arnoldorodeo 10/06/2014

Ensoniq DP/PRO : arnoldorodeo's user review

«  Superb effects rack »

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DP Pro in Ensoniq is stereo rack 1U generating effects such as reverb, chorus, flanger, DDL ... Some guy mastering effects include gate, deesser, expander and compressor.
DP Pro is deemed capricious (relative to its OS, mine is 1.07) but for the moment nothing to report: my backups patches are going pretty well and the machine responds to any of my requests noon or manual.


In terms of configuration, you can not say that the uniquely Ensoniq philosophy is simple or affordable! I am also still trying to discover the joys of external effect control. However, I must admit that this complexity in editing menus and sub-menus actually a formidable weapon for managing the effects and how to integrate them in the studio. Just be armed with patience (instructions to read highly recommended) and experiment a lot in a quiet home.


The heart of the matter: The sound quality. Both say right away: she is very particular and will not suit all types of arrangement. Do not misunderstand my point, the effects of DP Pro are superb, although broad and detailed in terms of stereo image, and very accurate for most. But I sometimes found difficult to integrate with effects, whatever mixes. Therefore mistrust.
The reverbs are very typical, special "non linear" gated reverb and who are awesome mention. The chorus & flanger are true to their reputation, very effective with an air of heard (french touch) for some presets ... The delays have not really impressed me, as the filters. However the "mastering" section and dynamic presets is a total success: Ideal for a reboost stem in your DAW (DP memory is stereo ....), the compressor section can be easily substituted for some high-end compressors. Note that the converters are really transparent: no noticeable breath through my Prism.


My final impression is that the DP Pro is a generator of the effects of the highest order but it must be used sparingly. We quickly tried to put too much and it is rather tricky in terms of temptation.
Compared to some bundle of plugins, DP Pro is just complementary, a real bonus. This is a recent purchase and I will put an additional notice in a few months. Nevertheless it is a great rack that we feel all the capabilities "under the hood". For me to make the most now!