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    Viscount INTERCONTINENTAL OP-6 - Desmodue's review


    It's actually 2 OP3 in the same box, so a clone Italian Korg BX3. We find the same things then double (zippers, effects, presets) plus a coupling of two keyboards as a classical organ and knob "detune" dsaccorder lgrement for the 2 keyboards. This tr…

  • Hohner ORGANETTA 3

    Hohner ORGANETTA 3 - nibla's review


    2 and a half octaves keyboard souflerie house, otherwise same principle as a melodica (everyone knows ...) connectors? MIDI and USB (not kidding!) controllers? no ... Oh yes, a zipper to control the volume! (Yes or it will deposit too, kidding …

  • Vox Continental

    Vox Continental - bastianmacjane's review


    Vox Continental.Modle V301E.Celui possde I t was built in 1968. English trs electric organ known to insiders all ears DOORS (The instrument of the prdilection allucinant keyboardist Ray Manzarec). Trs simple keyboard recognizable by its black a…

  • Yamaha Electone FE30

    Yamaha Electone FE30 - rolandjunod's review


    The upper keyboard has 44 keys and 3 octaves 2 / 3 The lower keyboard has 44 keys and 3 octaves 2 / 3 1 1 octave pedal crank 13 For sounds: Sounds of orchestra, organ, violin, trumpet, guitar, sax, etc etc ... Modulatory effects on both keybo…

  • Voce DMI 64 MKII

    Voce DMI 64 MKII - minimumvital's review


    One of the first expander ddi hammond sounds UTILIZATION Using a nightmare! I no longer have this device, but I remember with horror the total lack of conviviality to program sounds. A real galre. Worse than Roland is telling you! SOUNDS Desp…

  • Roland VR-760

    Roland VR-760 - Nrenier's review


    For CHARACTERISTICS, see the opinion of Frog is full rev. In fact, I had a lot hsit between the Roland VR-760 and NordElectro, the equivalent of at keyboard. It's a bit on this THEME I build that opinion: CHARACTERISTICS: the harmonic bars, COSM…

  • Welson Disco

    Welson Disco - coxofthemoon's review


    Portable electronic organ 4 octaves. A headphone jack and an amp. 6 diffrent sounds, vibrato, sustain Bote of 6 rhythms, chord option ... UTILIZATION The keyboard is very simple, its use is equally SOUNDS The sounds are unique to this o…

  • Hammond C3

    Hammond C3 - Petit Joueur's review


    2 61-key keyboards, tone wheel and lamps. great pdalier 25 notes. It is a B-3, The Hammond organ, in a cabinet diffrent (more typical "church"). UTILIZATION Ideal! SOUNDS The C-3 is identical to B-3. So the sound of the B-3, B-3 CHARACTERI…

  • Korg CX3

    Korg CX3 - spookyman's review


    Keyboard 61 keys, like Waterfall. Ragit of Manir trs fast. No pitch-bend, no sustain. It is an organ, not a synth with a sound like an organ about. At the rear there is the traditional trio noon, Stereo output, an input for an expression pedals, an…

  • Hammond X5

    Hammond X5 - 2066 & then's review


    Hammond keyboard keys 2x44, + pdalier 13 notes. Hammond touch, I suppose, otherwise plutt piano keyboard, obviously. This is a "spinet" without tone wheel (to replace the analog oscillators of Manir ralistes enough, but not identical). Designed as …