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Fiche CM, Other Misc. Product from AF Content Manager.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Poor
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AndyPeters's review"Great concept sturdy bass drum spurs with classic look"

AF Content Manager Fiche CM
I bought this product to retrofit some vintage Ludwig shells hoping to avoid drilling the shells for regular mounts and to save weight and to keep harware to a minimum.

Context which I use the product on the drumset are live, studio, for practise and rehearsals.

This is the only product at the moment that uses the lug and mount in one unit so there isn't anything comparible as such.

PRO's: The bass drum spurs are really good, height adjustable, while heavy they are not overly heavy, no drilling of the shell was required, and they do look good. Happy with these.

Cons: The mounts stick out quite far which could effect transportabilty with regard to case sizes etc.

Just trying to find out how to use the adapter to fit skinnier hardware on some other mounts purchased.

lem80's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love the effect appocalispe guarantees"

AF Content Manager Fiche CM
perfect control in DMX, flash lightning actually like during a storm, perfect shielding effect in short it is a real srtob, damage q'il not consume a lot of juice, careful if several machines répartire absolutely on the 3 phases

kawabonga's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AF Content Manager Fiche CM
I had claircissements on these famous microphones. Indeed, the friend who had installed these pickups on the Katana, it was finally realized that they were not worth much ...

It removes and sees a simple Damico sticker on the back of pickups, but with a serial number erased strawberry ...

So he goes to see the guy to know where they come from, Gregory takes a dislike while my friend was a very good customer, he signs a 300 chque (prices two microphones), saying: "I guess you prfres was the fact that I give you possible counterfeits".

This before the clientele while my friend had it about to take part.

In short, it is clear there is something very fishy in for the sign a chque without complaining.
This adds another case concerning a guitar he would have done, but unfortunately, when the owner has dmont he realized that the spices came from Warmoth!

To avoid so.

wadasé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AF Content Manager Fiche CM
USA Michael Tobias began his career as a luthier Low by causing a hundred guitar, c la53!
well before it was acquired by Gibson ..
3micros simpes Bartolini
1potar Tone 1otres shine and volume 1
unidierctionel right sleeve style lol
1prampli homemade Tobias (yes!) (Activate by tonalitfatal lift the knob for solos on stage)


Only 9 pa c parcke a guitar guitar hero mtaleu (in terms of sonority in the game because it does more ke defend themselves in saturated)
superb ergonomics, M Tobias is a gni, jpeu pa dcrire this step by step guitar jen have for 10 years, I find after 10 months of perfect games
and handle DO NOT FREZE amazing !!!!!!


Ki mla sold guy (the ki o ESTABLISHED largus pass) $ 1,600 ($ achete3300 the states in1991) parckil tai vraimen in galre and parcke g t r insistent, had t touch by ki guy wanted exchanged him against his Xcalibure Vigier 17000F bought a few months before: while the handle of the vigier c butter sarrte but it's not the heat and potato (prampli) crystalline acute ( Bartolini pickups) and subtleties of the handle huge Tobias! I lai it myself comparea a Stratocaster "all options" USA Vintage shrink the day of the purchase
jadore strat and jadorai his manch Avn that the irremplassable ki has changed my life forever guitarist has
she looks a bit but Tobias lemportai are still in ataque and handily shine;
and the best I Devai bought at the base for a custom Lespaul power 2doubl & the guitar obviously, but my Tobias on neck pickup really pete oting! perfect


C 1 angel fallen from heaven, Tobias M merci100000fois !!!!!!!!!!!