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Cinematique Instruments Experimental Box v2

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This time CI focus on objects and elements they found in the smithy of an artist blacksmith.

They created a mish-mash of playable rhythms, ambients and instruments which are designed for writing music in an experimental and minimalist way or giving your music a special character.

They spent some hours in a smithy and recorded everything they could their hands on: Nails, anvils, grindstones, ferreous tools, metal shapes, tubes, resonating plates, rattling sheets and any kind of machines. They´ve beaten, scrubbed and rattled the material and objects with hands, metall or rubber hammer, sticks and iron bars and came out with an assortment of textures, morphing pads, percussion and undefined instruments.

Kontakt 3 or higher is required.

Summary of all 16 patches:
• Anvil - different sounds of beating the anvil, 17 velocity layer,
• Arcus Response - iron hits with random delays
• Dark Sheet - very deep and dark plate modulated through microphone movement
• Ferrous Loops - 35 sophisticated tempo-synced loops made of Ferreous Percussion
• Ferreous Percussion - nails, metal clear, saws, unsorted hits of cans and tins and undefined smithy sounds
• Grinding - 22 loops or one shots of close recordings of grinding objects
• Knatter - undefined deep crackling, ModWheel modultes sound
• Low Machine - a machine hum suspense pad
• Metal Glass Sizzle - prudent and shy mystic texture
• Metal Resonance - low and calm spooky pad
• One Minute Melodica - melodica played by the blacksmith, distorted
• Rattling Sheet - undefined deep rattling
• Small Saw Hit - eneormous deep but soft hit
• Spanner – nice assortment of 8 different spanner
• Strap Arp - tie-wrap arpeggiator, 4 different styles
• Tipping The Plate - deep metal percussion sound

The pricing is €22.

Visit for more details.
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