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  • Akai Professional PitchRight

    Akai Professional PitchRight - moosers's review


    Akai's PitchRight plug-in is one that is designed for tuning vocals and instruments. I used to use this plug-in on my old system before I got Melodyne and Auto Tune. I don't remember too much about installing the plug-in, but I remember that right …

  • Akai Professional Rotator

    Akai Professional Rotator - moosers's review


    Akai's Rotator plug-in is a simple Leslie type of simulator. I don't remember where the origins of this plug-in are, or even what sorts of formats it's available in, but I used to run a VST version of the plug-in in Cubase SX. I believe that I got …

  • Akai Professional D.C. Vocoder

    Akai Professional D.C. Vocoder - moosers's review


    Installing the Akai Vocoder plug-in was a quick and easy process. I had no compatibility issues with my configuration, and overall the installation process went smoothly. The interface of the Akai Vocoder is pretty easy to follow, even though there…

  • Akai Professional DecaBuddy

    Akai Professional DecaBuddy - moosers's review


    The Akai Deca Buddy harmonizer plug-in was easy to install as I had no compatibility issues whatsoever. The interface of the software is easy to follow, and I had no troubles learning what everything does. The plug-in allows you to add four harmony…

  • Akai Professional QuadComp

    Akai Professional QuadComp - moosers's review


    The Akai Quad Comp plug-in was quick to install on my computer and I haven’t had any installation problems since installing it. There were no compatibility issues with this software, either while I was running it on a PC or a Mac. The interface of …

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