Yamaha THR5A
Yamaha THR5A

THR5A, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Yamaha in the THR series.

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alechat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good amp portable audio interface and handy"

Yamaha THR5A
Amp modeling: CONDENSER * DYNAMIC * TUBE * NYLON * EG CLN (* simulation microphones)
Effects: COMPRESSOR, COMPRESSOR / CHORUS CHORUS * Flanger, Phaser * Tremolo * DELAY, DELAY / REVERB, HALL REVERB, SPRING REVERB *, * NOISE GATE (* Available on the publisher THR)
Chromatic tuner
Connections: input jack (mono), phones jack (stereo), to in (stereo mini jack), USB
Speakers: 8 cm full range x 2 Power: 10W (5W + 5W)
Alim: included AC / AA alkaline or nickel-hybrid (6-7 h) adapter
Dimensions: 271 x 167 x 120 mm Weight: 2.0 kg
Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable, stereo mini-jack cable, Cubase AI


Amp handy and easy to use with very functional USB audio interface
The settings are simple, practical with beautiful sounds respecting the sound of guitars ..
The manual is clear and the THR Editor is very convenient


Acoustics, I mainly use my EAR but when I do not need power or weekend or holiday, I use the THR which also serves as my audio interface with a laptop.
Certainly, there are less serious but the stamps are rich and very usable.
I use several types of very good electro-acoustic.
Used with my APX T2, tiny scratches travel is simply stunning!. It makes you want to add a line output for use on stage ...


Amp very convenient to use and the sounds are qualities and presets, efficient and well suited for games and guitars each ... This is quite impressive as well on nylon, steel or electric.
The USB audio interface is very useful when traveling to use on a laptop .. The line input is also very useful to play your favorite songs or turn your THR jukebox ...
In short, a very versatile amp that comes with Cubase, cable (3.5mm stereo jack, USB, power supply) From super mobile with its ...
La gratte à tonton03/02/2013

La gratte à tonton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Impressive"

Yamaha THR5A
See "specifications" on Yamaha site:


Very easy to use, no need to refer to the instructions (especially qd was préablablement UPCE and watched video on youtube pub ...
The key is there. I've even seen some forums and complained about not having a line out when you can just connect the headphone jack on the sound (of course the hp are cut). Others have tinkered inside to add a footswitch to change presets to ... But hey this is a toy for qd even to amplify the guitar at home at your fingertips. But must recognize it is tempting to use on stage so the sounds are good and suddenly you understand why there is that the "upgrade" ...
The preset have proven effectiveness and I think everyone will find the adjustment that goes. Seems that they mostly use the mode "condense" or personal fashion I prefer "nylon" but the others are equally interesting.


Exactly what I was looking for. I already have a Roland AC60 Acoustic works very well but it is a beast that weighs are weight and I do not go for the concerts. I also had a Roland Cube Street (also stereo), but to compare it's a crap ... Ok it has a second microphone input ... Here I am ravi.C is light, full of features that work, reverbs Beautiful, beautiful chorus finally all is well. Even with its small speakers sound ridiculous is perfect. It is true that a microphone would have been nice but do not forget that this is a mini amp for home or small committees at the edges of the camp fire. The metal housing is seen with its contours and unusual retro. Against by the glow lamp lighting guy I find it kitsch, and nase but ... It allows you to see where it is when it's night time ... As we have heard and lost the cord that connects the guitar ...
Short to finish this is a great little machine that can also tinker with your PC via USB and Cubase is foruni.
The other point is that fun comes with its cabling (3.5mm stereo jack, USB cable, power) damage qu'l there is no protective cover as it is super portable that would make sense. (But a camera bag will do the trick


Very satisfied with this purchase. For once a mini amp with nice amenities sounds quite realistic. Lightweight, easily transportable, friendly and successful design, solid buttons accessible preset much everything is finally seen. Lack as I noted above, a mic input but hopefully it will come in a future model. In addition to running on battery or AC power. If a model of this type 30W I go over the purchase and get rid of boxes of transistors in my way.