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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 2 reviews50 %
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Sebastien Goyet11/18/2008

Sebastien Goyet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis AirFX
Effects rather type filter / flanger ...


Effects non-editable, but not required given the principle of the device, I think.


Output of platinum used for disseminating a title and the filter, the hack is nickel! I did not detect any distortion or blast bypass.


I just tried at home, I'll test it in the evening, but I too had seen the critics fear, and I too have found it on eBay for 50 euros ...

It is a state of mind, if we assume the fact of not fool around with their hands over a sensor, it is better to use a Kaoss Pas or equivalent.

Namely: the camera does not Reverb or delay. As far as I am I do not care, but we need to know.

on the other hand I found the slow motion effect super well thought out (first patch), one gets the impression of slow but it is a pitch, the tempo does not move, it's quite impressive!

I also like the little sounds in the latest patches, a bit of synth, a beatbox, funny, and the scratch is nice too, with a little practice it's really an interesting device.

AFTER ONE YEAR OF USE: I can not get enough! This concept is terrible, honestly ... But hey, we few have the mindset I think ... For me it is really great, in fact I also found a AirSynth equally fun, but perhaps less useful it will say ... And I do not know if we have already spoken, but the effects "AirDrum" is very nice too! Except that the sound of electronic percussion are very strong compared to gain entry into online "correct". So instead I use AirSynth for that, but it is important to know that we can make a AirDrum AirFX through some patches ...

Hant1s3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis AirFX
It was a moment that I get a hsitais Air-Fx as the "Reviews" seemed to want off this beautiful tool!

But when the opportunity to get it to enchres on Ebay (Nine surcrot!) To fifty euros, while the one no longer hesitates!

the effects are fairly standard, but I expected! It is seen among analog / RCA outputs.
the effects are not ditables midi, but with a good squenceur software and Bossant audio, nickel was happening!

I apprci strong that one can screw on a microphone stand, it is very convenient!


Nothing is easier to use! You just have to make movements with one or two hands (or what you will, in fact!) And "shape" the sound.

This makes it almost useless manual! Moreover, a "notice" (lol) is below the screen printing machine (which is we can no longer enough!). So no musical concepts required for this tool!


The effects and the infrared system are REALLY agrables grate!

I combine it with a Theremin mono has two antennas craft (which is already on a branch it effect pedal delay / echo) and I combine ct another Theremin N1derLand (with single antenna, this one!) and a sampler Yamaha SU200 (all sonoris on a digital console Fostex VF-16 which I also use table for mixing effects of combainaison). I actually "built" a nice synth analog / digital, pleasant sound to create (and play also!).

This given a very nice game for my scene undue sessions!

In short, for me, it's a very good complment part of a combination particulire enough!

The only thing that is irreproachable forgetting a switch! But I ended up installing a light switch on and works Adapatateur nickel since!


I use it for more than 1 month!

And Air-Fx is built-in my studio!

I recommend a purchase, dj if you find a lower price and above to make a complment! Because I am sure that the only use we made the turn too fast and therefore, the purchase would not be worth the detour!

cyberaf68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis AirFX
There are 50 effects, there are nice, but not all very useful.
It connects to CAR, normal What!
No model rack recess!


The effects of control with the hand (or something else ...) c for a nice but not mix very convenient, especially to two times the same effect.
It's simple but not very powerful!


The sound quality is good, but nothing more.
Personal j'l'utilisai to the mix, but be nice for ca pe song,
Finally, especially for the show!


Dipstick used only a few months and really not much!
Fun for 3 days with the fact that it is controllable by infrared.
It's more a toy rather expensive, a good multi purpose!
Now I have a Kaoss pad 2 nothing to do, I would not advise anyone to make that choice!

dol-b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis AirFX
The AirFX has a wide enough variety of effects: spéparés into 5 groups: a special FX, Filters, Flange / Phase, special FX 2, Synth patch. Indeed, they are very interesting effects, standards, such as pitch and distortion, and other more personal AirFX to the flange and phase are numerous, and the synth patch (independent sounds) are more significant, but if you have the perspective to imitate a scratch or make an analog wave, pay you a synth or a turntable, because on this side of the AirFX is ridiculous. (Perhaps the AirSynth better, but personally I doubt it). A total of 50 effects. It's amazing how this machine is paradoxical: it's all digital inside, it has a super high tech appearance, but its interface is only analog (2 RCA RCA OUT IN 2), and above it a huge failure : a simple entry for the adapter, not at all secure adapter that has a very short cable. Not at all practical. This is not a rack model, but there is a little more original that it can be screwed onto a microphone stand.


Well then the time of disillusionment came: even if some effects of airFX have a rather personal side to the machine, they are few to be really interesting, some, because control of quite random, as the vocoder (c MIDI programming without even bother to think about it) can not find their place in this machine. Then I have to say that I regret the absence of reverb, delay, etc ... No such effect. For the beginner who will use this machine for the first time, we find it quickly and it's great fun at first (sculpt sounds blah blah), but it's quite a machine Obselete: a less than be a fan of body language, the sound produced by the effects of this machine is very random, and missing a lot of depth. In fact, I talk about body language, because if we can start to peter the fact because of the wind (white noise with a filter cutoff above wholesale) just by waving his hand, it quickly becomes ridiculous gesticulating at any time.

Good talk about the current as well. But what bullshit: a cable too short, a secure connection at all, and no ON / OFF !!!!!!!! it will then disconnect the cable behind that like all the cables will quickly going to slip behind the table just to annoy you. So not only is not practical, but it's bad for the machine when in fact even if one does not hand over the AirFX is bypassed, it is still connected to your sound, and a sudden disconnection it will be cut sharply, and it will issue a horrible kind of noise, a wave with a big attack, which is a pitch down, just like the cry of an animal that is dying ...

Note that a parameter can block (freeze) by pressing the button selection is essential in some effect, but it is well to say we will never be two times the same effect ...


I must say that this machine does not produce too many blows, if it is in bypass has good sound ^ ^
As far as effects are bland, some are certainly original, but worth every penny not to invest in if we need it as its unique multi purpose. It's a fun gadget for the scene, if you are not too afraid of ridicule.
It did not used primarily with audio directly to a micro instrument for example, on stage, as the effects are difficult parameters, even lowering the level of the console (by lowering the level of the channel or the microphone is with the insert in AirFX, once the air bypass FX level is too low) you will end up with bad feedback. It can be used on a synth, it would be best in a DJ kit, to filter and set effects in the original mix, or else with a sampler, but do not have more ambition than that.

I rather like the effects named: percolator, Frankenstein's lab, and other small new effects, also was quick to recognize them in a song when used.


I use it for 2 years, a fact I have rarely used in 2 years since I had another multi purpose, and it has really become Obselete.
I love the originality of certain effects, and the fact that you can just awesome sound (which is more a marketing than truth)
I blame the AirFX a machine to be oversimplified. Its creators wanted to give a simple and ergonomic use easily accessible, but having forgotten details like an ON / OFF button is unforgivable.
I did not have before that the effects, and must say I was really disappointed when I realized what a true multi purpose hardware, it has nothing to do with this toy.

The quality / price ratio now used, it would be worth, but hey we should really want to buy it.

It's on today I will not purchase this machine. In fact, I sell =)

Note that for 200 euros new, there are almost the same effect in multi Alesis, but it is on them, the reverb and delay, and is controlled on three parameters such as air FX, only 3 buttons that sounds, it is much more accurate than 3-axis infrared. The name of this product is INEKO.
For 300 euros there is a rackmount version multi effect from Alesis, the Akira, who in the same spirit as the previous two is not very pro, but is better than AirFX I assure you.