Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe

Fly Deluxe, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars.

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All user reviews for the Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 8 reviews89 %
 1 user review11 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
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timeofsilence's review"I will never play a different guitar"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
I bought my Fly Deluxe used at a Guitar Center in Arlington, TX. It had a huge scratch on it and was not in the best of shape. It was priced right and I could afford it, so having always wanted one I bought it. I have sold it twice since then and went to buy it back the next day, every time. My poor Parker Fly is barely hanging on though. It still plays like a dream, the neck is perfect. I'm plagued by a pesky buzz. They said that the DiMarzio pickups sounded thin and they do, they sound very nasal if that makes sense. I've been told that the pickup selector switch could be bad, thus the buzz. USM sent me a new/used switch and no one in the Dallas area was willing to try to install it. Its a 12 pole switch and its soldered to a ribbon connector. I tried gutting the electronics and hard wiring the pickups to a simple 3 way switch. I ended up putting the original electronics back in. Even with all its problems, this will be the last guitar I ever buy (unless I buy another Parker Fly). Now they're hard to find but I've always got an eye out. If you have the means to buy a Parker Fly then I would suggest you do. The P series and the new PDF series are not the same thing. I feel like the pre-refined are more desirable but the USM made series are just as good.
heads on fire10/20/2011

heads on fire's review"Incredible guitar. 10!"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
USA manufactured
Poplar body, basswood neck
Parker carbon-fiber composite fingerboard with 10 to 13 graduated conical radius
Parker carbon-fiber composite backing (for extra strength, since the guitar is so light)
Sperzel locking tuners
Stainless steel frets
Parker tremolo bridge
Fishman active preamp with piezo
Dimarzio humbuckers
Master Volume
Magnetic Volume
Magnetic Tone
Piezo Volume
Piezo Tone
3-way switch for Magnetic/Mag and Piezo/Piezo
3-way switch for Neck/Neck and Bridge/Bridge Magnetic pickups
weighs 4.5-5 pounds


This guitar is one of the most well designed instruments on this or any other planet. The Fly Deluxe has a neck that is made of pure perfection - it fits my hands perfectly, but everyone else that plays my guitars (I have a few) raves about the neck also!

The stainless steel frets (won't wear out!) make notes very clear and articulate, even in the most distorted and most complex jazz chords. T

The vibrato unit is so smooth - it is on a ball bearing system, not a knife edge.

It also stays in tune very well with the locking tuners. After my strings are properly stretched, I don't have to adjust the tuning for weeks sometimes!

The guitar is also incredibly light, so it feels great for gigs.


Pickups are smooth, articulate, and versatile - I can chicken pick, comp jazz, shred, and everything in between. The piezo is a great addition, as I can get great acoustic tones out of it, and I can also blend those tones with the magnetic pickups. It will run stereo or mono, which is a nice bonus.

The guitar overall is bright. I prefer guitars to be bright when the tone knob is full up, because I can always attenuate high end by rolling that tone knob back a bit. I can get so many good tones out of this axe, it's ridiculous.


I am unequivocally a Parker fan. I love their guitars, have owned 11 of them, and I will keep getting more. They are superb works of art, and they play like a dream, sound like a dream, and don't hurt my shoulder or back. They will do anything and everything and make you stand out at your gigs! Perfect 10 all across the board.

MGR/hybrid's review"Parker Fly Deluxe"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
I bought it when I was overseas (Hong Kong) for $13 000 hkd. (around $1600us) I was looking for a thru-neck guitar with 24 frets, piezo and NO locking bridge. There weren't much choices. I looked into Carvin and Parker. I ended up choosing Parker even though it costs almost twice of the Carvin I was looking into because it feels so good to play.

Super light-weight, very smooth neck, easy access to upper frets (compared to my les paul), smooth tremolo, stays in tune really well and looks awesome. (ice blue colour.)
The two toggle switches (one for normal magentic pickups-2 humbuckers and one for piezo/combination of piezo + magnetic pickups) and three knobs (piezo volume, mag volume and mag tone) with coil split do not end up with a whole bunch of switches on the guitar. (The Carvin models I saw had 4 knobs and 3 toggle switches.)
The sound is well balance and clear even with heavy distortion, lower end in particular.
The metal reinforced neck and carbon fibreglass fretboard keep intonation perfect. The guitar comes with a tension plate for 10s (It came with 9s strings) so there's no need for checking intonation when changing strings of different gauges.

It didn't come with a hardcase even though the Levys' softcase it came with was good. I expect a guitar costing over $1500us to have a hardcase.

Quality and workmanship is top notch. The body's very thin and contoured so it's very comfortable to play. It came with Dimarzio pickups, which are okay, but I might change them later.

It's a great guitar and I absolutely love it. I don't know if it takes that much money for a guitar of this good quality and playability, but I definitely don't regret buying it.

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MGR/Iron Storm11/27/2003

MGR/Iron Storm's review"Rocket Deluxe"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
I bought this guitar because it is my first electric guitar and it was really cheap... One of the cheapest ones I'd say... I payed about 150$, and it's worth every penny I'd say.

It is quite playable, and it has a great sound.

The higher frets are very difficult to press, and the pickups are sometimes mycrophonics.

The fingerboard is made from quality rosewood, and the body is maple. It's not too heavy- just the right way.It has 2 regular picups, and a great humbucker. Mine has a great black finish, with no mistkes. It has 21 frets, a 5 - way switch, and 2X tone and 1X volume switch.

The sound quality is great, and the humbucker does his job perfectly. It's great for beginners, and with a price like that who wouldn't buy it...

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Parker Deluxe"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
I paid $1800.00 via the internet for this instrument.

This is the smoothest playing guitar I've ever played bar none. The electronics give a good warm tone through a good tube amp. My technique improved immediately after receiving this instrument and I've been playing for 25 years and felt I'd reached my limit. I have other electric guitars that sound better but none that are more balanced or play anywhere near as well as this guitar. I would try this guitar is you are looking for a professional instrument and compare to others of the same ilk.

I've had this guitar for 6 months and have no complaints. I love the way it plays and feels against my body. Using the electric pickups without the piezos doesn't sound as good as my old Les Paul. I favor the Parker over Jackson soloist, Ibanez Jems, PRS, and Tom Anderson guitars simply because it was the most versatile and felt the best to me.
Unit comes with two custom Dimarzio pickups and one Fishman piezo. The weight is less than 5 pounds. The tremolo is excellent, the best I've played. All parts but the tuners are custom made. The neck joint is completely seamless. I think any shredders would be amazed at the feel of this instrument. The engineering and development that went into this guitar are outstanding.

I most certainly did. I don't take two electrics and an acoustic to gigs anymore. Just the Parker. After bearing the weight of a 69 Les Paul custom for the last 10 years on stage the Parker is a god-send. I completely trust this guitar and have made some good recordings with it as well. I great gigging instrument, consider this guitar is you need a lot of different sounds on stage.

Excellent well made instrument and a wise investment for the professional gigging musician.

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swingoblue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
Made in us, I have the old model designed by the father parker, poplar and full carbon Channel driver, stainless steel band, piezoelectric and DiMarzio ... 24 frets and vibrato home


My guitar for 20 years, the handle is perfect, good ergonomics, but horn discomfort plexus, its fantastic and versatile


Its precise and crystalline guitar oriented studio


I play lead guitar com since I started, it goes terrible in the mix, the guitar all situations ..
Its shortcomings: lack of grain, and the frets are starting to come off after 20 years of use

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" guitar special!"

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
the beautiful is manufactured in the USA and has a fixed bridge (hard tail), to a handle 24 nikel frets, 2 custom wound DiMarzio pickups (the neck pickup is based on norton and treble tone on the area), mechanical Sperzel trim-lock.
the body is poplar and basswood handle.
ken parker concept is to have created a guitar with an extraordinarily light profile incredibly well studied, the neck and body are connected to the base with a carbon tape and the whole (neck and body) are caught in an envelope glass fibers.
the control panel, 4 control knobs (1 volume general 1Volume magnetic pickup, 1 tone and 1 volume pot for double the piezo system) and 2 switch 3 positions (1 for the magnetic pickups and one for the piezo).
Note that when we remove the shield of electronics, we can adjust the output volume of the piezo).


The handle is super nice and that is certainly the best round I had studied to play!
the ergonomics of this guitar is worthy of research to NASA!
ie it is more than good! it is unique!
weight, I do not even speak, 1.8 kg on the scales!
access to more than treble is easily seen that it's almost a race driver!
the sounds are super versatile and it is with the piezo that gives you the coup de grace!
he does not forget that Ken Parker worked with Larry Fishman to develop the fly, so here speaks for itself ...
but anyway, to make simple sounds appliances are falling!
in 2002, I saw Pain of Salvation Live in Paris, opening for Dream Theater vocalist and guitarist playing on a fly deluxe, already, the sound of microphones in saturated was super good, but when he played with electro the piezo, it was to die for!
I would put 14 if it were possible!


already, it makes no noise and it is a big plus for studio and stage!
It's been a year since I have it and, I note with amazement that you can really play with everything!
The neck pickup gives off a warm jazz sound to fall!
for the blues is not even worthy of support, almost all alone out here!
center position is the funk and arpeggios that are waiting for you!
and, finally, with the bridge pickup, it ventures into the maze of rock and hard rock ...
tested on my laney lionheart is really the ultimate guitar!
more versatile, I have rarely found!
and besides, we have a dynamic crazy!
who wanted to sell me .... what con!
and I'm not talking about electro-acoustic sound that's so beautiful!
I understand why there are professionals who use it, it's really a guitar goes everywhere, which has grain, light and has almost everything!


it's been almost a year since I bought it and, frankly, in retrospect, I care!
it really unusual instrument!
I tried many guitars that eventually will look like by the end .... cons, my parker is really unique!
strangely, with a body and a wood handle surrounded by a sheath of fiberglass and carbon, it really has a sound with the grain!
it really is a guitar that music professionals should try before rushing to a stratovolcano, she easily nail it and the les paul sounds to post questions and ergonomics!
I had my parker to 1000 €, which makes the price / quality ratio is absolutely good!
if I had to redo this experiment with the choice, I would do it willingly!

lmerdeux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
From the United States, this guitar has been developed for the widest versatility
24 frets, neck-through, the guitar is made of a single piece of wood covered with polyurethane resin. The key is carbon, touch is very nice. In addition, the cargo's fine and perfectly polished.

The pickups are custom Wound Di Marzio, developed especially for this guitar. It is also equipped with piezo pickups in the bridge saddles, which can be used in electro acoustics.

The bridge is of type float, but not licensed floyd rose. It was designed is made especially for this guitar. ¨ The fontionnement is against the same type as the floyd rose, without the problems of adjustment and editing of the strings.

There is an overall volume. Volume for microphones with a magnetic key. A double button controls the volume and tone of piezos, AUI are connected to a Fishman preamp. Witch two are available, one for changing the magnetic pickups, with three positions (doucle sleeve, split two singles, double bridge). Another 3-position switch allows the guitar to all-electric mode, electrical and electro-acoustic or electro acoustic only mixed

A control knob allows the spring tension of the bridge plate. The output jack is stereo, but you can put a single cable. we can then mix electro acoustic and Electric. In the case of stereo, sortiée goes to two amps, one for power and one for the electro acoustic.

The finish is amazing, it's guitar luthier almost ... She is beautiful. You have to love the modern forms

On paper, it sounds promising! !


The neck is thin and normally off? With a setting of rope rather low, we can do all the madness. And everything can go at an impressive rate.

The guitar is super light, just over 2 kg .... magnufique issue and general ergonomics of the forms, I have not found better on the market. At first it's a bit confusing, but later we can not do without. example, jonstion the handle to the body is so perfect in design, there is no difference between the top first down the shaft in terms of access ..... Great

Access to commands is not too bad, but the multiplication of those settings sometimes makes it dangerous in the heat of the concert. The new version 2004 to a reduced number of orders, which should be easier. I put 8 for this!


To get the sound that seeks not its ca faot not too difficult, not against, the settings are so thin, many progressive and that we can get a range of his incredible, everything is possible! !
On this side it's the peanuts.

I often change sounds to find new stuff, everything goes and it's wonderful all these possibilities. It gets its clear to fall, Christaller, despite two double (in splitted ...), with the electro acoustics. For crunch sounds, it's great ... and saturated ... Magical. one wonders how this guitar so fine, so little light to have as much sustain.

Attention must often change the strings, the guitar is so faithful that when it degrades the sound follows quickly. I advise the Elixir, which have a longer life.


I for 1 year. It is said that the instument is not a musician ... Ha well, the guy who said that was to play on the big big shit .... No, just kidding, it's true, but I can assure you that my level has exploded since I have I spend on stuff I could not imagine before, but not play more (instead) and without have to change my working methods. The comfort, sound, and the handle eronomie generally like what it plays! ! !

What I like most is its versatility, the sound in general, hestétique while actually ....
I do not like, its original price (more than 4000 euro), the difficulty of finding OCCAZ in a good condition for a good price, the battery preamp Fisman who eats fast enough but if we let the jack plugged in, attention to distracted)

I'll buy a second, the 2004 version in a color different from mine. I like it so much, I will collect them. I have a Gibson Nightawk I like also, unfortunately, she did steal the show by far ....

monolithe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
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Guitar lgre and ultra quite small, perfect for concerts, trs good balance.
A handle slim and ultra-thin, we like it we do not like ... I like it, plus the edge of button fingers hurt ...
Sitting position, the upper horn is pressed and it is very Torax deagreable and force S'A hurts ...
But his points varies depending on the size and position of play so ...
Otherwise it is perfect.


The magnetic pickups are very versatile, you can almost do everything, because it lacks a split to really have it all sounds.
The piezo sounds very ... piezo. Was nice to have an acoustic electric sound, but unfortunately it was not the trunk of a sound while sounding quite stick.
The shuffled the two sources is rather cool, Paut make nice rhythm.
on the other hand, there is a high tech guitar that sounds very typical (but when I played I had a digitech RP6 which is also ax modern sounds (well modern era not N. ..) )


It's really a very good guitar but must love the sound ...
I did not keep because I came across a Steinberger and I must say I miss it a bit ...
I did not mention the vibrato because mine was not, but I try and I remember the silent vibrato very effective and there is a system for blocking and to adjust the hardness of springs that was really nice.
The rating is a bit hard because when I buy it was worth 10000F and now ...