Blue Cat Audio MB-5 Dynamix
Blue Cat Audio MB-5 Dynamix

MB-5 Dynamix, Software multiband compressor from Blue Cat Audio.

laurent BERGMAN 05/15/2011

Blue Cat Audio MB-5 Dynamix : laurent BERGMAN's user review

«  Excellent! »

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Installation without problems, we slide the plug-ins in the folder (in my case in the components folder).

Configuration without worries.

Regarding the inconsistencies, it is noted that Tiger (10.4.x) is not supported, at least 10.5 (see the developer's site).

The manual is clear, very detailed, although some may not but regret the lack of a manual in French.

For those familiar tools multiband compression, no worries, the manual remains welcome to some hidden functions accessible via mouse buttons.


My setup is as follows: 8 x 2.4 GHz MacPro, 8 GB Ram, 4 x HD 1 temp, sound cards, MOTU 896 HD, Logic Pro 9.0.3.

The MB-5 Dynamix seems fairly greedy with regard to the calculations in treatment.

No problem with my setup and the MB-5 Dynamix, very stable.


I started using it there almost 1 year during the beta test phase (July 2010), at the time I was on a unibody macbook 13 "screen size and posed a little problem with the size of the window of the plug-in.

I worked with other models too.

I really like the interface very intuitive, simple to understand, the sound quality.

I appreciate the source selection of side-chain to be applied to each band, copy and paste settings from one band to another, the wide range of slopes in each band (6dB to 60dB), wide the graphics window (10dB, 20dB and 40dB), the parameters Threshold / Ratio and Knee independent bottom and top of the curve of each band, etc ... The list is long.

To conclude, it is a very complete tool, well thought out and the sound quality is there!

The price / quality ratio seems excellent.