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Ensoniq Multi-Effects Processors user reviews

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - moosers's review


    The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. It's got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. It's got four 1/4" inputs and outputs, as well as a few others for flexibili…

Translated user reviews
  • Ensoniq DP/PRO

    Ensoniq DP/PRO - " Superb effects rack"


    DP Pro in Ensoniq is stereo rack 1U generating effects such as reverb, chorus, flanger, DDL ... Some guy mastering effects include gate, deesser, expander and compressor. DP Pro is deemed capricious (relative to its OS, mine is 1.07) but for the mo…

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - bodytwist's review


    - The available effects are pretty standard across (rev / delays / modulations / eq / comp) but there is also the pitch shifter, expanders, a gate, filters, distortion, simula cabin or leslie style , etc ... Without a doubt, this is a very complete t…

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - " Ensoniq DP4: The 4x4 multi-effects"


    Almost all the effects needed in the studio are available. This rack 19 'has 4 inputs / outputs independent with a potentiometer for each input and output is super convenient and fast session. UTILIZATION The philosophy of DP4 is not so obvious…

  • Ensoniq DP2

    Ensoniq DP2 - HouseNation's review


    see DP-Pro UTILIZATION too early to talk about but the configuration-General for the device did not seem sorcerer. SOUND QUALITY * Effects are they effective, adaptable and sufficiently GPs? effective and responsive, at least for my musica…

  • Ensoniq DP4+

    Ensoniq DP4+ - Document02's review


    A digital multi-effects rack, 4 24-bit processors with reliable feedback, input gain that enables a pure saturation. 4 inputs / outputs, ability to process 4 signals in parallel with a DSP signal. 1 MIDI input, 1 HP, 1 x stereo footswitch .... ask…

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - Ari Ara's review


    Do not buy scam artists who sell 600 or EUROS ON + AF! Brought you two for the price by seeking a minimum. 4 effects processors routed in all directions with tlcommande paramtres in the afternoon. I wish I had more control with preset paramtres…

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - kwish's review


    Reverb, chorus, delays variety, flanger, phaser, distortion of all kinds, not just numrer 24-bit digital processing, conversion / dd / a 16-bit midi in / out / thru 4 analog inputs / outputs deep rack like all Ensoniq products => fo sinan have …

  • Ensoniq DP4

    Ensoniq DP4 - crusz's review


    - What are the effects or types of effects available? CLASSIC ALL THE EFFECTS VERY FEW TIPS has + TYPES TYPE: DISTO / OVERDRIVE / EQ / CP - What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) / FOR THE DIGITAL WAY ENSONIQ NO WORRIES FOR DYN - Wh…

  • Ensoniq DP/PRO

    Ensoniq DP/PRO - bb dreamer's review


    This is the latest multi-purpose product Ensoniq the era to compete in the market for PCM80 and M2000, and commercial flop shot trs few units produced especially because of his name that was too dp2 think a repackaged. The CHARACTERISTICS: 2 proce…