Novation user reviews

  • Novation Impulse 61

    Novation Impulse 61 - "Fantastic controls, not-so-great quality keyboard."


    This was purchased at a time when I needed a new keyboard and also lacked other controllers for DAW and VSTs parameters and thought I would need these controls. I was initially OK with the keybed, but later regretted the purchase as it didn't seem to…

  • Novation Circuit

    Novation Circuit - "A nice plaything with potential"


    I’ve tried it for an hour or so before writing this review but I’ve also spent t least 10 times as much reading other review on it on the internet, so I knew what to look after ;) I had never really used such a machine or pad controller before, so m…

  • Novation Peak

    Novation Peak - "The most analog digital synth around!"


    Hello, Here’s my first review, in the spur of the moment after discovering it for an hour now :) First of all, it’s beautiful and the finish is really great! Soundwise, well, what a killer! Everything works smoothly, with no unpleasant digital…

  • Novation Launchkey 49

    Novation Launchkey 49 - "Useable but feels too cheap..."


    I purchased the Launchkey 49 after enjoying Novation's Launchpad S controller for a few months. I really like the Launchpad S and thought the idea of a keyboard controller with its own pads would be a wonderful device. I imagined that having the …

  • Novation Launchpad S

    Novation Launchpad S - "Great product, with a few limitations"


    The Launchpad S is an updated improvement to Novation's original Launchpad. It provides you with an 8 by 8 grid of quality rubber pads that allow you to trigger loops, sounds, and functions through midi messages via USB. Construction: It's si…

  • Novation Remote 61 SL MkII

    Novation Remote 61 SL MkII - "Takes some time to get everything synced up as far as mapping goes"


    The Novation 61 SL Mk II is a USB MIDI controller that has 61 semi weighted keys and a handful of knobs and buttons. It comes with a DAW the Automap software. You can use this controller with almost any DAW and Automap it to work with just about any …

  • Novation Impulse 61

    Novation Impulse 61 - "AutoMapping "


    The Novation Impulse 61 is a 61 key USB MIDI controller that has drum pads, faders and transport controls. Everything is fully capable of being synced with any DAW and it comes with Automap software. This controller can be used with a Mac or a PC run…

  • Novation UltraNova

    Novation UltraNova - "A very good synth to have, easy integration with DAW's"


    The Novation UltraNova is a 37 key synth that can be used as a USB controller or even an audio interface if the user wants. All of the keys are velocity and touch sensitive. There are MIDI in MIDI out and MIDI thru connections on the UltraNova synth…

  • Novation Remote ZeRO SL MkII

    Novation Remote ZeRO SL MkII - BeyondR's review


    Novation ZeRO SL is one of the greatest midi controller that can be used either live or in recordings. What I like most about this product is the great display provided that is very easy to use and giving all the necessary information to the person …

  • Novation Remote 25 SL MkII

    Novation Remote 25 SL MkII - "Better than the Impulse"


    I will take the Novation Remote 25 SL MKII any day over the Impulse that Novation makes because it has a nice build to it. It seems like it was made to be more portable and the knobs are stronger than they are on the Impulse. There are also way more…