Roland VK-7
Roland VK-7

VK-7, Organ from Roland in the VK series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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sly dee12/05/2010

sly dee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
KEYBOARD 61 keys, zippers! Many effects and connections and connection for a real Leslie!
Few use master keyboard via noon!

Many sounds, infinite possibilities thanks to zippers !!





FOR having a real Hammond organ with his cabin leslie 760 importable, I have no big difference when I pass on the Roland VK 7 !! branch on 760 and finally transportable! Approximately 10 KG! Top in concert!


Using studio scene, much better than plugs in! Or concurence clavia north electro style, or even korg,
Instrument of the same level as the Hammond !!
Finally sensations of a real vintage organ with ct compact and portable handy! Super complmentaire and put on a Fender Rhodes!
Big sound warm and thick !!
For having a home Nordstage clavia and a real Hammond B3 Organ, once on a high branch leslie cab is simply bleuffant, I prefer by far the model of Roland !! For having every 2 I prefer the Roland VK 7 al hammond XK1 matter of taste! Roland looks more professional on this one! These are the engineers of Hammond and kurzweil who worked for Roland!
Hard to find used because the price was 1880 euros there aa barely 5 years old and in general the musicians keep the car still very present!
For the same info VK8 his successor has not amliorations intake is the same pure shot markting instrument.


dominique63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
Emulation of Hammond organ, the Roland VK 7 even has an outlet for Leslie.

The orchestra part is zero in terms of what we do now. The party organ, stands honorably. Drawbars, reverb, rotary sound, vibrato, overdrive, percussion, keyboard splitable, full of nice suits, good to play with friends without removing the back to install and transport. To some it looks like the controls of B3 (must be dreaming!). Significantly better than L122. (And for a B3? I do not know how I ever had!)

Warning! Drawbars for sound, it is built. It's not "push-button" standardized in the manner of current productions. And when we seek, we find cool stuff.

I never used the afternoon. Price or we find now is an excellent choice when you can not afford a nordelectro (which has no real drawbars - in my opinion the weak point) and that does not seek to have the vintage piano sounds of the latter (the only piano sound sucks!).

Excellent so when we try to Hammond for cheap and not heavy! (Provided you find it does not run the streets ... to believe that it is hard to part with it?)

I am not 10 Because the orchestra part is really outdated, but for the party organ, go to a small 8, because nothing beats the original. But for a copy, it is a beautiful copy!


Not difficult to understand the beast. But a little time to spend to build beautiful sounds.


see above


see above

ankh156's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
Keyboard 61 keys
9 drawbars
16 User presets
Virtual Tone Wheel numérques
imitator of B3/C3/RT3/A100



It may take time to implement the 'user presets' (not hard) or you can put it in 'manual' and play pull tabs. I'm like, 'dash'. Ergonomics and positionneent buttons is really not bad.

Good implementation noon. I connect a MIDI keyboard, and now a second hand right away. Also pedal expression pedal 'hold' (walking on the keyboard midi 'sub') and shift pedal 'Leslie' (emulation). There is an exit 'amphenol' (11-pin).


For me it's excellent. Emulation is to B3 etc.. I have a M102 (1967), used (before buying the VK-7) a B250 (LSI), and I have an Elka X-50. In addition, I shot a lot (as a guitarist) with organ players. The truth is that all the B3 (etc.) are indiviuels and highly variable. A super B3 a year before '64 in super good condition will sound perfect. A B3 of the 70 in poor condition, much less, and the possible variation between years and states is large. The VK-7 is a good emulation of a B3 rather well, but if you want the sound of Steve Winwood, Joey D, Ricky Peterson, Art Neville, or B3 for 50 years as we hear on the records of Jimmy Smith or Jack MacDuff ... the VK-7 is worse. Put that next to a bad '3 ', an LSI or a L100 and fastoche wins. In addition, it weighs a fraction of a real Hammond. Myself I'm happy. I sold my B250, but I keep the M102 has more 'NIAC' and the charm of analog.

Sounds 'orchestral' is not essential, but the electric piano, if a little quiet the chorus, is a well-Rhodes 'suitcase' without témolo - I find it very useful.


Well. Ergonomically better than the Elka X-50, a little 'kif-kif' with the equivalent Korg, I have not (yet) the opportunity to make comparison with the Hammond XB3, but it is much cheaper than that. I might try a Korg acquirer one day, but so far it's my 'clonewheel' preference, and what I use for concerts. Classy, ​​solid, very stunning. Congratulations Roland.

YannTaillade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
Reverb, Overdrive, leslie, zippers, everything is hand door
between outputs of exp pedals, leslie, midi in out
Unlimited polyphony


TRS is simple, like an organ
manual almost too long


The sounds are excellent in rhythm, of course it's not a B3, but still, you can always go with your Roland JV1080 you do not come close ankle!


Good quality price, beautiful sound, beautiful instyrument.
If I had to buy one I would.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
Combo with piano and organ ... I remember too ...
Key synth (this is important) because not great for playing the organ.
Connectivity fairly complete memory.
Not editable via computer


Config simple. selection button.
manual clear.


The organ sounds are pretty bad! pianos and not top


I had one, I played in a blues band for a year, and I sold it! sounds did not do!
I took out my jv 1080 and the sounds of the 60s were better textured card! (But no zippers etc. ..) but the quality was higher.
This organ is now buried by vk 8 (m) or the Nord Electro (for hardware).
The simulation of leslie is quite failed in my opinion!
And weight ...
It's not a bad keyboard ...... but it has changed so much.

bluemice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VK-7
Touch synth (essential for playing the organ!), 61 keys
Controllers clean all organs
Full of presets


Editions sounds very easy, having said that to play the organ, we change sounds in the middle pieces with zippers!


Hammond sounds great, they just tear
Ralistes great when we play the Manir of an organ (glissando, type, expression pedals, ...)
The orchestral sounds are average but who cares it's not why we buy it!


Recently purchased 12000 F Quiklok stand with nine double keyboards (the best!) + Gema cover

Super nice, I'm in love, it has nothing to do with synths equipped with organ sounds!