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Ensoniq DP4 : Anonymous 's user review


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- The available effects are pretty standard across (rev / delays / modulations / eq / comp) but there is also the pitch shifter, expanders, a gate, filters, distortion, simula cabin or leslie style , etc ... Without a doubt, this is a very complete tool.
- Digital Technology
- I do not know if the dp4 can be edited via a computer
- Mount model
- Comprehensive analog connections (4 x in / out) note: NO INPUT / OUTPUT DIGITAL
- Triplet pm (i / o / t)
- This machine is capable of processing 4 signals (source here) different making it one of the more complete today.


- Configuration fairly simple once past the first approach (rather confusing, I must admit), and very complete.
- I found the manual in French on the net, he gives no more want it (it is rather a mess level organization)
- Editing sounds is easy and not daunting.


I'm on it for 2 hours, I have so far tried only a mono synth (morpho) live. By tonight there should be two entries "feedees" by 2 busses to the console and the other two that I will use as an insert on the edges, I think. In short, the SOUND: While the large number of reverbs and the large number of parameters to manage propose to find happiness if you do not seek super clean reverb, because here the sound is rather fat and a "dirty" choya (finally I understand). I prefer those of its reverbs SX700 for whom I had given notice there qq time. Nothing smooth anyway.
Modulations (main purpose of my purchase) are excellent, nothing to envy to set my analog pedals (phaser / chorus and flanger downright great), ring modulation and very thick "creamy" and again the large number of parameters allows having downright hybrid effects (flanger chorusé a vibrato flangeoit etc etc).
The delays are great too, I do not know yet if I will use them because I like those of bcp SX700, but make no mistake, they are super nice, special mention tempo delay that can sync via midi.
The accounting and other treatments on the dynamics, I have not yet tested properly, so I can not really give an objective opinion (I just threw a synth bass turns without touching the compression settings).
All possibility of chaining and routing is amazing, it must be out sick stuff if you want, noise level.


I received this morning (bought here) so I have not been able to immerse myself in the camera, but the little I've tested convinced me "cash" as they say. Flangers and other modulations are also a creamy creme brulee ramekin of compet 'reverb tails are not static and not chemical masses (but still a little) but nonlinear reverbs can be daunting I guess in "design". One delay will synchronize with other machines, damage, but overall I liked the delay, but rather organic. In addition to the various effects (many), the highlight of this Device is to treat 4 sources at the same time and everything is out on a D / G is on all 4 outputs, or mono etc etc.. We are talking about a great many versatile machine. I fell for this multi and I look forward to really immerse myself since past over two hours this morning are really promising!

yes I do it again this choice especially with a vendor class as that to which I nabbed especially for super soft price!