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  • Hammond M102

    Hammond M102 - Groove machine's review


    One of the last tone wheel organ cabinet. MODEL 2-piece (keyboards + + pdalier gnrateur and amplification, re-read per strand). 2 percussion and vibrato / chorus. Rverb spring. UTILIZATION To connect an absolutely leslie (not Original Release dri…

  • Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1

    Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1 - 2066 & then's review


    Tone wheel organ, two keyboards, pdalier. Buttons too. UTILIZATION Original effects, cf. "Marimba repeat", used by Pete Townsend (The Who) in "Baba O'Riley" (album "Who's Next"). Also used in the same album on "Will not Get Fooled Again". SOUND…

  • Yamaha MC-200

    Yamaha MC-200 - utlisteur_sans pseudo's review


    44 2 * keyboard notes without VLOC (top down one octave each DCAL), no aftertouch or VLOC 1 of 13 pdalier notes do do, pdalier low (without VLOC) no possibillity noon (on my MIDI SERIES even appears on the mc 400), audio level - RCA audio outpu…

  • Hammond R124

    Hammond R124 - paulexandre's review


    What is it with oak furniture? a Hammond style actually quite "tuning". I speak for tunning lamps that illuminate the keyboard and give effect extraodinaire. Suddenly, the old furniture of the most eye-catching rfractaire. But let's get the instrumen…

  • Orla CT 15

    Orla CT 15 - boblemoche's review


    - Organ "furniture" of the beginning of the 90s. - Two 44-key keyboard nonresponsive - Pdalier an octave - Volume pedals - Line-in, Line-out and headphone - Midi in, Midi out - 14 sounds - 14 rhythm patterns - Vibrato, sustain, transp…

  • Hohner ORGANETTA 3

    Hohner ORGANETTA 3 - pipiou66's review


    More than a children's toy, this little accordion, melodica can be used in the styles of reggae music or Eastern European countries! In addition, no need to breathe, which is very convenient, there is even a volume control! UTILIZATION N / A …

  • Yamaha Electone FX20

    Yamaha Electone FX20 - Gary732's review


    VERY GOOD sound, but frequent breakdowns OF ELECTRIC SLIDERS - A LITTLE MORE THAN BY TECHNICAL NLLE UTILIZATION THE MANUAL IS GOOD - USE simple enough for an organ of this size - with a little HABIT SOUNDS FM SOUND AND NON-DIGITAL - Tone --- …

  • Elka Concorde 405

    Elka Concorde 405 - thierrymoi's review


    Keyboard accordions to 3 and a half octaves. controller and other sustain modultion connection noon with his pedal to-Reset file-in drum machine several sounds (violin, oboe, pan, musette, piano, clarinet ...) Drum machine UTILIZATION Eas…

  • Hammond M111

    Hammond M111 - patrice_'s review


    Organ apartment, 2 keyboards 3 octaves and a half of a pdalier 13 ratings Gnrateur its tone wheel, full polyphony. 9 drawbars on suprieur keyboard, keyboard infrieur of 8 + 3 presets for keyboards, Vibrato / Chorus scanner, perceived 2nd and 3rd,…

  • Roland VR-760

    Roland VR-760 - Anonyme's review


    I would not stay on this point. But only 64 sounds good, it even limits qd for a keyboard of the touch prix.Mzid is quite enjoyable. UTILIZATION Simple, easy to use. the only thing I added a 07 SRX: dfile to do the sounds one by one each time .…