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  • QuNeo wireless transmitter announced

    QuNeo wireless transmitter announced

    09/11/13 in Keith McMillen Instruments Rogue

    Keith McMillen launched on Indiegogo a new crowd-funding campaign for the Rogue accessory for the QuNeo MIDI controller.

  • Altinex Cable-Nook Packages

    Altinex Cable-Nook Packages

    04/30/12 in Altinex CNK361

    Altinex announces the availability of several Cable-Nook Jr. and Cable-Nook tabletop interconnect packages.

  • RME Audio Advanced Remote Control

    RME Audio Advanced Remote Control

    03/20/12 in RME Audio Advanced Remote Control

    The RME Advanced Remote Control is an optional accessory to the Fireface UFX and Fireface UCX.

  • Steinberg Updates eLicenser Control

    Steinberg Updates eLicenser Control

    06/22/11 in Steinberg eLicenser Control

    Steinberg has released a new eLicenser Control which offers a modified and enhanced "maintenance" feature and some bug fixes.

  • Busker Prize

    Busker Prize

    03/10/11 in Busker.com

    Busker.com, home of a street performance competition, announced that musicians are now able to pre-register at www.busker.com for access to information about the upcoming Busker Prize - worth €20,000.

  • [NAMM] Aviom AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System

    [NAMM] Aviom AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System

    01/16/11 in Aviom AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System

    Aviom showcases the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System at Winter NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Pro-Mark Ensemble Series Mallets

    [NAMM] Pro-Mark Ensemble Series Mallets

    01/12/11 in AF Content Manager Fiche CM

    Pro-Mark announces a new line of mallets called the “Ensemble Series”.

  • [NAMM] Sensaphonics dB Check

    [NAMM] Sensaphonics dB Check

    01/10/11 in Sensaphonics dB Check

    Sensaphonics has announced an upgrade to its dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer.

  • Wicked Audio + Peavey Rockmaste

    Wicked Audio + Peavey Rockmaste

    10/28/10 in Wicked Audio Rockmaster

    Wicked Audio has partnered with Peavey Guitars, manufacturers of musical equipment and accessories, to provide consumers with the Rockmaster stagepack, a 5-in-1 music bundle to "simply plug and rock."

  • From Bremen University: Flexiknobs

    From Bremen University: Flexiknobs

    09/24/10 in University of Applied Sciences Bremen Flexiknobs

    Flexiknobs is a project from students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, designed to present a new and somewhat different view on the hardware to control MIDI.