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Evans Other Drum & Percussion Accessories user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • Evans Torque Key

    Evans Torque Key - " Pimp my drum"


    Hello, I just bought this key because I wanted to find a way to adjust the tension of the skin more quickly and accurately. Things done! The principle of the torque wrench is identical to classical setting, ie that the tie rods are tightened in a …

  • Evans Mini E-MAD

    Evans Mini E-MAD - " No"


    Comes off after two days, mitigates little, a real rot. Naze. …

  • Evans EMAD2

    Evans EMAD2 - " Its very striking and very precise."


    The sound is very punchy with a very acute attack I would say. The sound is short but not so much that we could not believe and leaves a bit to continue the sound of the acute attack. Strange for a bass drum sound I think. The sound is very spe…

  • Evans Mini E-MAD

    Evans Mini E-MAD - Zavierxp's review


    Extra! This small attnuateur you can be of great service! Emad 6 small batch of three sizes. For really cheap! My snare galvanized way too, with a mini Emad, I rsolu the problem. It is not a great slaire cash, but using wait ... lol To put it i…