyd lo pro ede of the blow is a bit noisier, still on the floyd / vibrato design seems interesting but less well over a lo pro edge, it moves a little
For the two microphones were not available in custom Dimarzio catalog based on the equivalent would be a Dimarzio Air Zone and Tone Zone therefore Alnico 5 there after discussions on the old mic that had Mr EVH custom wound Duncan also hand ... Alnico II and that he also appreciates the Ceramic brief ...


The neck is super comfortable patent is not limited, "it slides Alice ..." I understand better why Ashba with several rounds of these pumice AXIS Gibson now
The vibrato / floyd is a little less flexible than a hard Floyd lo pro edge
The balance of the guitar is perfect the more it weighs a feather queudalle
The possibilities of the guitar is a limited 3-position selector button and a volume not need to do additional math option with the big bang theory brother Bogdanoff, my personal side I like the stripped


I wanted a modern skyscraper, and I can say I'm used to the brim do you want here's my boy ... P is cold and clear the sound is really clean
Against scratches by modern = modern rock thus the vintage stuff is on an amp bof type mesa, engl, randall ... I think it has to kill
against by the other registry blue, rock bah 70 then I think it means I prefer a SG, a Les Paul, a Tele or Start, on the other hand I have not taken for that, it is reserved for plans for Sixx AM, Megadeth, Metallica, Dream Theater ... and it is the right shovel there's no mistake about it
As against the micro split config environment I do not use it I do not like her at all


The quality / price € 2400 in nine is a scam against on occasion for less than € 1400 in impeccable condition then I say OK
With the experience I will not go over this choice is a purchase favorite from my love from beginning to know the metal
Since it was sold to a happy owner, I found it bland and boring compared to my more vintage guitars after is a matter of feeling ... (Oh yes ... Richard Cocciante) but still great I broke it and I really enjoyed the experience

kasimir.phunk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Axis
Made in USA 1999
With non-floating Floyd Dtuna <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />
Channel flamed maple beauty of not polish, it is oiled, it slide better
A 3 position selector, 1 volume with push / pull splitter to the mic


I have tried Ibanez, Jackson and I dropped, I have small hands.
So my fender seemed comfortable, but there ....
I feel that it was made for me!

used tele cutting table "square" under the arm does not bother me too much, plus she is very comfortable and light very well balanced.
access to acute?? so easy that almost inevitably boxes <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" />

For sound, it's heavy bah!
full of harmony, answers without any effort is balanced fairly modern.
I love this guitar


this little guitar, ah yes above 1.75ma forget otherwise you will feel like having a toy so it is small in length and width. This little guitar is simply amazing, the volume pot is a rare efficiency, I do not even drop the gain to be its interim ...

My Brunetti pirata141 I get to have a staggering array. Split, I think it's a bit cold clean, and most importantly, it lacks volume (for once)
But sounds good for I have a clear strat then ...
top: everything thoroughly, huge bass but accurate cutting of medium and treble alive ... Phew, we just Metalise the planet without problems. you decrease the volume has 2 neck pickup and a heavy crunch and accurate.

To clean the neck pickup is bright with a little cold, but a little daunting with delay and reverb

up from December 17. The clean is actually really cool. from funk to jazz, not so cold it by removing the bright!


I've had qq week, but I knew MM, I had a silhouette in the late 90's not the same, but the spirit is there. I prefer this one. but the neck is still a try.
He must forget his ideas received and go try.

The Dtuna is super convenient and not so complicated to solve, in fact it takes 2 minutes, you just have a good floyd set the base otherwise it becomes hard.
I had ibanez, jackson king V, Gibson LP Classic, Fender Deluxe, blade ...

musicman ben, love, pity that their image in France is so undignified as it is well worth a visit. however nine is too expensive. That said I do not buy more than scratching hand. then to 1200 € yes I do it again this election especially with her 11 years she has not a pet, the owner before took great care

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Axis
Guitar-made in San Luis Obispo, CA, United States.
Maple neck-"full of birdseye" maple table Flamée.
There is no such axis 2! The tables are sometimes dappled, mine is "tiger" and the top coat, looks like crushed velvet.
Vibrato Musicman-licensed Floyd Rose, a model of its kind, impossible to tune. Mine arrived granted after 3 weeks and then transit the United States. Schaller classic pearl / translucent "on Les Paul."
Di Marzio pickups -2 Van Halen (available on the Axis and Van Halen) 1 volume knob 500k, 3 position selector switch.


It is rather round and round little broad, slightly skewed from the 12 ° box, comfortable even for large hands. The frets are small, we feel the handle in its acute doigts.Accès to normal, the heel is a little section like all the Musicman.
-The body is small, light. It's a cross (pass) between a Les Paul is a Telecaster (sic Eddie Van Halen), however there is no chamfer for the right arm, which can be a little annoying if you play long
The volume-knob is well placed under the little finger, and effective: I often take me ... even have to change channels, I just drop the volume, and presto, clean sound.
A black dot-cons in the selector: it is microscopic, hard and not very well placed, as knob volume. Specifically, on a solo, you can not change too much micro-"on the fly" by slapping the switch, like on a Start for example.
-Ben for her, no problem, it sounds live and loud! We have a real serious micro (handle) that is on a par with the micro acute power issue. NOTE: The pickups are screwed directly on the body, so no plastic, no settings and no problems, because they are already calibrated to the hair!
7 because of the selector and the muzzle


-I play more rock, but I need to have the reserve on hand for occasional very large saturation and sounds very clean.
-I play a Mesa Studio Preamp Roland plugged into an amp, no effect in most cases. Since I record a lot, I have some basic sounds clean, I put effects on the console unless I need something really weird.
-At the sound, I would say it's a modern, bright, forward, fairly medium. You want to attack right away, it's harder to play "laid back" like on a Start. The sound will never be "dug". However, serious playing micro / volume down, it can sound downright jazzy approach that render well the subtleties of the game is a position intermediate its off phase, it seems to play on a TV with 2 microphones simple! Slamming it with less power. Fonk play on this guitar is the foot! Otherwise, the stability of vibrato and harmonics "easy" make you want to make dive-bomb all the time!
The micro acute: full, aggressive, lively, full of harmonics, perfect for solos, good Di Marzio (as some would say garish), it is fire!
For me, this is super typical scratches, can play lots of styles, personally it is with the guitar that I change her, thanks to its dynamic, and more with the amp, and the volume knob becomes part of the game in itself.
8 because I have still want to buy more guitars! lol


In the words of an earlier opinion, the Axis is the "third way" after the Start and Les Paul! She look fantastic and friendly, it's the first thing that had accroché.Et then we may say, is nothing less than the Musicman Van Halen, and it shows: it is robust, reliable, simple, straightforward, designed to resist the wild Eddie! The only difference is this switch is not misplaced a good idea, but it's still a detail throughout.
HOWEVER the Axis is available in Europe at a price exorbitant completely unjustified: between 2400 and 2700 euros, which is a heresy. It is often proposed in the United States around 1100 euros to the new current exchange rate, and I got there in occas' good condition for 850 euros, excluding postage.

Stigma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Axis
-Made in America
-22 Boxes, 2 DiMarzio humbuckers van halen (not found in commerce, except on the guitars of Van Halen)
Musicman-floyd "lower pitch only" (no possibility to go to high) licensed floyd rose
3-position switch, one volume knob. no tonalitbr />-Bolt magnificent bird's eye maple
Flamed maple top, very, very large qualitbr />
Curiously, the small number of possible settings on the guitar in his favor:
Floyd-the only lower pitch is terrible, the tuning is perfect (do not even go out of tune if a string pete!), Is given a very simple unlike a classic floyd, promotes sustain
-The volume knob is very effective, and I who played very little with the knob on my LP, I shall adjust frequently with my sound! Tone of the knob is missing absolutely not.


It is a race car: it is surprising that plans came back to play, the reputation of the sleeves is longer musicman! MUST try!
Access to acute-perfect (I confess that I did not even pay attention, as has depressed me to play the high notes on my LP, all the same I have not been paying attention!)
Ergonomics impeccable guitar very slight, rather small, not very thick, has an indentation at the sides (plus a nice indentation right arm and as effective!) And very easy to play sitting (a change from the LP!)
-The low number of settings is very easily found the sound we are trying


I mainly play rock and hard rock or progressive rock and this guitar is perfect for this kind of music!
I use a Marshall JCM2000 TSL601 with (that I intended to change, but since I have this guitar I rediscover my amp!) And a Boss DS-1 (excellent pedals by the way;)
Be obtained very easily sound very rock, van halenien, this guitar has a very special grain (high-quality microphones in distortion. It also has a very good clear sound is a guitar that combines versatility sound very typ!


I have used it for about 2 months now
"I love enormment things about this guitar: the floyd, the handle, the sound comes out enormissime, aesthetics course (hard not to fall in ecstasy before an axis! They are all different!) the volume knob of incredible efficiency ...
"I tried many guitars, and for me does not hold a candle to this axis!
-Indeed, it is a bit expensive, but for the price of a gibson, I think not qu'ya photo, I took by far the axis ...
-This guitar is, and I think will remain my n1. If I were given the possibility to redo my choice, I would do the same!