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Omnitronic user reviews

  • Omnitronic trm-202

    Omnitronic trm-202 - toukiff's review


    Rack but not because of the size .... For detailed specifications is already .... UTILIZATION Simple congiguration, positioning and adjustment of gain is by the side screws and pre-set max. The blue power LED, hurts the eyes I think I put a t…

  • Omnitronic BX-1550

    Omnitronic BX-1550 - " intéréssant"


    I had a box ibiza (active) of the same power and the same formal (15 "), it really was not pleasant to hear, between parasites (incurable) and the sound too" metal "in all frequencies. But I could compare with this pack (buy for 90 € TTC) amplifie…

  • Omnitronic AN-31 XL

    Omnitronic AN-31 XL - " analiseur spectrum"


    I am looking to buy thank you to contact me by such 0675946475 …

  • Omnitronic P-500

    Omnitronic P-500 - " Material that lacks power but is in the long term"


    I used it intensively for a year or two. It was one of my first amp. I find it lacks power and he leaves quickly in the red. However I must admit that he turned for hours in the red, but it has not laché me what a tough! otherwise I would also say …

  • Omnitronic DD-3220

    Omnitronic DD-3220 - " it is silent!"


    ten years that I used (it is 2000 ... this is the MK1) yes, other "copies" type technics mk2 and this one is heavy and well designed acoustically! yes it does not sound like other lower end makes this a DD3220 motor ideal for a couple scratch o…

  • Omnitronic BX-1550

    Omnitronic BX-1550 - " beautiful pregnant bass"


    I have the woofers and whatever days I u woofers jbl I like the power, db, look 15 "woofer 400watt rms 800watt 8ohm 97dB max filter .... purchased two speakon inputs 110 € on occasion even with neutrik cable ties omnitronic not a great bra…

  • Omnitronic Smoke 3000

    Omnitronic Smoke 3000 - " Resistant despite the time"


    Recovered in an abandoned hotel Shining type, I use it for 4 years. I used a Fogstar home contest before this one. Although its place in a museum would rather (over 30 years), I always used while waiting to invest in a machine at Martin. …

  • Omnitronic Pas 210 Mk!!

    Omnitronic Pas 210 Mk!! - " skeptical and pleasantly surprised!"


    It happens sometimes, there are products coming out of the straitjacket ... Originally I bought these speakers for speeches, lectures, and it turns out that the level, they are super nice! So their use is now dedicated music because the sound is well…

  • Omnitronic DD-4220

    Omnitronic DD-4220 - " Quality / price!"


    How long have you use it? I use them for over 10 years. I use it less now but I just bought a software to play MP3 DJing on vinyl ... bluffing. So, they returned to service without flinching. Have you tried many other models before buying it…

  • Omnitronic 1000 Mk2

    Omnitronic 1000 Mk2 - " OMNITRONIC"


    I have two columns u OMNITRONIC 2X500W he 3years yes I have another u jb ... I like the sound trais are also good bass parts for 125 € I do not like the weight of 25kg and piezo tweeter for the price it is not better than its allor with experien…