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All user reviews for the Roland Cube-60

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 13 reviews )
 6 reviews46 %
 6 reviews46 %
 1 user review8 %

Skjold's review"Great beginners amp"

Roland Cube-60
As always, Roland delivers a great product, which does its job according to the description of the product. In this case, you get a great amp with a 12" (inch) speaker thrown into a combo amp, capable of modeling different styles of amplifiers.
The amp features two different circuits: a clean and a drive channel, that shares a four band equalizer. You do, however, get independent gain and volume controls for each channel. The modeling is done by a COSM processor, like in their other pedals in general.
For your bedroom practice needs, they give you a combined headphone/line-out jack connection.
If you don't have any pedals of your own (yet), Roland gives you some of their effects along as well. Build straight into the amp itself, with bypass switch connections on the back of the amp.


The amp is extremely easy to use, even though it is packed with extra effects and other features. The clean channel is just as it is. Plug in the cord and turn op the volume - you have sound! When it comes to the lead channel, you choose what type of amp you want to use (model), adjust the gain and volume and your up and running here as well.
The effects only has one dial to use, which reduces the use of them slightly, but the sound of them, if used properly are actually good.


It's been a while since I've used this specific amp, but the tones that I remember from it, is great. Not as great as the models it tries to model, but still very useful. This combined with the four band EQ, gives you options to shape the tone as you want to.
I've always used the build in reverb of the amps I've owned, and this is no exception. Just use it subtle. Remember - everything can be overdone. This also applies to the rest of the effects available in the combo amplifier.


All in all you can't go wrong with this Roland amplifier. It's a great beginners amp and used properly, you can get some serious tones out of it. Of course it will never sound like the models modeled on the drive channels, but you get a sense of how they sound, for when you should decide to upgrade to one of those.
As a home practice amp it does a fine job as well. And besides that, you can't really break a solid state amp like this.

badgerific's review"Great modeling amp."

Roland Cube-60
This is a digital modeling amp from Roland, it has the following features:

- Two channels with shared four band EQ

- Independent Volume and Gain controls for each channel

- Eight COSM amp models on the lead channel: Acoustic, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Tweed, Classic Stack, Metal Stack R-fier Stack and Dyna-Amp

- Bright switch on the JC clean channel

- Six built in effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phasor, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb

- Headphones/line out jack

- Footswitch jack to control channel changing or effects bypass


Despite having lots of features I find this amp really easy and intuitive to use. The clean channel is very simple to use as it's only got a volume control. The lead channel you just set the selector dial to the model you want then adjust gain to taste and volume to the level you need. The effects are simple to use as it's just one knob to control one parameter for each, this does limit the effects greatly.


I think this amp sounds pretty good. I have used lots of the different models regularly but my favorites are the Acoustic simulator, Tweed and R-fier models. While they don't sound like a perfect copy of the original amps they still have a great useable tone.

The four band EQ allows lots of tone shaping capabilities so you can tailor your sound to how you need it.

I personally don't like the effects on this amp other than the reverb and only being able to modify one parameter makes it pretty poor in my opinion.


Overall I think this is a great amp which can be used for home practice, band practice and is even loud enough for gigging purposes from my experience. It has a large range of tones which means it's useful for someone who plays a large range of styles and genres or someone who hasn't decided on what sound they're looking for.

My least favorite thing about this amp is the effects. I'd rather just one effect with more parameter control available than the six with such limited control.
ibanez4life SZ!04/13/2011

ibanez4life SZ!'s review"A great all-in-one package delivering great tones!"

Roland Cube-60
-12 inch speaker
-numerous amp models, each with clean and drive channels
-global EQ for both channels, and volume per channel
-built in effects
-line in for playing along with tracks
-speaker out for pushing external speaker cabinets


I use this amp as my practice setup. The Roland Cube is quite easy to dial in. The EQ offers enough range to be effective over each of the amp models. Having effects built in is a great addition for a compact, all-in-one package. The line-in makes it easy to play along to your favorite songs with an MP3 player and proper hookup. When I needed something quick to take to band practice, I really appreciated the speaker out, allowing me to plug into a 4x12 cabinet.


The Cube 60 offers many tonal options across the varying amp models. As one would expect, the models of clean amps are optimized on the clean channel, and likewise for the high gain models on the drive channel. As I said before, the amp serves me as a home practice amp, and it gets me great tones at these reasonable levels. I was never quite happy with my tones running tube amps at bedroom levels (no surprise there), so this was my solution. At these low levels, the Roland Cube 60 is the perfect solution. Even if you don’t believe you need the additional wattage, I highly recommend the 60 watt model, as it has the 12 inch speaker, which really helps in achieving great tones and holding up in the low end department.


As my only amp, or gigging amp, this would not be my choice. There are much better solutions depending on your needs. As an all-in-one practice solution, this is a great amp, offering amazing tones at even the lowest output settings. I tried many other ‘small amps,’ and I simply did not enjoy the sounds, which made practice a chore.

MGR/Frants's review"Roland Cube 60"

Roland Cube-60
I had not been playing for a long time and found myself one day on the doorstep of a shop in Kristiansand, Norway (Dipner Musikk) looking for a new electric guitar. This was in 2004. I wanted a platform to start playing again, I like the blues, Hendrix, SRV mostly.

When I left I carried a brand new Squier Tele and a Roland Cube 60.

I paid about 3500 NOK, about 540 USD for it. Now they sell them for about 3000 NOK, but still I think I got a damn good amp for the money.

The combination of the Tele and this amp is great. It's amp is 60watts and a 12 inch speaker. I took the bigger model as I want to play loud, and so it does. The COSM modelling is just great with tons of different sounds. Also the clear channels sounds linke an old JazzChorus, meaning it is bright and has loads of power in the highs.

The over drive channel sounds warm and still kicks ass.
And off course there is size. It is small to store and big to play.

What I have not tested yet, but is going to, is to let it drive a bigger cabinet with two or four speakers. I heard that it could be a great combination.

Now I am to change the guitar, but the amp stays.

I miss these things on the Cube 60:

A switch controlled effects loop.

A switchboard with 3 switches should be included. I built my own switch board of and old derby cover from the -62 Harley I used to own. The Roland switches are 3 individual that just mess up the floor with more cables to trip on.

Effects should have a level control, some effects are not loud enough.
An onboard tuner would also be great.

When you turn the beast up really loud, the speaker makes venting noise like a horse's breathing mouth.

Cube 60 is small and tough built mostly.

I have though had one pot knop fall off and the cable storage on the rear to break. This happend when I sent it by air without a flight case.

I glued the knob with PL400 and it has stayed there since.

Apart from that it is built like a tank. No problems at all. Jap quality at its best.

I liked the amp when I bought it, and I like now. I would definately buy one again if this one fell off the plane. For a small amp it is acting like a big gun.

I would recommend getting this 60 watts version over the 30 watts as this one has a bigger sound, is more versatile and plays loud with control.

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bfrete's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not at the 30w"

Roland Cube-60
60w very powerful, I just cube 30w and it's not at all the same lemonade!
simillaires effects cube 30x but no tuner and works only bright clear sound


use could not be more simple, it sounds on whatever the adjustment then it's a matter of taste


created to play any style from jazz to metal, it is a versatile amp and as everyone knows, versatility has its advantages and disadvantages. I'm here to make a parallel with the cube30x I owned, I was very happy except for the power just a little under conditions somewhat muscular, especially in clean sounds and there it was frankly really have limit the clean pushing the gain in depth. the problem with 60 powerful clean sounds is solved we have a nice clean crunch that slightly when you push my stuff, the shrill treble with single coils tend to drool in the extreme and it's not jojo, so pay attention to the settings ..
but curiously rendering modeling is a different point of view clarity. indeed on a guitar humbuckers treble and presence cranked it still lacks sharp, especially on the neck pickup and it's a pity that Roland has a good idea to install a "bright" (that does not have the 30w) but it is only active on the clean jc and not in the amp sim! a small synthetic hair is also noted in the sound that saturation was not 30w, why? mystery! modeling blocks yet seem to be the same on both amps with just the dual power and hp 12'sur the 60w (hp 10 'to 30w)
I hardly used the sim "stack classic" that satisfies me the best but this is lack of treble is a bit frustrating even if we eventually get used to it ..


I have about six months since I've had tube amps, expensive, impractical, heavy cube etc.The without equal in some respects is still great practice for small, compact, powerful, and not fragile that his fate is still very suitable whatever the style to which it adheres.
so I typed some star for imperfections mentioned above, no bright on operational modeling which would be providential in some cases and this little color "synthetic" in some saturations really ready when the same ear if it is hardly hear in the mix of repeats
150 € in Cygnus is still correct for the results obtained so a good compromise ..

mumbly58's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An amazing amp!"

Roland Cube-60
60 W amplifier transistor
Clean channel: bright, volume, equalizer, presence
Lead channel: 9 different amp tones archi known (AC30, black panel, tweed, Marshall, Rectifier, etc..), Equalizer, presence.
PS: There is also an "acoustic" bluffing realistic position. We can even connect an electro-acoustic that will perfectly!
Effects: Chorus, flanger, phaser, trmolo, reverb, delay

Input, output "recording / Out"
External speaker, tuner, line out


Easy to use
Clear manual
Its a very good quality is obtained: one branch, we play! :)


Tested with a telecaster: its beautiful clean
Tested with SG: metal sound with impeccable Rectifier position


It's been 5 years that I have ... I recently played with a group (especially repet the moment): this is a gem that easily stands up to the Fender Mustang for example.
"There's no photo!" The sound is much better! Very versatile!

Xoblos-vince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60
Power amp: 60 watts! I dir it is almost double!
6 type of effect: delay / reverb, chorus, flanger, etc. ......
You just plug a normal plug and of course a jack!
7 / 8 type of distortion
pe unfortunately can not connect a guitar so 9 / 10


Very easy to use!
Is obtained very easily sound good, put the bass a quarter and you aver the pure rock sound, after the three other types of effect, you manage yourself
Not need the manual, but it is very easy to use!
9 / 10


I made the punk (no sex pistols) style sum 41, blink 182 and emocore!
for emocore, it is pointless -__-' for punk, it's perfect = D
Gresillment-no, with the guitar ltd f-50 (I did not), we obtain a pure metal the distortion ac "r-proud" and gain a background!


1 ½ years!
I like everything! (Particularity)
Yes, and it is almost perfect, you still have to take a pedal distortion / wah
A bit expensive even when E = 60 360 watts but the good quality of sound is very good!

4et1poésix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60
Trs satisfied with this amp, a small, versatile, powerful, with many connections and good qualisation.
No effects loop, but with some effects Intgr: Dlay / reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, trmolo.
A modlisation effective.
60W output, possibility to connect to a recorder, headphones or a mixing desk. by cutting the sound of the amp.
Supplmentaire output to a speaker.
Output dedicates a possibly tuner.
3 inputs for foot switch controls by: Dlay, effects, select the channel clear and saturated.
Congratulations Roland for this superb tool.


RE not only the manual, but examples of qualisation Submitted.
The sound is always Fidler with return of the condition with Scult qualisations.
Examples are deficits in the manual.


Clear sounds of a stratum. or sounds with distortion and sustain, or jazz, and even an acoustic simulation.
All types are possible.
Be careful when even the ears, prvoir protections or not too "boust" volume.
possibly select a MODEL SERIES least the same height of "watt".


I use it for over a year.
I like its small size, easy to transport and solid by its protections.
I also use the amp Fenders.
this amp is good and I complment congratulates this choice that I do it again.

yverof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60
Clear sound




His clear strong persuasive.
Music Man Albert Lee '


I hope not to depart from the rule by giving a negative opinion. I bought this amp about 6 months ago and I am very happy except for one thing REDIBITOIRE. Try to mute the strings on the guitar and gently with a tapper dédiator, and you will hear the sound of scrap metal. This prevents the use of the amp except to a very high level. So no enregisrement or taken over by a PA. I brought the amp to my dealer found the bp (about 5 amps he had) he gave me another to replace nine (nice) and same problem. I called the hotline Roland in Belgium (very welcome) and it seems 'normal' in fact a problem of modeling and the fact that the 'gate' closes with a latency too long? Frankly I am very disappointed because I had a very good a priori to reading the posts. I would like advice from other utilissateurs. Thank you

Luckke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60
60 W transistor amp

Many effects:

Satur: Black Panel, Brit Combo, Tweed, Classic, Metal, and R-Fire
Acoustic effect

Modulation: Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo

Delay and Reverb

Note the bright prsence of a button and a knob "presence"


The manual is clear and prcis, we quickly found something to make a good sound.

Effects can find interesting rglage possder without a mandatory effect pedals.

One button to place saturated in the clear. It's quick and instinctive.


I play an Ibanez S520 EX, before I had a little Peavey amp with 15W of the blazer 158.

Both say that the diffrence is obvious, the clear sound and a true wonder! The saturated DIFFERENT are interesting but for a record a little more straight forward, R-Fire is super great!

I connect my Boss ME50 often above and there is no problem the sound is impeccable, but I think to quickly acquire a new PDAL mtal (mtal Muff or Silver Dragon) and a blaffle supplmentaire because to repeat them, I find that the volume is not quite enough. But do not worry, it is only because we play in a small room and the drummer is a good nag;) I think it does more than 60W this amp!

To come back again, the sound really clear and beautiful, I trs tonn! Moreover, even with a saturated fat and high volume, the amp just blows trs (we see the leg of BOSS) the large variety of effects can enjoy fast! The equalizer performance is trs, ds that can boost the bass and midrange, the sound is much deeper and powerful. This is probably the fund closes rsonnance of the amp.

It's a real rgal!


I've had five months and I do not spend more! I love R-fire riffs to work the nags, and then adding a delay can bring out the solo.

In dpart, j'hsitais lot with a 2112 Spider and a Marshall MG 100 DFX ..

I tried the front and Marshall APRS purchase. I'm really not in my Cube 60W, the sound is much more beautiful, be it with a clear and saturated. It lacks a sound can be a little more crunch to be found easily on Marshall.

However, it is true that there is a little expensive for its competitors, it's probably the trs trs prsence of many quality effects. It's perfect if you do not have pedals!

In addition, the possibility to connect a speaker (8ohms and 60W max mini) can well boost the power of your amp.

Trs a good buy that I do it again without hsiter.