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  • PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok

    PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok - "Warning about iLok"


    The iLok dongle system is too unpredictable and therefore not reliable for live performance. I recently went thru terrible stress when, on a major production in New Zealand, the licenses of my iLok 2 weren't recognised anymore and moreover I couldn't…

  • AF Content Manager Fiche CM

    AF Content Manager Fiche CM - "Great concept sturdy bass drum spurs with classic look"


    I bought this product to retrofit some vintage Ludwig shells hoping to avoid drilling the shells for regular mounts and to save weight and to keep harware to a minimum. Context which I use the product on the drumset are live, studio, for practise …

  • Vinylrecorder T560

    Vinylrecorder T560 - "boutique vinyl cutter" has images


    The T560 is a vinyl cutting lathe, cutting realtime using a custom metal yoke/support/cutting mechanism. It uses a Technics 1200mk2 for vinyl platter and playback monitoring arm. A rack of analog gear is used to 1] optimize the signal for viny…

  • Mullard 12ax7

    Mullard 12ax7 - "What the doctor ordered"


    I had a very specific need to fill when I considered ordering the Mullard 12ax7. This is a new production tube designed to replicate an old favorite NOS tube of the past. While I have no experience with the original other than to tell you that…

  • Carvin AC120S Power Conditioner

    Carvin AC120S Power Conditioner - "Not as advertised, flaky operation"


    I recently purchased the Carvin AC120S power conditioner/switcher to use in my home studio. I was looking for a device that would sequence my equipment on and off automatically and this unit fit the bill. It has a master on/off switch making it impos…

  • Ebtech Hum X

    Ebtech Hum X - "get rid of that noise"


    I have been using the Ebtech HUM X for 5 months now, it is a ground loop eliminator and it is one of the most affordable worth buying ones that are on the market. With certain setups I was getting a horrible sounding hum from an amp earlier this yea…

  • Furman MP-15 Power Relay

    Furman MP-15 Power Relay - "I was actually going to build one, but Furman did it for me!!" has images


    For a long while now I’ve had this idea. My guitar sound system is made up of usually one or more valve amplifier heads, a minimal number of pre-and post-effects (boost pedal, auto wah in front of the amp, chorus and delay in the effects loop) and so…

  • Trisonic TS-556-7PA ADAPTER

    Trisonic TS-556-7PA ADAPTER - "A great multi-use power adapter"


    The Trisonic TS-556-7PA is a universal AC to DC adapter that can be used to power a variety of devices. This adapter has a maximum power of 18W, and it can accept either 110 input volts (AC) or 220 input volts (AC), if you happen to live outside of t…

  • Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner

    Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner - moosers's review


    The Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner is a very nice power strip for your gear. Primarily you'll see it being used for outboard rack gear in recording studios, which is where I've used it. It's got a power capacity of 1800 watts so it can r…

  • PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok

    PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok - "take it with you"


    This item works as good as the generation 1 version. Where it exceeds it at is the build quality. It doesn't feel "cheap" as the old one did. This feels a lot stiffer, and more ready for the tough task that it wll need to handle. So it is definitely …