Line 6 Spider II HD75
Line 6 Spider II HD75

Spider II HD75, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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All user reviews for the Line 6 Spider II HD75

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MGR/mmabrute's review"Line 6 Spider II HD"

Line 6 Spider II HD75
Line 6 Spider Valve HD 100 watt amp
Been playing guitar for 30 years mostly rock/hard rock/metal

Bought this unit at Guitar Center in Lancaster Pa. Played on it for about a half hour then salesman played on it for 10-15 minutes. After hearing it I decided this is what I wanted.

<a href=""></a>

Flexible, 12 different preamps, looks, all the modern musicians seem to be using them.

It is not working.

Seems to be made well but looks and weight can all be deceiving

Bought this one year ago with a warranty. As soon as warranty runs out the pre-amp section starts cutting out. Literally shuts off and then comes back on very loud over and over. Then when I google the issue I find that people are having all kinds of bad issues with these things plus the problems that I am having. Poor quality as far as reliability and alot of bugs. And of course bring it in and we'll get it fixed. Who wants to spend this kind of money on something like this and then have it not work. Absolutely angry and frustrated. Thanks alot Line 6 for ripping us off. DO NOT BUY line 6 units they are junk.

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MGR/guitarist4life's review"Line 6 Spider 2 Head"

Line 6 Spider II HD75
I bought the Line 6 Spider II head at Guitar Center because i wanted a bigger amp with a lot of built in effects.

This head is awesome matched up with the spider II cab or with anything else. I have been using it for about 6 months now and played at fairs and gigs and it has never let me down. Best thing I ever bought!!!

I have no dislikes about this unit whatsoever.

This unit is constructed firmly and has awesome quality

Best money ever spent

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MGR/Joe Somebody02/23/2004

MGR/Joe Somebody's review"Line 6 Spider II HD"

Line 6 Spider II HD75
Bought the Head and Cab for $800 at Guitar Center. Played the combo and it was alright but I wanted the bottom end you get from a 4 12 cab and this bad boy does the trick.

Played every almost every amp in guitar center. For the price this bastard rocks.
While jamming in the store some want to be rock star was playing a Mesa rectifier.
I set the spider to sound just as good if not better than the mesa over priced monster. The power from the spider II HD is incredible as so is its tone. I have a fender scorpion, Iceman 400, a strat and my old 1985 washburn g-10. Every guitar had a different but fantastik sound through this amp. use the twang and blues settings for your single coil strat, AMAZING. The effects are great but take some geeting used to. Reverb is out of this world.
Do yourself a favor, and play one of these amps today.

I don't like the floor board costing over $200 for this great amp, so I purchased the cheapo to change channels for 80 bucks.

Built rugged and seenms pretty sturdy so far.

This amp is great for the price.
compare it to the big boys, marshall, mesa, ect... Don't waste your money on that expensive rockstar crap.
Try a spider II

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LPA94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider II HD75
Well, I do not really agree with the other reviews, so here are some details.
This amp head is not really a head amplifier transistors as we understand it, because much is digital (like the amp modeling). It has two outputs 75 watts (4 ohms minimum) 6.35, a guitar input, line input (CD) and a record output for headphone listening, connection to a mixing desk, recording, etc. ...
4 available channels: clean, crunch, metal and insane. 12 SIMULATION AND S NOT! ! Each channel can store all other settings, including: gain, bass, mid, treble, volume, an effect (chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo) and effect 2 (sweep echo, tape echo and reverb).
Insane and metal channels using a digital noise suppression highly effective.


Once you put a little hands-on everything is very simple. Everything is very clear on this amp head and if you take a little time it reaches its desired easily.
The manual I have never opened I believe ... no need!


The style is clearly oriented rock / metal even if the clean sound is very correct.
The crunch sound is sharp and very medium, probably the most musical distortion of the amp.
The sound is heavy metal and drooling at will, I personally do not like it too, I find no dynamics and high frequencies are "sour" (indeed bee!).
The sound resembles a little insane kind of Rectifier, slice it right and if only one does not put the gain at the bottom there is strong while giving generous and accurate bass. Only weak point: in the long run it is found cold!
But for that price it's still excellent.
The effects are somewhat customizable, you can manage the quantity (flanger) or speed (chorus, phaser, tremolo) the length and amount (only echoes and reverb). In contrast settings available are rather tasteful, if not abused. But from time to time it's nice! ^ ^


For over a year since I use it and I want to try something else. In fact I made the home studio, so I mainly used the output record whose signal / noise ratio is rather poor. However, for styles that's enough nags rather the case. Here are some compounds in which the Spider 2 amplifies my Ibanez RG Series:

I tried the POD (the first), but the Spider 2 me more satisfied. Only now I need to play outside and there is no question for me to carry around the head, too heavy! ! But at least it's solid! !
So for that price, if you start in rock or metal, it's a really good product. If this is not the case, there will surely be better for you elsewhere!

stef103's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider II HD75
Transistor amplifier
75 watts
connectors jack guitar input, headphone
12 amp models, 7 effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, echo, delay, reverb.
noise gate, tuner.
Bass eq / med / high, channel volume and master volume used
4 settings can be memorable.
comes with 2 pedal switch to scroll through the four sounds in memory
No output line


Configuration is very simple, starting with the original sounds you get very easily get the sound you is somewhat limited effects in the settings, I use mostly clear sound.
the manual is almost nonexistent, but it's enough, so the approach is simple


I think it is appropriate to any style of music, I play pop-rock, funk ... it is oriented metal, given the number of distos for a single clear sound ..
I play with a lag, and wah, delay, overdrive, and a foot Aria
My prfre sound is the sound clear, virtually the only I use, but the position is quite impressive metal (for the metal evid ...!!)
positions and blues twang lack of grain for my taste, it smells too transistor for the rest, as I have read in another opinion, this is really stunning.


I use it for four months. What I love is all about power (75w impressinent for the much more powerful than my H & H 100w, bizare right?).
I jou on the Marshall, Fender, & Hgues thing, I hesitate to put much more to buy a vox ....
It is not light, but better with a good AC and good guitar effects ...
And do not forget that the sound is good when we play well,
I hesitate not remake that choice is an amazing report qualitprix

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider II HD75
I bought it, there are about 2 months and I still do not regret it!
For the price, I could not RVer better, Guitar Studio 220 euros in Lille.
The sounds are extremely bleuffant for the transisor!
The power of a standard 75 watts mono.
I use a Behringer BG412H Bafle quip in HP Jensen, a marvel (qualitprix report).
When even a small default: no output line.
As against a headphone / recording simulator HP impcable to play at home without annoying the neighbors and bedding on a sound system, if you can not afford right now to buy a Bafle.
If like me you do not have deep pockets, to give you all the light, Do not hesitate one second!
At the risk of rpter is bleuffant!
No need to have a super skyscraper for the sound!
Personally I have a Squier Standard Tlcaster and knocks plutt well! [Img]


Setup is simple, if we repre fast enough, the possibilities are sound in quality imprssionnantes (for the transistor) and numerous.
As against the manual is plutt summary and not necessarily explicit, especially for folks like me.


I'm currently playing with a group Pop / Rock and I could not get any better esprer seen my little ways. I play on a standard Squier Tlcaster plutt sounds like the Red Hot, RATM ... and the risk of prtentieux stepfather, I must say that I'm close. I use most often INSANE channel, then the CRUNCH and CLEAN for plutt reggae sounds. There is nothing I dtest on this stuff, may be from the chorus and flanger effects that I find a bit shabby without the possibility of rglages rels.


I use it for 2 months, and no complaints!
I tried a lot of stuff before I DCID, and the ratio price quality, hard to beat.
I do it again this choice without a doubt, and I advise many others.