SPL Transient Designer 2
SPL Transient Designer 2

Transient Designer 2, Other dynamic processor from SPL in the Transient Designer series.

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All user reviews for the SPL Transient Designer 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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moosers's review

SPL Transient Designer 2
SPL's Transient Designer 2 is a unique dynamic processor, made up of analog parts and very simple in make up. I don't know what types of connections the unit has it the back since the one I've used was already in the rack mount in the studio that I used it at. It is two separate channels that will only take up a single space in a traditional rack casing.


The way that the SPL Transient Designer 2 is configured makes it extremely easy to use. Each of the two channels have the same very simple make up. There are just parameters for attack and sustain, with a button between the two channels to link them as a stereo pair if you so choose. That is honestly all that you need to know about the Transient Designer, although it will take you a minute or two to see exactly how these parameters will affect your sound, since this isn't your typical processor. I haven't seen the manual for the SPL Transient Designer 2, so I can't say how well put together it is or not.


What the SPL Transient Designer 2 does to your sound is unlike any other dynamic processor that I have heard. It is perfect for touching up your signal and smoothing over the attack, or getting that brilliant sustain on your signal that can be so elusive. A lot engineers swear by the Transient Designer, and is one that is pretty underrated. It is hard to describe in words how the Transient Designer 2 will affect your sound until you've actually had a listen to it for yourself, so if you're interested in it I would highly recommend seeking one out to try.


Surprisingly, the SPL Transient Designer 2 does not cost nearly as much as you would expect it to. Not only is this a unique dynamic processor that is unlike any other that I've used, but it is made extremely well and is very easy to use. This is certainly a professionals piece of gear, as it isn't like the Transient Designer will be the first piece of gear that you look at if you're putting together a home studio, but the price definitely makes it accessible to studio owners of any type.

stereosound's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SPL Transient Designer 2
Amendment to the attack and sustain of a sound (broadband) in amplification or attenuation.
Analog processing, clean and quiet.
Operation "dual mono" linkable by a pusher (to sync channels)
Connectors (I must look, he is wired into my rack). In the meantime, see the manufacturer's website.


Config. simple, simple and effective product.
Marking buttons deserve a better readability, with a white line that continues to the screen printing of the façade. Sometimes, beauty is not synonymous with practice.


Very good effects for those who like to make a personal touch ... or we need to catch up a bit taken "missed it", or drumming or bass too amateur.

Obviously dedicated instrument with high dynamic and rapid changes. No interest in the violin or the flute!


Use for 3 or 4 years (I do not know very well)
I have other products claiming functions amplification of transients, but the resulting sound is different: BOSS EH 50, DBX 3BX DS. Warning, this is not a harmonic booster.
For me, it is complementary and remains the most "acoustically" natural two other cities.

As always, SPL, it's clean and serious.