xdm 07/22/2014

Novation Bass Station II : xdm's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Cf file test, all is said.


The control layout is damn good, everything is easy.

Additional functions accessible via the keyboard takes a little more time, some have been in direct control but I do not miss me too much either.

The only thing I would really like to have more is a second envelope generator to play simultaneously and differently on the envelope modulation and amplitude (it is still possible to change the two together with four faders) and two separate control sections for both oscilloscope.

To respond to the notice of Infracid: it is possible to listen to other presets when working on a patch, when you press save once and you must choose the preset number to overwrite it can listen by browsing.

The manual is clear, explains well the same synthesis for beginners and is not too long either (a 20aine pages)


This is what decided me, I hesitated between MiniBrute and bass station, as this is my first synth, I have chosen for its versatility and the range of sound that seemed more 'large .
The MiniBrute really appealed to me also because I love the sounds and aggressive side a button = function / no presets' the MiniBrute.
Finally use I really appreciate the convenience of being able to recall a sound found in a good session and bass station is also known to be aggressive when pushed a little. Why I love the 'osc filter mod' that pushing the filter resonance and adding a bit of overdrive and distortion may come out well calibrated sound (not as extreme as MiniBrute though) or permit create modulations nice playing on the Tilt 2 very low notes.
The ability to switch between the two filters is also a great advantage for me.


I play a lot with for about a month. Store I also tested MiniBrute / microbrute (a good half hour each) and if I had the choice again I repeat the bass station, great sound, excellent value for money.