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Omnitronic news

  • Omnitronic 1000 MK2

    Omnitronic 1000 MK2

    01/09/11 in Omnitronic 1000 Mk2

    Omnitronic adapts the wireless systems of its 1000 series to the new frequencies.

  • Omnitronic TMC-1 & TMC-2

    Omnitronic TMC-1 & TMC-2

    10/15/10 in Omnitronic TMC-1

    With the new TMC-1 and TMC-2, Omnitronic introduces two USB MIDI controllers which are supplied with the software Virtual DJ LE by Atomix Productions.

  • Omnitronic IEM-500 Monitoring System

    Omnitronic IEM-500 Monitoring System

    06/26/10 in Omnitronic IEM-500

    The IEM-500 has 16 frequencies in the low-interference and licence-free UHF band of 863 to 865 MHz.