Yamaha AES620
Yamaha AES620

AES620, Other Shape Guitar from Yamaha in the AES series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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tjon901's review"Yamahas Les Paul"

Yamaha AES620
Yamaha has been in the music industry for ever. They are well known for their studio and recording equipment. They are also well respected for their Pianos and Band equipment but it has not been so good in the guitar industry. Yamaha has been overlooked in the guitar industry for decades. Most players who are looking for a more prestigious name on their guitar go to the known companies. The 620 has a mahogany body with a carved maple top. The guitar has a unique bridge with offset individual bridge blocks. It has a fat mahogany set neck with a rosewood fretboard with 22 medium frets. On the headstock there are six well placed grover tuners. It comes from the factory with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a Yamaha pickup in the neck. Each pickup has its own volume knob and there is a master tone knob.


The neck is nice and chunky and it really lets you dig in to notes. The frets are hand filed so there are no sharp edges on the fretboard to hurt your hand. The well spaced tuners allow you to string up or tune easily without hitting your fingers on the next tuner over. The carved top is very comfortable. The slightly offset individual bridge posts help get the intonation closer to perfect.


Acoustically the 620 is bright and super clear which is unusual for a mahogany guitar. You can really hear that maple top. The JB works well in mahogany guitars. It shows that they really cared about the tone on this guitar when they put the JB in the bridge. They could have easily put some no name pickup in there but they knew the Seymour Duncan was perfect for this application. You can get nice chunky distortion for all your favorite rock tones and the notes still remain clear. The maple top and the improved intonation really help keep the notes in line. The big neck helps the tone and the sustain. You can really feel every note you play resonate through the entire guitar.


This is one of the best all around mahogany guitars for the price. Yamaha is really making a name for themselves with these guitars. If they keep putting out guitars like this they will soon find them up with the big name brands. They are already there quality wise they just need to get their name out there and get the guitars in peoples hands. If you are looking for a good Les Paul alternative this could be your best bet.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES620
Manufacturing Core, even if the imitation Les Paul amliorations have been done on the body (chamfers).

I retouch a lot for the electronic purchase, the knobs grsillaient many (seemingly unbearable problem and the current AES). I used to offer a beautiful 59 in Seymour neck pickup, a split micro, three knobs and a brand new complete rewiring (small coren like to ground loops, the source of many parasites .. .)

7 / 10 for the electronic document as much of the good ca knobs ...


Level ergonomics, it's still a Les Paul but it is positioned between a Gibson and ESP EC, less enjoyable than the ESP, but always a little more than the Gibson.
Question weight is kik-kif with Gibson (prvoir good belt ...)

The Grover mcaniques are frankly much agreement (more than I had imagined.

The knobs (500K) do not offer a progressive variation of volume (0 5 no and suddenly APRS). A change to the 250K to the violoning so ...


Oh the sound! Many say that Yamaha guitars do not have "personnalitquot; is partly true here.

The sound of the original neck pickup is certainly a little flat, it is not bad but it is happening everywhere trs. Replace it with the Seymour has given the 59 AES Gibsonian a ct that she had not before.
For cons, the former as the new neck pickup sounds great in clear overdrive and lightweight (jazz - rock / her round, fat but trs flt and singing), now in heavy overdrive and distortion c ' is immediately draft, but expect a little bit right?

The JB (bridge) is for me the microphone I use most, against him by a lot of personality and for once we feel we have a position on this guitar incisive, sharp crunch wholesale and r works great strength of the attack.

Forget the big distortion when even the JB trs is loaded and remains confined mdiums blues / rock / hard rock.

I never use the position intermdiaire double (its too nasal). As against the split single microphone, this position really sounds like a Telecaster was fun to play Sweet Home Alabama trs fast!


It's been four months that I have (bought in occasion of Paris) and many j'hsitais with ESP.

Newfoundland and in the price range of 500-600 euros, I think it is only on the market because a lot of Les Paul copies in this range are oriented big sound (eg EMG ESP +).. If one turns on his blues / rock in these prices, there is the ESP EC400 with Seymour duncan that can compete but no one sells it in stores (vendors n'coulent that EMG ESP ...)

So in this résumé for the price AES runit a super good violin, an electronic factory convincing (as we do not venture into the extreme mtal) even if it aging too quickly (knobs change) and a sound that will delight fans of blues (on a lamp pramp lgre satueation -> yum!), large rock or jazz.

As owner of a Yamaha dj (stratum pacifica high end), I know their ages violin trs well so perhaps I will keep a long time!

Max35000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES620
This scraper has two microphones (a Yamaha and a Seymour Duncan). It also has a selector microphones. She has a great sound and good substain thanks to the set neck and the weight


The handle is a bit thick, but its rounded shape compensates for this defect. Access to acute dificil a bit because of the length of the handle. Its major drawback is its weight, I strongly advise you to take a good strap very thick (and even with that, one hour standing, the very most). But the default weight quickly becomes an advantage when you see the great sound and especially the substain obtained with this guitar!


This guitar suits all styles set apart the metal because the sound may well be correct, it twists the wrist to access to acute.


I use it for a short time (Christmas 2007), again, I just started the guitar, so I get used more easily, but among the guitarists who have their habits, some faults of AES 620 may become troublesome. I find it excellent but I can not compare because I have not had before. I had this guitar brand new (€ 430 was due to a small Acroceras, thank you Yamaha;)) and I think frankly that there is value for money (even the regular price of approx. € 600). It is a true professional guitar at an affordable price by the general public. I think I'm not about to part with it. Ultimately, I would say it provides a level but that his nemesis is the weight. For a guitar to be fifteen pounds for an hour can cause some back problems. However it is aesthetically perfect, color (Bordal) is sublime, even with a smoothly ^ ^

pagorn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES620
Good j will not repeat the characteristics, c the same as mentioned below ... except that the color of mine c is charcoal gray, a very dark gray box with the striped in shades of gray darker ...

most people talk about but the back of the scraper is wonderful ... with a burgundy brown to reflect ... (D j also think Al played against with my scratching, pr that the public sees this beautiful color that yamaha has hidden behind the beast ... lol)


A handle super nice and quite big actually, but still very accessible, especially in the acute, the pan off of this part is very wise ... about the weight, there's no photo, c I is heavy that a Les Paul, but hey the fans of Les Paul say much more of a benefit that has it and may find the default of AES. but I imagine that if the biggest tell that Jimmy Page, Slash and others would have had the paulien al epoque only the Aes that they would have made even better ... d by am ... LOL
question his ... ah the bottom, she has something that the ds the pants ... you hit a bad penalty ca am already geule neighbors ... ft. when they see you with (and especially hear you), all say "one day it will be mine"


I play mostly rock metal, but I adore pti insert a riff, funk in our piece, and fully agree AFIT has this kind of manipulation!
j + uses dg stomp pedal expression and any other modulation effect on scene (j am a shareholder in yamaha in case you have not seen) Xtra live sound ...

ft. home stud, I use the TonePort line 6 ux 1, and c is a mega bomb ...
neck pickup I use for a clear slam (ds funk) ft bridge pickup recess for big sound, fat ...


It's been two years that I lai! j not let go, clear c ... not for sale ...
a comparison with the 1st ranges epiphone les paul, I think has the sudio, b, c over a rival that the les paul pr ...

j remake by some to be not against this choice ... j obterai certainly an AES 820 or 920 in the same hihi mieu ...!!!!

therry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES620
In addition to the features below, I will add that the frets are high ... so be careful not support such a nag on the strings (especially brré), otherwise you are wrong ...

The handle is wide ... Ideal for large paws


The neck is pretty fast and fun to play.
The highs are not super easy to access.
The catch: this is super heavy scratches ... and after four hours of repeated ... necessary to provide a shoulder massage ... (But hey, if you got good groupies this problem becomes one more: D)

For sound, I was looking for a scratch with a clear, dynamic, capable of delivering a good sustain and big bass ...
I tried a lot in this price range ... and I was really super attractive ...
Without taking the lead on the set ... it sounds!


I use it with an old marshall ...
I am fully satisfied with the clean sounds and distorted sounds ... accurate and large ... without too much pre amp setting or other ...
In addition it has a dynamic of hell ... rarely seen on a skyscraper in this range.
I play mostly with distortion agreements from time to time things that are similar to solos (;)) and I play a lot in clear arpeggios. pase it is great


I use it for 7 months and I am very very very happy.
The pickups are perfect ... and frankly, in this price range, 600 euros, I did not find as many good qualities.

The look suits me (I took the yellow / orange / gold) ...
so do it again, I do it again the same choice.

is a skyscraper that is "imitation" Les Paul ... forget the flights forms dedicated to Les Paul, it is more massive and wider ... you'll have ... like me;)

For me the best quality / price features I wanted.

niconel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES620
It's a japanese who possde 22 frets and a Seymour Duncan sh4 at the bridge!, The micro deuxime, that the handle is a home alnico5 Yam which currently satisfies me to the point of view marriage to the 2nd (this makes two weeks I have this scratching) The sound of two pickups bobinage.Le double mahogany neck is glued and broad well-rounded folk type (for big fingers is super enjoyable! ) The beautiful possde CONTRL 2 Volume and Tone control of one (a little slippery for those who sweat a lot) the two pickups are a re-read 3 slecteur positions as on the Les Paul. The finish is superb, for my part I chose royal blue which gives a class of hell. Mahogany body maple table.


The handle is very enjoyable, with trs CHAC is a little sharp but not limited genant.La guitar is very well balance and is lighter than the pauls.Le its gnial is a versatile and broad.
I am thinking of the same 2 me put a seymour duncan in the neck to complete the beautiful. The accuracy is impeccable from top to bottom of the handle.


It is perfect for rock and blues and leaves room for acute for those who love the solos property piquants.Je rule always my guitars to the max so my pots I use has not cut the son.Mes amps are rotten (torque and aria couple STREO) and yet the sound is not bad with a dj ME5 Boss pedals, bass and it prdominent ceques like on a guitar.


I use it for 2 weeks and I really like all aspects the ratio Q / is super reasonable price (600 euros) I do not regret to choose and I'm not ready to close the door Yamaha.J 've chosen the This dtriment in a epiphone and happily! the sound is much warmer and lightweight slamming.