Larron 03/18/2014

Novation Bass Station II : Larron's user review

«  Great synth for the price! »

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Everything has been said in very good test above.


The use is very simple once you understand the use of functions on the keys.


The highlight of this machine: the sound!
J have many old monophonic analog at home (MS20, Prodigy, TB303, etc ...) and I wanted a small modern simple and cheap to tour without taking my old capricious cuckoos monaural.
J bought successively MOPHO (very advanced modulations but its pretty sterile and cold), a Minitaur (ultra limited to modulation and filtering >> wholesale level can be A good bass sound with, and c is, he did not keyboard and the system memory is very sketchy).
I tried store Minibrute (interesting to make the experiment, close to that of MS20, but no memories very disabling for the stage and lack of strength in the bass)
I finally chose (some default initially) for this little light synth and not too expensive.
Well I'm really happy. Can be both sound very similar to those of TB, of an MS20 and a Moog. It has a sequencer and an arpeggiator, 2 oscillators + sub give them a huge potato in the grave, and sound really analog (unlike the very civilized oscilloscope Mopho).
Finally, it has 2 analog distortion before and after the filter, 2 envelopes and 2 lfo, 4 filter types that sound great, memories, etc ...


The best machine in its class in my humble opinion!