Lexicon MPX-110
Lexicon MPX-110

MPX-110, Multi-Effects Processor from Lexicon in the MPX series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Pik1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lexicon MPX-110

24-bit internal processing
24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion
240 presets
16 User Programs
44.1kHz S / PDIF output (May Be Set to wet or dry for use as a high-quality, stand-alone converter)
Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
Independent processing of Each input
Dual Programs That combines Two independent effects in oven routing configurations
Multiple delay, modulation, and pitch effects
Tap Tempo
Full MIDI control
Software-selectable MIDI Out / Thru connector
Two-stage headroom Indicators
Global Mix and Tempo Modes
Headphone output
High impedance inputs for instruments
Push-button or footswitch selection of dry or muted audio output
20Hz-20kHz ± 1dB frequency response


Plate, Gate, Hall, Chamber, and Room. . . Legendary Lexicon Programs That recreate the acoustics of reverberant spaces.

Ambience. . . World-class Program available for room sounds Without reverberation.

Tremolo. . . That offer classic shapes Programs Such as square, sawtooth, triangle, sine, sine and Rectified. The Adjust knob exchange the synchronization of the left and right sweeps to mono or stereo effects Produce, and the Tap button matches the tremolo rate of the program with the tempo of the music.

Rotary. . . Programs That simulate a Leslie-style cabinet. Like the physical model, the high (horn) and low (drum) frequencies are separated and "spun" in opposite directions. Horn and drum speeds are independent, Designed with the acceleration and deceleration Characteristics That simulate the inertia of the original mechanical elements.

Chorus. . . Programs inherited from the award-winning PCM Series That Independently pan-six randomized delay voices across the stereo field to create a rich, airy effect That multiple single source Into SEVERAL.

Flange. . . Two Programs That feature 2-tap delays, one per channel. Mixing The Two tap delay characteristic flange together Creates Such effects have swishing, tunneling, and fading.

Pitch. . . Programs That shift monophonic sources Within a range of one octave up to Two octaves down.

Detune. . . Programs with one pair of voices per channel, one sharp and one flat. Thesis voices add a delayed or pitch-shifted version of the source to thicken the sound, particularly effective Creating a simulation of double-tracking.

Delay and Echo. . . Programs That include mono (5.5 seconds), stereo (2.7 seconds), and 6-voice multi-tap effects - Each of Which Can Be Used to create digital delay or tape echo effects.

Dual Programs. . . Two Programs That combines independent effects in oven routing configurations. Dual-channel processing to allow the MPX 110 Reverb and Delay combines algorithms, or algorithm Either with a Flange, Pitch, Chorus or algorithm. Programs are available in dual oven routing configurations: Dual Stereo (Parallel), Cascade, Mono Split and Dual Mono.

connection midi in / out-so editable Truhe two pc via a jack in and out in two other
model rack standard 19 "


Simple to use, you can use both proc independently, in fact dual program after you have wired the fx on the console as expliké in the manual you're on to the one with the first end, and on the two with the second effect. double utlisation but one was for 4 different routing, which can give interresting things, and fast! just have to shot a knob.


I have not made a point of comparison from my VSTi and Reason .... but its effects generally simple and effective, the delay does not distort the sound I do not know kom kom koi and some VST reverb are soft and does not stain the sound as Reason. pitch made me delirious. to make Varat live on c Rythmik not bad. the delay or reverb to a mounted before an event is super effective as well.


+: Simple, effiface, cheap (190 € for our German friends) use live, multiple routing
-: No on / off button

Cyber-Prof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lexicon MPX-110
This multi-purpose base possde most rverb-delay-chorus-hall-plate-room etc ... classic.
Multi-purpose 2-channel / 4 routing (parallle, cascade, split mono and dual mono). Conversion A / N / A 24 bits. 24-bit internal processing. Bandwidth: 20 Hz 20 kHz.
240 + 16 prslections memory used.
S / PDIF output 44.1 kHz (Wet / Dry).
Analog outputs simultannes / numriques
Between treatment of each spar.
Effects: Rverbs flat / gate / lobby / Chamber / Room, room, rotary (Leslie), Chorus, trmolo, flanger, pitch, detune, Dlay, Echo.
Tap tempo.
Slecteur mute.
Full MIDI.
MIDI OUT / THRU controllable via software.
Headphone output.
Between high impdance instrument.
PCMCIA connector
Footswitch jacks.
Dimensions: 483 x 45 x 305 mm. (1 unit)
Weight: 2.9 kg


Gnrale configuration is very simple, but you really take time to beginners, for discovering the subtlety and settings of each effect.
Quick Tip: Work slowly headphone! to understand every nuance. It's a bit long, but frankly worth the blow to draw all the quality.
The manual is not used much because everything is rather intuitive.
Once the sound is good paramtr trs nice and fine. But you really have to work on the first day, otherwise it was a really big crap! An APRS afternoon is enough to largely around the question, but, I think a good investment of time ...
However, I never use the Russi mmorisation user! Pif or with notice, NOTHING! There's a big catch ... If anyone has found the trick, thank you for the show please!


The effects are of good quality and prcis purposes.
There are a lot of heat and treble and power are well covered. It can easily saturate if improperly handled. L also finesse of precision = rglages. The problem comes from the user, not the machine!
I use it mainly for my voice and it's perfect. I test on male voice and a guitar, the, too, is perfect.
All effects have their charm, and the platform makes good moods '70-'80 (style Streisand, for example) and the chorus-delay are all the rage in Live (very warm and deep).


I use it for about a year and I am very satisfied.
His biggest default, got my and the lack of ON / OFF button! So, it is always on, even when you do not want to use. It must unplug the cable! It's crazy to have a small switch on scratch!
I came from a BEHRINGER VIRTUALIZER, I always double penetrated and I use of it and I found the sound quality good suprieure and a lack of strong breath taking aprciable his studio.
I use both rptition studio, recording in Live, and it is very well.
This is an excellent x qualitpri for budget like me.
If c'tait again, I plunged back without hsitation! ... but frankly, the cup of the switch !:-((((