Omnitronic M-1520
Omnitronic M-1520

M-1520, PA Floor/Stage Monitor from Omnitronic.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 07/26/2006

Omnitronic M-1520 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Back passive 2-way
400W RMS
800W Max.
approx. 23 Kg
Input Speakon
Output on second enclosure Speakon
110 Eur / pcs nine

These returns me some little surprise. First, the purchase price is ridiculous. And that's the big advantage of this return. He shows himself strong enough to withstand heavy use. We infants, for now, with an amp that can send a maximum of 250W RMS. This test was performed with AG Audio loan from a neighboring group.

The sound is good. Without reaching the references of the genre. Below 300W, the signal remains clean, clear and free of noise of all kinds. After this course, the breath begins to be heard. The overall sound has a tendency a bit cold and metallic.

At the sound spectrum:
The bass response for a membrane 15 "is satisfactory. Mids, treble and dynamics are good. This return is generally faithful to the basic sound (but a little fresh) and forced to play clean.

We will not give birth to a calf ...
This is quite a return in the middle, either in sound or quality, of what is found in more expensive now (Bwharfpédale, Lanai and others). For 110 Euros, c is a godsend. Nothing more to say. Despite the "average" sound, I can happily gave him a beautiful 6.