bb dreamer 12/09/2005

Ensoniq DP/PRO : bb dreamer's user review


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This is the latest multi-purpose product Ensoniq the era to compete in the market for PCM80 and M2000, and commercial flop shot trs few units produced especially because of his name that was too dp2 think a repackaged.

The CHARACTERISTICS: 2 processors VLSI ESP-2 (Next-Generation MIPS turning 48 each), combo connector jack / xlr, noon and 3 ports entrepdale. 35 algos to choose among several types of reverb (short, halls or non linear), delays, multitap multi pitch shifting, multi chorus, phaser, flanger, panner / Stereo expander / tremolo, chat box (formants ), distortion, modlisations damplis, compressors / limiters 3 bands, various limiters, de-esser, gates, qualiseur Settings, a loop recorder with time stretching, an gnrateur signal and several algos Combining both effects (distortion + phaser, etc. ..). 256 user banks, 128 banks factories, give basic research of effects, 6 types of routings (dual mono / STREO SERIES / parallle / feedback), two external and one lfo implmentation twelve o'clock rel ultra bttn time.


Everything is configurable, Full MIDI implmentation, tons of paramtres (fifty for example a reverb algorithm, plus custom settings for routing, mixing, LFO modulation and external).

Prvoir few crashes of the complexity of software that has never dailleurs t compltement dbugg including lorsquon makes a backup of preset parallle with audio processing. Some big crashes can trs rare ncessiter a total rebooted. Back-up sysex banks strongly recommended.

Paramtres of algos too brief document, however, the minimum no less.


The big sound amricain! multi-chorus / flanger / phaser are absolutely fabulous, the dlais / multitap / distos and are correct but not exceptional. Compressors (including multi-band) / Gates / eq / rev limiters are against trsrussis. The TRS rverbes are also good quality but did not reach those of the Lexicon PCM, here are a little rough and a lot more colors, less class.


The +: Ultra powerful in terms of programming options, many characters (really has nothing to do with its chemical vst plugins), any custom settings are adjustable the same lfo them, twelve o'clock raction treatment time range, accuracy and exceptional rel phnomnale (feeling rel time time stretching on the lines of dlais the most beautiful effect!) and phaser and flanger rputs Ensoniq monstrous.

The -: the software is not 100% stable, especially when you push the machine to its limits.

Verdict: this is not a standard effect to the extent that the potential cratif is standard, it is really great to express (some lfo rise 20Khz qd same!), The Level I prog m'clate always the same with and I still discovering, in short, excellent sound design :-) a little temperamental at times but frankly has remained a killing!