PCM(37), MPX(26), MX(23), LXP(18), I-Onix(15)
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Lexicon user reviews

  • Lexicon PCM 70

    Lexicon PCM 70 - "Best Ever"


    The sound quality is the best reverb on the market even by todays standards. I have used a strymon big sky and multiple reverb pedals, and reverb racks ( FX500 yamaha, ALESIS MIDIVERB 2, ALESIS Quadraverb ( original, and 2.0 version with resonaters, …

  • Lexicon 224

    Lexicon 224 - "It's so wonderful!"


    One of the first digital reverbs. 12bit converter. Sounds can be edited with the remote, it has no DAW support, obviously! XLR connection No MIDI :) UTILIZATION Extremely easy and intuitive configuration. SOUND QUALITY The reverbs of the 224 …

  • Lexicon MX400

    Lexicon MX400 - "You can use it in a studio too"


    The Lexicon MX400 is a dual stereo style reverb. It is a rackable unit that will only take one rack space and it has an LCD screen so you can create the reverb you want to work with. It is easy to set up but could take a little time figuring out the …

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "Old but still good"


    The Lexicon Omega was on the first full portable bundles that I had for my laptop about 5 years ago. It is a 8 channel USB interface that has 2 XLR mic preamps and 4 TRS inputs. It does have MIDI in and MIDI out plus it comes with a copy of Cubase LE…

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Alpha vs the Omega"


    ¬ It seems like the Lexicon Alpha has been out forever, though I have only been using it since 2010. You can buy one of these brand new for 60 dollars, it cost almost double that when it first came out. It is a simple USB interface that is 2 in and 2…

  • Lexicon MX300

    Lexicon MX300 - "Nice effects"


    The Lexicon Mx300 has 16 different reverbs and a few different delays and modulation type effects. I have used the Lexicon MX300 on a few different occasions, it is a very easy to use and understand piece of gear. It will last you a long time if you …

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Served its purpose, but has some problems"


    The Lexicon Alpha is a 2x2x2 Recording Interface that will go perfect with your laptop set up. I used the Alpha before on my Dell Laptop back when I was trying to get use to a few new software DAW’s that I was working with. It has pretty high powered…

  • Lexicon I-Onix U42S

    Lexicon I-Onix U42S - "Worth the buy and try"


    The Lexicon I Onix U42S is a audio interface that you can get online used for around 300 dollars like I did about 6 months after it first came out. The I-Onix has 4 input and 2 output USB 2.0 with a 44.1kHz to 96kHZ sample rates. The unit has a very…

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "had a few small issues"


    The Lexicon Omega Recoding Studio was an all in one studio that came with Cubase, after using this setup for a while I had to upgrade, for some reason I fell out of love with it. Mainly because I really didn’t like using Cubase for my recordings. I h…

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "mic was not good"


    The Lexicon Omega Studio bundle was one of the first bundles that I actually bought and used. I had it in my first year of college years ago. It was one of the cheapest (priced) setups that I could get so I could do recording right from my dorm room.…