NZB 10/21/2013

Novation Bass Station II : NZB's user review


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then it is part

to begin it comes to a monophonic synth (a note at a time) dot 3 oscillators, 2 LFOs, filter ADSR and one for amplitude, you have 4 types of filters at your disposal, a Filter: bpf; lpf and hpf all in 12 or 24 pole and 4th acid filter that says it does bnficiera as lpf filter 24 pole (I think), an arpeggiator paramtrable but not used midi (maybe I am not arrived ...), super bonus plus an overdrive (similar to the overload in MOOG) and a rather cool distortion (it's not a SHERMAN or BISCUIT but is glad that either). all with 128 memoirs (all rinscriptible) and a keyboard (not mini button;)) receiving the vlocit and after touch.


use goes smoothly overall, everything is almost faade, I will have to have the syncro apprci osc 1 and 2 directly on the facade but frankly nothing much m against it by singing a well gnante disease when you do live, and it is not the only one (08 prophet, mininova ...). if you send him a change program will remind the program in question each pass of it, if you have a 4 measuring loop and you plan to make a go up with the cut off is dead, the program will return the parameters performed gold backing ...
last reproach, t have a compare button welcome.


then the sound is very good for powerful lead (or not) of all kinds, for bass is not bad but very far from a moog Minitaur home or even a little phatty, however the structure of the bass station 2 offers many more possibilities than cit above, the classic analog sounds has its harbor as well as its most aggressive type justice, mr oizo fx .... do not do it Fear not, so you can R2D2iffier as you please.

he took me up to the cost of a slim phatty, prophet 08 Minitaur, Machinedrum and the sound is quite compatible with these, from the point of view of safe and grain it has its place and has a blush person.


Finally I would say that is the best status report qualitprix seems to me quite justified and empty, 460 euro for three oscillators with 4 filters and distortion, keyboard rather honorable with vlocit and aftertouch all with 128 mmoire.donc yes it is a case, as the first synth or a set already well provided he finds a place without problem.

good composition