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Multi-Effects Processors user reviews

  • Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000

    Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 - "Great quality, poor features"


    I bought this unit based on good reviews. I bought it for my guitar rack which is run through the effects send and return of my Bias guitar amp. I also bought the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot pedal to control both devices. The reviews were correct.…

  • Tantek Tanrak

    Tantek Tanrak - "Tantek Tanrak review by Ian Waugh, published in EMM aug. 1986"


    Tantek's Tanrak system offers a whole host of audio processing units in a convenient custom-built rack. In the first instalment of a two-part review, we examine some of the modules available, assess their usefulness, and find out if they're good valu…

  • Boss VF-1

    Boss VF-1 - "A swiss army knife updated from Boss earlier half rack Multi-FX"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? Mainly bass guitar really, second electric guitar, and studio mainstay effects processor. In what context do you currently use this product? Studio resident, "all-in-one" eff…

  • Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor

    Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor - "Very Good Swiss Army Knife of effects, still in 2016"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? All studio effects, live PA, reverb, limiting, and mostly synths, guitar fx, and bass. In what context do you currently use this product? Studio, project studio. Still using…

  • Zoom 1201

    Zoom 1201 - "Idiot proof FX utility"


    Certainly not high-end, and lacking in deep editing capability or anything much in the way of multi-FX, the unassuming 1201 still became something of a minor cult item amongst late-1990s home studio types. Mainly I suppose because of the broad array …

  • Oberheim GM-1000

    Oberheim GM-1000 - "GREAT EFFECTS HAS UNIQUE PITCHSHIFTERS" has images


    This is one of the best effects units i have in my collection it has 500 sound patches 250 can be edited and shaped to your liking what i find interesting about this unit is the unique pitchshifters and harmonizers it has, the distortions and overdri…

  • Yamaha SPX90

    Yamaha SPX90 - "A special sound"


    It's a basic multi-effects including all sorts of reverbs, echoes, chorus, flanger, phaser, compression, and pitch shifting. Effects cannot be used simultaneously. It has basic MIDI connections that can't be edited, except maybe with a PC via Midiqu…

  • Yamaha SPX90

    Yamaha SPX90 - watts-dj's review


    Good UTILIZATION Simple enough, the 30 first channels are preset, your personal settings start from number 31 SOUND QUALITY Quite good OVERALL OPINION A bit complicated to find good vocal settings, but you only need some patience…

  • TC Electronic M-One XL

    TC Electronic M-One XL - "I recommend it"


    The best place for this audio processor is a rack, its versatility makes it an irreproachable tool. UTILIZATION Used as an S/PDIF DAC, this M One integrates perfectly in an AES3 digital processing chain made up of a DEQ2496 and a DCX2496 for the am…

  • TC Electronic M2000

    TC Electronic M2000 - "It would be great if it cost less!!"


    The M2000 is simple to operate and you can do some really cool stuff with it. But the price is what throws me off. It cost over a grand and I did not feel like I got a grand worth of effects out of it. It does have some very good effects but there ar…