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Novation DrumStation / D-Station user reviews

  • Novation DrumStation 2

    Novation DrumStation 2 - " It's been the taf!"


    I bought it in 2008, kept two months and sold for something else but I have good memories. Found in analog modeling the 808 and 909 and there is MIDI, individual outputs, full of buttons to tweak live and that's fun, you can combine bits of kit wit…

  • Novation DrumStation 2

    Novation DrumStation 2 - ob-1's review


    accuracy compared to the previous opinion: it is a digital module which emulates the analog UTILIZATION it's a bit annoying to have the 88 and 99 on the same knob, the ideal is to have the machine dual ... the edit menu is not super friendly b…

  • Novation DrumStation 2

    Novation DrumStation 2 - dj boobou's review


    Analog Rack Orders faade thru-out midi in Full output sounds "a little" ditables ... Ect ... Some are more for me dous CHARACTERISTICS UTILIZATION Config rather simple and complements everything nivo, everything was on the front and…

  • Novation DrumStation

    Novation DrumStation - devil's review


    Synth 1 rack unit of clone numrique TR808/TR909 8 + 1 headphone audio outputs / MIDI IN / OUT / THRU, 1 x Din / Sync All the sounds of two botes Submitted rhythms are, and all are ditables Polyphony lgrement random image depending on the versio…

  • Novation D-Station

    Novation D-Station - martin gore's review


    See the website of innovation UTILIZATION View my overall opinion SOUNDS Good dynamic sound that somewhere construient the history of electronic music "dance floor" OVERALL OPINION Of the ball this BEYOND sound very convincing, th…

  • Novation DrumStation 2

    Novation DrumStation 2 - Acolyte's review


    This is an emulator of TR909 and TR808 (so vintage) rack. Bards of the pots is really Drumstation trs simple to use, it can decay the controller any time a particular instrument. Many output jacks (a + 6 Individual Stereo output) show immediate…

  • Novation DrumStation 2

    Novation DrumStation 2 - Sinse's review


    2 audio outputs "main" output + 6 spares o one can assign any sound 1 + 1 midi in midi out (thru I know I sold 230 euros for info) No effects of course No crash noon 2 years of use I gave him a damn transformer Thomson bought auchan UTILIZA…