Mackie Control Universal Pro
Mackie Control Universal Pro

Control Universal Pro, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Mackie in the MCU series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Mackie Control Universal Pro

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victormelamade's review

Mackie Control Universal Pro
I have been using this control surface for a few months now, after upgrading from the original mackie control universal. This one is awesome! To be perfectly honest, this newer version doesn't bring that much for features to the table. One of the most notable is the fact that connectivity is now a lot easier. With this version, you can connect the mackie control universal plus three other expansion items, whether the extender pro or the plug-in controller C4, all with a single USB connection. You only have to connect the expanders to the main MCU unit with MIDI, and then the MCU can hook up to your computer via USB. This makes for a lot less cabling and mess on your desk. The look and feel of the unit is definitely a lot more sleek and professional now, and the LCD screen displays have been imrpoved. They are now easier to read and are angled so the whole set up is a lot more ergonomic. A nice thing about this control surface is that it is basically customizable to all major host platforms. The faders and panpots are obviously all going to work with any software, but the host specific interface and transport buttons can be programmed to work according to your specific host. Mackie even includes plastic overlay sheets that label the buttons properly for your given host. The faders on this unit are very sensitive in a good way, and are thankfully pretty quiet which reduces distraction when you have automated faders and you are trying to mix. Overall, this control surface is a great fit for me, and allows you to finally have some tactile control over your software in a way that makes sense. This unit is pricey still because it is relatively new, but get yourself one of these and a few extenders and you won't regret it. Best control surface on the market right now.

studio2records's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie Control Universal Pro
Super controller used with Cubase 4 on Mac and PC with Nuendo 2.
Installation in 2 minutes if you take the time to read the manual that came with it.
A little expensive when even if it achte nine, found in a secondhand shop.
Aspect super durable finish top, nothing wrong level.
What a pleasure to have the faders under their hands ... say that I mixais mouse for 10 years ...
Not had time yet to work assignments of buttons but looks pretty easy with Nuendo.

DonDess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie Control Universal Pro
I use it for some time, just the opportunity to mix a rap mixtape, and some disparate projects.

They are very convenient to use, simple and effective, adaptable to a manip largest soft drinks market.
I only regret that in ProTools HUI mode the master fader is completely unusable, which makes sense but still pretty average!

I tried a few models before this one, the comparison would be difficult, but it is a controller, both beautiful and strong, that makes you want to ask it.

Obviously the ratio / quality are not there for nothing! At that price, although it is not given, it is a real investment, has both the comfort, but also deepening its work habits.

Without regret, I kept the risk of a very long time ... Until I make a ICON-like in my garage.