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All user reviews for the Wersi Abacus KS1

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wersi Abacus KS1
- Keyboard: type synth, 5 octaves (61 keys), pitch, modulation, dynamics and aftertouch.
(Also available in keyboard accordion!)
- Connections: 2 x Stereo In / Out, 2 x Microphone, 2 x USB, 2 x MIDI (In, Out, Through), headphone.
- Connections for optional peripherals: printer port, VGA monitor, PC keyboard, mouse, volume pedal, dedicated Crank (13, 17 or 25 notes with buttons and volume), second keyboard (Lower) dedicated style piano (76 keys).
- Integrated PA (2 channels) 2 x 30 Watt, Stereo, 144 note polyphony (Upper: 3 sets, Lower: 2 games, Splits Programmable Pedal: 1 game).
- Sounds: ASS (Advanced Sampled Sound), LWSS (Long Wave Sound Samples), Akai S1000-3000 compatible, 24-bit codec.
- Rhythms: 20 kits, standard GM-MIDI, and manual. 140 rhythms with automatic tracking (1 low and 4 Instruments), 4-types of variations, and 2 Intro 2 Fins. With Drum Editor.
- Sample CD: GM 128, 312 LWS 2000 presets each can contain the full univsers choices (sounds, styles, Waves, MIDI files, volumes, splits, buttons feet, etc.).
- Effects: Hall Studio, Echo, Chorus / Flanger, 8 presets.
- PC: integrated, PC-ATX Pentium 4, Windows XP, VGA 8.2 "touchscreen, 40GB hard drive, 2x512MB RAM, a floppy drive and a DVD player / CD burner.
- Records: Easy record (wave) integrated and Cubasis VST 3.0
- Mixing: inputs and outputs with adjustable parametric equalizer (Hall, Gain Microphone, 24 bit, and 8 presets.
- Voice harmonize integrated settings, and OX7 (imitation of sounds of organ tone wheel, vibato, leslie, key click, distortion etc).
- I installed the software from B4 (Native) and added some sounds Akai (pipe organs, and human voices).
- The new OAS 7.0 (upgrade the software, paid) allows the integration of VST instruments.
- Everything is editable, selectable, programmable presets goes in to be named. The instrument reads and plays the midi files (editable) text and displays the karaoke, but also MP3 and WAV.
(Lots of sounds, rhythms, styles, pieces made of Wersi can be purchased in addition).

What is missing there?


- The configuration is probably a bewildering complexity, but not need to know. Everything is done to make it possible to play immediately (well almost, as the PC takes about 2 minutes on startup).
- The choice of sounds is well thought out, efficient, no spitting during the game
- If you want to prepare in advance of full Presets (choice of styles, rhythms, sounds, adjusting microphones, volume etc.. It is better to do it before the concert ...
- The manual is not suitable for beginners. Wersi vendors are training (after 2 or 3 times 1 hour) for us to be comfortable, it is included in the price and it is better than any textbook.


Sounds hot, cold, hard, power, soft ... something for everyone and always realistic. Batteries (samplées called "Real") are amazing.
The piano, accordion, bandoneon player, synth sounds, trumpet mute and other music boxes; amazing.
A guitar nylon frieze if you press too much on the keys, the effects of cathedrals with pipe organs, voices singing "Agnus Dei" excellent.
The factory presets have been well redesigned.
A variety of styles themes to start now or have some fun: very apreciate when you are short of inspiration.


I use this instrument for 6 years. The main keyboard, very heavy! (Which contains the PC) is stored in a bag with wheels for travel.
I play on my old Roland G-800 (which I copied / transferred styles on Wersi).
My passion is rather my Hammond organ (A-100) but I admit that Wersi him face formidable rival.
I invested in the lower keyboard, foot pedals and the ad hoc 25 notes. My KS1 has become a complete set: the Abacus Duo Pro.