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Other Conventional Fixtures news

  • Chauvet Épix Series

    Chauvet Épix Series

    10/02/11 in Chauvet Epix Drive 642

    Chauvet recently debuted Épix, a series of pixel mapping LED fixtures run by ArKaos Kling-Net protocol.

  • Chauvet Obsession LED

    Chauvet Obsession LED

    06/19/11 in Chauvet Obsession

    Chauvet announces the new Obsession LED, a fixture that projects gobos in an LED moonflower effect.

  • Chauvet Wireless Event LED Luminaire

    Chauvet Wireless Event LED Luminaire

    10/28/10 in Chauvet Wireless Event LED Luminaire

    WELL, or Wireless Event LED Luminaire, is designed to be a self-contained uplight for any event.

  • Barco intellaspot XT-1

    Barco intellaspot XT-1

    10/11/10 in Barco intellaspot XT-1

    The new intellaspot XT-1, a high lumen output/low wattage automated luminaire targeted to the mid-market, is now available.

  • Chauvet COLORdash Accent

    Chauvet COLORdash Accent

    08/03/10 in Chauvet COLORdash Accent

    Chauvet will debut two new fixtures at PLASA 2010: COLORdash Accent UV and COLORdash Accent VW.

  • Chauvet SparkliteLED Drape

    Chauvet SparkliteLED Drape

    06/30/10 in Chauvet SparkliteLED

    Chauvet announced their new SparkliteLED Drape and SparkliteLED Controller.

  • Elation E Spot LED

    Elation E Spot LED

    06/19/10 in Elation Professional E Spot LED

    This LED-powered DMX spot fixture produced an output described as brighter than a typical 150-watt discharge lamp.

  • American DJ Fusion Tri FX Bar

    American DJ Fusion Tri FX Bar

    06/12/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Fusion Tri FX Bar

    The Fusion Tri FX Bar is a 21.25"/538mm long LED bar that combines two different and dramatic effects in one light.

  • Chauvet 4PLAY

    Chauvet 4PLAY

    05/10/10 in Chauvet 4PLAY

    The 4PLAY is designed to provide a "ready-to-go light bar for the performer on the go."

  • [Musikmesse] Barco News at MM

    [Musikmesse] Barco News at MM

    03/26/10 in Barco DL.3F

    Barco announces enhancements for the DL.3 digital light, the Axon Media Server and the DML-1200 digital light, and unveils two brand new products — the SDI-DMX Mixer Pro and the new “intellaspot XT-1.”