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Organs user reviews

  • Eminent 2000 GRAND THÉÂTRE

    Eminent 2000 GRAND THÉÂTRE - eminent2000's review


    The 2000 is undermining the high end undermine the 70s. Analog is an organ in the tradition of theater organs. Equipped with drawbars, it is also for jazz, with its significantly diffrent of Hammond, however. It includes the Solina String Ensembl…

  • Eminent 310 Unique

    Eminent 310 Unique - eminent2000's review


    Suprieur keyboard: Solos: Oboe 8 '- French Horn 8' - Trumpet 8 ' Principals: Diapason 16 '- Principal 8' - 8 Salicional '- Octave 4' - 4 String ' Tibia: Tibia 16 '- Tibia 8' - Tibia 4 ' Effects: Accent - Shin on / off String together: 8 '- …

  • Korg CX3

    Korg CX3 - bimole's review


    So it is a clone of Hammond as his alure indicates. 5 octave keyboard is really soft and spongy type Hammond, glissandos are a real rgal. The rponse is really good. TOC is the trio MIDI connections, a socket for the supplied expression pedals, two in…

  • Yamaha Electone EL7

    Yamaha Electone EL7 - milouweb's review


    2 keyboards piano keys 3 octaves 1 / 2 and 1 pdalier 1 octave. Controller sustain, tremolo, pitch, modulation ... Connectors MIDI, Audio, Headset. 12 sounds for the keyboard from the top, 12 sounds for the keyboard at the bottom, 14 rhythms tha…

  • Roland VR-760

    Roland VR-760 - zic's review


    Roland VR-760 See notes CHARACTERISTICS my classmates previous ones (!) UTILIZATION Good configuration, esthtisme perfect, intuitive User Manual aspet despite the relatively complete "copy" on the wrong machine! SOUNDS Indeed, 100% agree …

  • Roland VK-7

    Roland VK-7 - bluemice's review


    Touch synth (essential for playing the organ!), 61 keys Controllers clean all organs Full of presets UTILIZATION Editions sounds very easy, having said that to play the organ, we change sounds in the middle pieces with zippers! SOUNDS Ham…

  • Roland VR-760

    Roland VR-760 - Docteur Frog's review


    NEW 2003! The VR-760 is the perfect tool for musicians who want to finally vritable All in One Competitor of the Nord Electro II keyboard, possde what we finally see esprait appear on a new version of the VK -7 / VK-8. Vintages organs, management of …

  • Hammond E312

    Hammond E312 - Michmass's review


    Tonewheel, rverbe intrgre, pdalier 25 ratings, 2 keyboards 5 octaves. Anne manufacturing between 1965 and 1969 UTILIZATION Organ apartment. Use: it is a Hammond organ! SOUNDS Internal amplification (possibility to connect a Leslie) OVER…

  • Crumar Organizer T1

    Crumar Organizer T1 - Groove machine's review


    HAMMOND reproduction of sounds with percussion, vibrato and unlimited polyphony. Splittable with its lower analogue. UTILIZATION Simple and effective. SOUNDS Good sound but needs a good leslie effect. OVERALL OPINION The zippers of the ch…