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Crumar Organs user reviews

  • Crumar T3

    Crumar T3 - "The future of vintage sound is in your hands." has images


    A rare piece of gear, not an easy one to find. If you chance to see one for sale, don't miss the opportunity to try it - and to try it is to love it instantly. It's a 3-in-1 in the same series as Trilogy, but more of an organ. 2 keaboards of 4 oc…

Translated user reviews
  • Crumar Mojo

    Crumar Mojo - " Super!"


    It is a clone of Hammond B3 as the Nord C2D or Hammond SK2. Except that I think it is above its side and look. UTILIZATION Simple, effective. SOUNDS Very good leslie simulation, the sound is terrible (keyclick, vibrato, serious ...) OVERA…

  • Crumar Organizer

    Crumar Organizer - " good clone B3 Hammond"


    This is the portable version of the series CRUMAR ORGANIZER, a "clone Hammond" with 9 registers (zippers) standards, UTILIZATION 3 presets (888000000, 600000006 & 888888888) + Drawbars, percussion 4 ', 2'2 / 3, 2', 13/5 with DECAY & VOLUME, …

  • Crumar T2

    Crumar T2 - gwenmollo's review


    Hammond organ simulation, I would end 70-80. very similar to the famous Korg CX-3 but less good on her. UTILIZATION 3 presets is little but add a little 4th customizable. SOUNDS The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? yes, m…

  • Crumar Organizer 2

    Crumar Organizer 2 - " Really"


    2 keyboards (without pedals for me) with a volume pedal and sustain. Sounds of piano / organ / clavinet + BAR the Nerve center ... No sounds of piano and harpsichord for me (HS). Each keyboard has 4 presets + drawvbar position for zippers. s…

  • Crumar Organizer 2

    Crumar Organizer 2 - Anonyme's review


    Pdalier 2 keyboards and bass. Controller: drawbars, a few preset buttons, percussion and volume (by keyboard). Direct and headphone amp. So there's a bunch of CASC, even if all typ organ. It is the warmth of his incroybale without treatment, t…

  • Crumar Organizer T1

    Crumar Organizer T1 - benjamin3's review


    It is a Hammond clone of the 80 Italian ', 5 octaves with some sense be the synth bass to accompany his left hand. The polyphony is complete and the party organ for monophonic bass. For the party organ, it has a section Drawbars, with classical har…

  • Crumar Organizer T1

    Crumar Organizer T1 - Groove machine's review


    HAMMOND reproduction of sounds with percussion, vibrato and unlimited polyphony. Splittable with its lower analogue. UTILIZATION Simple and effective. SOUNDS Good sound but needs a good leslie effect. OVERALL OPINION The zippers of the ch…