Roland SPD-30
Roland SPD-30

SPD-30, Multipad from Roland in the SPD series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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yann30's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" zero!"

Roland SPD-30
not to buy .... cramrer processor 2 times in 6 months !! very delicate ....

klamit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" + Much, some less"

Roland SPD-30
How long have you been using?
November 2012

Here is a list of things to know if they may seem trivial to some, I hope they will to others:

1 - Not Octapad is not a sampler / sampler as the SPD-S for example: it is not possible to import your own sound banks (that said, it is still possible to use the 'Octapad as message generator noon and drive and device hardware or software via midi cable midi or usb). Table Implementation noon is available on the roland site:

2 - Octapad is an excellent tool for live performance, thanks to its particular function "phrase loop" that can record and play loops in real time signatures and tempos configurable, and other ancillary functions useful (quantize, chain kit, fx settings, etc ...) However, it seems that everything has not been thought through:
a) The metronome function essential for the loop phrase is not "routable". I mean, he listens to both the L / R output (jacks) output by the "headphones", which live is not very practical. Only solution proposed by Roland, a red LED that flashes the tempo ... not clear or precise drummer amateur that I am, especially in live situations.
b) The entry "Mix In" which has Octapad is interesting to repeat / work with an external audio source (ipod, pc, ...). But again, no routing solution, the input signal out to both the headphones output and the output L / R. Forget this entry to assign it a comeback because the signal serz redirected to the PA. (Both situations a) and b) imply that the user plays through headphones and click).

3 - The sound quality is excellent and very realistic except perhaps for the cymbals. The quantity of sound is limited but the banks are fairly complete, each sound is adjustable (height, pitch, pan, attack, etc ...) and the possibility to assign 30 different selectable effects to the open fields kit the potential to infinity ('re crazy).

Yes I do it again without hesitation as the choice to complete an acoustic set I have not found better, having said that thinking about buying one or two footswtich because if your hands are constantly busy, it will be difficult to access certain features live (mutate some pads, record, etc ...)

K-k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best multiads"

Roland SPD-30
I come from the acqurir for the modest sum of 400 euros but still nine dns cardboard sealed so i am already excited!

I used to live and also to the recording, the sound quality is superb, repeat nothing, multiple instruments possde the SPD-30 will make you happy, hard to find you what is wants, as well as a drummer percussionist! the effects are rather good and I used mainly the rverbration.

Ct connection is good enough to provide the basics!

The touch is very pleasant and you well rglez your pads, you easily switch from one another thanks to its vlocit (strike force)

Goodies: sound, touch, looper (3 sentences), the diversity of sounds, the solidity of the machine and look very pleasant!

Cons: I do not see at this time knowing that it does what I expect from it, the price a little lev base 739 but all the same a sacred bcane and I do not know her rival (I do not know the Yamaha DTX-Multi 12) which seems he is also very good and less onreux 489 therefore see!

9/10 because who knows?

cordially and musically

Arthelion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Swiss Army knife of the battery"

Roland SPD-30
I use it for a little over a year. Chosen in store including the sensitivity and touch pads, very comfortable: we have (almost) like playing acoustic.
I used:
- As kit perceived as an adjunct to the acoustic
- As a trigger to initiate sequences on PC
- Like mini-kit apartment (with pad and pedal hihat kik) for training, oxen or schedule real-time realistic MIDI tracks

The pros:
- Stable, solid
- Built-in sounds very nice and varied (although it's not worth the best VST's time to record an acoustic drum track), multi-effects,
- Excellent touch and good sensitivity.
- Super 4 track looper built, great for improvisation,
- Easy to configure, customizable real-time controllers,
- Save settings on USB
- Many auxiliary inputs (pedals / pads) into a mini-kit.

The -:
- Not possible to integrate its own sounds or read an mp3 on for training (must connect an external drive)
- The implementation of the metronome only requires reading an empty track (!)

In short, it is mainly in the details view of many qualities. Worth every penny in retrospect.

AZL's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Drum machine to the stick!"

Roland SPD-30
How long have you use it?

About 1 year.
Especially for the live electro.
So I could not say whether the SPD-30 complements a true drumkit ...
Finally, I think from a formation with only machines and other electronic instruments signed Roland and Korg.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I had the opportunity to test the SPD-S fast enough, but I wanted more than a drum machine sampler. In fact, these are two very different machines.
Yamaha side, the drum sounds do not suit me generally not tested.

What is so special that you love the most, least?

- The real-time looper!
For the live, it's huge! We create the beat live and "movement" (visually, it's interesting for a show where there are only machines).
There is a small slice of control with the buttons essential:
Press standby and start playing! it works by itself.
The REC and PLAY functions are accessible via a button (to stop, 2 pressed simultaneously). PLAY The same can be activated with a wand, convenient to the scenic effect!
Mute function for "transfer" (as the name suggests) one or more pads in its loop. Simply hold the button and hitting the pads or to mutate.
If you have taken the two hands all the time, we can do that with a footswitch.
The control panel has a good brightness which is not negligible because in the heat of the moment, it is nice to have a little reminder of what pad plays what and when!
And of course, measures, Beat, Tempo and two adjustable Quantize no time.
- Huge bank made in the Roland.
The famous TR (808, 909 ...) with ethnic percussion rather smashing (Indian, African, Asian ...), through some "real drum kit" (Human Rhythm Composer Series).
But also some instruments: bass, tablecloths, keys (be careful, very electronic), and some FX.
All sounds are really very precisely definable (ADSR, tuning, color, pan ...)
Very hard not to find happiness!
- Good bank effects.
Which adds opportunities to create or find his own sound.
There are more changeable in real time for most.
And it's a filter to handle live, it's nice!
- Setting Pads. 2 max by sounds that trigger pads depending on the velocity. Convenient for Hi-hats Open / closed, or layering kick or snare.
- Send pre-written loops.
- Possibility to add up to 5 triggers. Not tested yet, but I think adding a kick for maximum reach.
- Create his own kits. So, it turns the factory kits but hey us ...

- Some say the inability to import your own sounds ...
But as said before, if you like hack you will find them.
And so really, you sound only you may have created there is always room to go into MIDI. But I think it is better to go and look for that SPD-S.
For my part, most of the kits that I use in prod just drum machines of Roland (505, 808, 909, R70), pure or "doctored" so I find myself pretty well.
As for the sounds come from elsewhere, I have another machine on stage for this part there is no need for it on the Octa.

How would you rate the quality / price?

Very good considering the number of drum machines combined into one machine, and of course the integrated looper!

With experience, you do again this choice?

In the sense that for now, it's the only Roland drum machine made in bringing together all the functions mentioned above, I say yes!

- Very fun for the composition, very professional setup for sound
- Scalable (trigger)
- A good way to compose rhythms more "human" at step
- Highly resistant (and yes, it's important)